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Thursday, 28 May 2009

little bit of everything

I have been busy knitting a lot of late. I have a lot on my plate to knit.

The first set of lil devil sets is finished, I have started the second (and larger size) now. I am still waiting on Bendigo to get their thumb out of their butt and get my order to me (been over a week already, by two weeks I will ring to complain).

I have finished the body of my cardigan for me aswell. Very pleased with it so far. I sooooo want it finished for 2 reasons 1) I want to wear it!!!! 2) i want to cast on a jumper for me and I wont do it til the cardie is done.

I have gotten up to the heel of my finnish family members sock (I have lots of time for this, it's almost his summer, there is no rush just yet).

I have started Rachelle's convertible glove for school. Their school holidays start tomorrow, I would love to have both sets done by time school goes back but it wont happen. Harley still has her old set I did so she can wait if needed, but Rachelle needs a new set.

I have been cotacted by someone who has seen my lil devil set and is interested in purchasing one for her baby. I am waiting to hear back from her on what size she needs.

I also have an online friend putting in a request for a brim hat in black because he likes my designs.

I am a busy in demand gal..

I need to get back to and finish my next 12 in 12 childs jumper too so I dont start falling behind (yes I know I have til end of June finished but there is no point knitting winter jumpers when Aussie winter is finishe now is there?).

I finally have a piccie of Voldmort (Adam's hoodie). I think it;'s a suiting name for it because it was the knitting that could not be mentioned. Thanks to Cindy for naming it!!

That's all for now folks! Take care. Have a great weekend!!

Happy knitting


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Saturday, 23 May 2009

All Up

Well I now have all my finished paterns up on Ravelry. I would love to thank all my test knitters who have spent time sorting out mistakes and wording with my patterns. You are all a treasure :)
Latest pattern up is Leap Frog (rav) or Leap Frog (etsy to all my patterns), unisex childs sock pattern, sizes 3 to 10 years old. Rachelle loves these to pieces. Harley wants a pair. My test knitters kids adore them. And there has been several compliments all round. I guess that means they are a success.

I am almost finished the first set for my order too. I have ordered more wool in to do the pink set at the request of the buyer just waiting for that to arrive.

I also spent my birthday money and have bought enough from Bendigo Woollen Mills to make me to jumpers/cardigans. I wasnt happy with the fact I wanted the Denim blue in the new Luxury and was informed that wasnt coming in til next month did I still want to pay for it and wait til it comes in, well..no actually I dont. I got black instead. Will get some of the Denim Blue at tax time.

I have done a little more on my cardigan too so am now 3/4 of the way through the body of that.

Its getting to the point where I am going to have to work on a 12 in 12 childs jumper soon cos I am getting close to being caught up again (even though I have all of next month still, I like to stay waaay ahead).

My deadline is creeping closer and for once I am going to fail. sigh.

Happy knitting folks

Have a great weekend!!


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Thursday, 21 May 2009

Pattern Up!!

After several years of sitting around sorting out what needs to be done, procrastinating and working out since I dont have time to do this again I need more testers. I have finally got up my Spiral Handwarmers (which are more arm warmers as well). I am very proud of this pattern. I love it. I plan on making more if I ever get time.

So I have gotten a tester to do a close up piccie of the pattern of what she has done so far. I am going to need a piccie of the hand end when finished from her too. But I was so impatient I wanted them up now!!

Ravelry Link on buying the pattern can be found HERE, and from etsy HERE.

My testers are almost done with the child's sock pattern too, hopefully I might have that up by the weekend :)

I am working through my order, finished the first pair of pants, working on the first hat, waiting for the pink to arrive for the other littlest set. Will be casting on the second red set (bigger size) by this weekend I hope.

I have been working on my cardigan too, I am about 3/4 through the body of that.

I am loving this weather!! It's perfect for knitting. I just wish I had more time and hands and didn't need to sleep!!

