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Friday, 27 November 2009

Much to do

Knitting has been slow. Partly because of the weather..Partly because my allergies have been robbing me of full nights sleep and causing me to be lethargic and feel horrid. But with less then a month til Chrissie and still one hell of a list needing to be done I better get my butt wiggling!!

To reply to those that asked me what "Hamsterbeans" are, I suggest you look HERE (Rav link). They are quick and cute and i am gonna end up having to do a bundle of ears/tails/feet at the end.

My chrissie list is down to the following:
  1. 5 party hats for Harley's birthday (now I WILL get away with only make 3 more really cos there is 11 kids there and I have made 10)

  2. finish 2 pair of adults socks (both are 25% done) now really only ONE has to be finished I have a backup pressie for the other person they will just end up with socks for their birthday, they were a last minute thought sock knit anyway).

  3. 32 hamsterbeans (these can be done for after Chrissie really if needed).

My garden is coming along nicely! I am impressed how MOST things are growing well. I am having issues with the fact my capsicum isn't growing!! the one that was on the plant when I bought it has grown and is changing colour but the plants themselves aren't growing or showing signs of producing anything else.

This month hasn't been the best one. There has been 2 deaths of people I know, people I wasn't "friends" with but I am close to people that were close to them. Both people were young (under 30), both were unexpected and took all involved by surprise. RIP Matty C and Steve I, you both will be missed by many.

I will leave you all with a piccie of the biggest nut in my walnut tree, Harley. Have a great weekend all.

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Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Pictures say more than words.


Thursday, 12 November 2009


I feel so productive of late with my garden happily growing. It's finished now. I don't think I can fit anything else in it!! I now just have to water and weed and seasol and wait to see how much I will end up with after all my hard work.

I will take another few pictures of everything later this month (or next month) when things have grown more.

Today while getting groceries the local supermarket had their seedlings marked down to $1. They didn't look overly happy (all in dire need of planting and watering!!) so I grabbed up a punnet of Broccoli and decided I will plant them and hope for the best! Also now planted my Potatoes.

So to date my garden has planted and growing (most established trees): Strawberries, Lemons (which is constantly producing fruit and is happy now to be regular watered next to veggie patch so is flowering and making more), Apricots, Greengages, Red Apples, Peaches. That's all my fruit (next year will have to get my Raspberry patch on the way). And my Veggies are (all planted this year): Broccoli, Carrots, Potatoes, Tomatoes, Corn, Peas, Butter beans, Snow peas, Capsicum and Butternut Pumpkin. Also have my Walnut Tree (all of about 70 years old so no credit to me). Yesterday while out being busy in the yard I happened across a few little Walnut Babies!! so i have planted 4 in little pots (will move them to bigger ones when I can or find them new homes once they show signs of being happy to grow still), and 1 has been planted in a large pot where it can stay for years. I need to find them homes, no room here!!

I have also been knitting (but not as much as I should really be). Below are 2 more hats for Harley's party bags for her Birthday. I finished another one last night (different pattern) and started yet another one still.

My list of knitting for this year to be done before Dec 10th is
  1. Finish 2 pair of socks for Chrissie pressies (both are at about 25-30% done)
  2. Make 7ish more hats for party bags.
  3. Make 33 more Hamsterbeans (waiting on eyes to arrive in mail).

So this year as you can see I only have a small list which I am very glad about, one less stress in my life for the moment makes me happy.

The weather has been damn NASTY of late!! I mean honestly who's bright idea was it to make it THIS hot before summer??? It's only going to get worse isn't it?

Okies all have a great weekend to come!! Happy knitting all!


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Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Bakers Dozen + One

FINALLY!!! The piccies of my 12 in 12 jumpers! Which, ended up being a bakers dozen plus 1. Actually there is 15 but I am not 100% sure what to do with the 15th one just yet so it's sitting in limbo.

Some you will have seen on other posts. All have been posted on Ravelry. But here they are all together on my blog!!