Okies folkies!! Have a great weekend

Happy knitting


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Sunday, 17 May 2009


At the moment I am playing the patient waiting game. I have 2 patterns with my testers. One is fully 100% being tested from a pattern i finished just the other day. The other is a pattern I had tested years ago. But am getting new piccies taken with clearer viewing of the pattern. I am not good at being patient or with the waiting game. But I am getting there.

I have cast on my recently paid for order of the 3 lil devil sets. Working my way through the first pair of pants. The person that ordered has had moments of being a right pain in the rear, from taking a month to pay, to changing sizes of what he wanted then in the end he wants one of the sets in pink not red. I am happy to do it though, I was going to have to buy more red for the third set anyway so might as well get the pink he requested.

Starting to get a bit wary about if I will make my deadline for June 13th. If all else fails my cardigan wont get finished. I am itching to start something else for me anyway, terrible as it is I have a mad case of startitis when it comes to making me cardigans/jumpers!!

No piccies this post sorry to say. Hoping to have a few next post. This is just a little update one for you all :)

Happy knitting..and I hope you all have a great weekend


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Thursday, 14 May 2009

The Pressure is on

The things I put myself through!! It seems I work best under pressure anyway so really it's not a bad thing.

Currently I am trying to finish up a design to send off to test knitters, find test knittes that can knit superfast and take some great quality pictures for another pattern that's been finished for years. Knit up 3 sets of ordered lil devil sets and get my cardigan finished all in just under a month. Think I can do it? I am not so sure myself, guess time will tell.

Fuzzy piccie above of the pattern I am designing (better full pic when its all done and released). I have to say I am happy with it so far and so is the person receiving it when its finished.

Getting hair trim tomorrow! Need it!!! We are all going in for a chop.

Spoilt myself to some lovely merino silk wool recently from my birthday money (Adam gave me half back saying it's part of my mother's day pressie). I am hoping to get a nice jumper made for me out of it. I just have to finish up everything else!!

I have a double header this weekend. Superbikes and MotoGP are both on at the same time!! YIKES! Good thing I can tape them both cos I am going to need to!!

Okies folkies!! have a lovely rest of the week and a great weekend!! :)

Happy knitting


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Monday, 11 May 2009

knitting ahoy!!

I hope everyone had a lovely mothers day and remembered to call your mummy/nana.

I have been busy with knitting. I have finished Harley's school hat, and from the piccie you can see she loves it! Wore it all day at school today (even during class). So both girls school hats done, just gloves to go!!

Below is piccie of the 7th child jumper of my 12 in 12 for this year. Still working on it. Not 100% sure its going to fit the child its aimed for but will wait til its finished and see if I need to find it a new home and start again.

Below is MY knitting for moi!! Yessum it's purple. A nice dark purple. I am hoping to get the body part finished by this weekend then onto the sleeves..Just have to actually sit and pay attention to it. I have so many things on the go and still suffering from startitis, and I am so distracted..lol

Below is the yarn I got for myself today!! Half is paid for out of my birthday money, other half is my mothers day present. It's Merino/Silk blend. I am going to knit myself a jumper out of it. Have to work out what though.

I have put my patterns I have done on Ravelry to buy now (through Rav as a pdf file). I also finally got my free pattern for childs rib sock finally up for people to download. I am yet to get my handwarmers pattern up but will get to that very soon. And I have got to get my butt into gear and find time among everything else to cast on and knit/work out more patterns I have rattling around in my head to get up available.
If you have twitter..ADD ME (or follow me or whatever it is..lol)!!!
Okies folkies just a quickie from me for today..Hope you all have a great week!!