All of my jumpers this year have been seamless. Mostly top down. I have to say it's my new addiction. I don't think I will knit in pieces again unless it's finishing up old UFOs.

Jumper number one Finished Feb 16th.

Jumper number 2 Finished March 6th.

Jumper number 3 Finished March 16th.

Jumper number 4 Finished March 18th.

Jumper number 5 Finished April 13th.

Jumper number 6th Finished April 21st.

Jumper number 7 Finished June 17th.

Jumper number 8 Finished July 26th.

Jumper number 9 Finished July 28th.

Jumper number 10 (yes I know it's a cardigan!) Finished Aug 3rd.

Jumper number 11 Finished Sept 24th.

Jumper number 12 (yes another cardigan) Finished Oct 11th.

Jumper number 13 Finished Oct 13th.

Jumper number 14 Finished Oct 24th.

So as you can see I have been really busy with jumpers. I have also made a child's jumper 15th. I have made a Cardigan for myself and a Jumper for Adam. Many many hats of different shapes and sizes. Legwarmers. Socks. Scarves. Gloves. Baby Devil Pants. Shaloms. Roses.

It's amazing how much I have done this year!! I am very impressed with myself.

I have now planted my yellow capsicum in my garden and have my corn to plant within next few days.

I have impressed myself in many ways this year so far with baking, knitting, weight loss and HOPEFULLY gardening! I am enjoying many achievements.

Happy knitting all! Hope your hump in the week sees you all well.


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Monday, 2 November 2009

Home Grown

Have been busy of late with the garden. Wanting lovely home grown Fruit and Veg by summer time.

Having always grown up with my parents having veggie patch for as long as I can remember it's time I get my A into G and get one going that wont drop dead!

I don't have the greenest thumb (I think flower gardens are pretty but hate doing them, probably due to a whole life of suffering from Hay Fever).

But I am NOT allergic to fruit and veg!!

Above is my great use of the old Recycle tubs we had here (now wheelie bins). Thought it would make a very pretty and very useful Strawberry patch!!

And above are our Apricot, Peach and Red Apple trees (seen through our DEAD thanks to landlords sheep Green Apple tree).

And these are the Greengage trees (2 of them, 1 far better then other obviously) seen past another slowly getting healthy Peach tree and another dead something tree that has been dead since we moved in).

This is our very large Walnut tree. From what I have been told our house was built in the 1940s and the tree was there then. This is taken pretty much from where the cement joins the grass. And YES that's ALL our backyard all the way up. That dividing fence our Landlord put up to run his sheep in.

This is our new little Veggie Patch. Put in mid/late last week. You can see my 7 Tomato plants (6 different kinds), my Cherry sized red capsicum, my butternut pumpkin, my snow peas, my butter beans and my peas.

This is our Lemon Tree (or more..the sapling that came off the Lemon tree that was already hacked off before we moved in). The Lemon Tree and I have had a love/hate relationship. For first 6 years of us living where we are it rarely produced anything. So I got permission from the landlady to chop the bugger down. I came home and told it of it's grim future. Within months it turned on the charm and now we get a good little supply of lemons (we don't need many!!). And in the background Sir Gizzy (hasn't he grown??? Big 1yo now!!).

This week I am planning on digging up the last little side bit of my veggie patch (where the rake is) and planting my Corn. I also have plans on planting some green beans and a normal sized yellow capsicum. Also in the plans is planting some Raspberries too. I also have plans for the little triangle patch where Gizzy is in the Lemon tree piccie to plan some herbs. And I am considering where I can plant my Potatoes.

Not much knitting is getting done due to gardening and this years Major Spring clean out. But I have done a little here and there.

Next post I will pop up all the 12 in 12 kids jumpers that are not only FINISHED but have a few friends to go with them!!

I have also been cruising through my Chrissie knitting. From 6 things I have 2 partially started already things to go. I also have about 5-6 kids hats for Harley's Party bags for her birthday and some extra little "gifties" to finish up as well.

Happy knitting all and have a great week!


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