Happy knitting


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Tuesday, 5 May 2009


Decided since the weather is getting cold that I better get my butt moving on knitting the girls school woollies..Rachelle already had her hat made and I was still deciding on what to do Harley for her hat. Just plain beanies didnt cut it, they have plenty of those that I have knitted. So decided to try out Sharons "muse" hat pattern, but didnt want it adults size, didnt want it in 12 ply..so I did a trial with some of my hand dyed wool (in pitter colourway). And it turned out great! I love it..its a great pattern :)
And to boot it suits Harley well. So I have now cast on hers in the school colourway I dyed up for the girls (its NOT their actual school colours though, but a colourway I made up that is bright and cheerful and will be matching over gloves and headwear).

Below is the must hat test run. I now have to find this fine friend a home because like most hats it looks terrible on me!! The girls have more hats then you can poke a stick at so it has to leave our house for a new home.

I just love how the colourway worked so well on the decreasing at the top to make it look like a dartboard right down to the bullseye!!

Photos framed in the background of the above photos were taken by Harley last year during a school competition. The one on the left of Rachelle got among the most mentions of all the photos the class took. The whole class went into a competition against grade 6 children from many schools (while they themselves were in grade 3) and they won!!! It was a very proud moment. Below is that piccie while it was still in colour. All the photos we put into black and white for the competition. Not a bad pic for a almost 9yo hey? No help at all from anyone.

To answer Sues question on what yarn I used on the lil devil hats last post. It is Bendigo Woollen Mill luxury (was then baby wool) 4ply in red held doubled to give me a good weight and softness in a colour I wanted. Highly recommend this wool! DIVINE

I am cruising through my cardigan for me. Past the sleeves being seperated off (its a top down pattern). Almost up to the patterned section of the lower body!! I am hoping to get this done before the end of the month.

Also have seperated off the sleeves and working on the main body part of the 7th 12 in 12 jumper. So am cruising along well with my knitting.

Havent touched the socks I am making since Thursday though, might pick them up tomorrow or something.

I pulled a muscle in my neck on Saturday morning. And where as that side is now feeling fine the other side is giving me hell on and off. I have stretched it til its cracked 2 times today but doesnt seem to be helping (or hindering) it any.

Mothers day is looming..I have no idea what to give my mother (shame the muse hat wont suit her!!)...I will have to work something out, I dont know when I will be seeing her either for that matter to give her a pressie. Tomorrow the girls school is having a little get together mothers (and fathers, grandparents) can go to, so will be popping in for that just before lunch time.

Okies...Happy knitting all!

And if I dont post again before next week. Have a wonderful Mothers day to all mothers of non-fur babies and fur babies. :)


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Sunday, 3 May 2009


I have been busy knitting of late, the weather is perfect for knitting at the moment.

We have a huge cold snap that suddenly came overnight it seems and surprised a lot of us. But its not so bad again now.

I have finished 6th child jumper in 12 in 12 for 2009. The new owner seems very impressed with it. He gives his mother hell when he cant wear it.

Size: 2yo
Pattern: my own still working what I like before I finish it up and make hard copy.
Wool: Palette collection #006
Start/Finish: April 13th to April 21st 2009

For more info on jumper read
here on Ravelry (and more pics).

I have also filled an order of 2 of my lil devil hats in newborn size for Adams cousin who asked me for some. This time I tried some new wool for it and was happy with the outcome so will be sticking to it. Its soft and the right colour red.

I have started jumper number 7 of 12 in 12. I have something on the go for me (I know rare thing but happening more often). I have a pair of socks on the go for a friend (8ply ones) and I have finished up a hat but I havent taken a piccie of it as of yet.

I bought myself some gorgeous yarn too just for me as part of my birthday present for myself. So to spoil myself I got some
Malabrigo Silky Merino in Nocturnal colourway (ravelry link). I have plans on making myself some lovely handwarmers.

I have been eyeing off my queue on Ravelry of all the jumpers/cardigans I want to make myself and with my birthday money I plan on buying up some wool from Bendigo to make up one or two for myself. I will be getting some Rustic 12ply and some Luxury 10ply.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend. Catch you all again soon with more piccies of finished things I hope!!

Happy knitting


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