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Tuesday, 21 April 2009

its creeps up on us again

The weather has been wonderful here of late. Getting nice and cold, perfect knitting weather.

I have almost finished jumper 6 of my 12 in 12 kids jumpers for 2009. So almost half way and not even 5months into the year. I am hoping to get all 12 done before the weather starts to warm up again, otherwise I am going to have to find kids on the otherside of the world to knit for!! lol

Its coming up on that time of year again. Where did the year go? How are we almost into the 5th month? This year I turn 31, I didnt think 30 would be a huge change to me, but it was subtle. I found myself liking more girlie clothes which in the previous 30 years I would never touch. So I wonder after this thursday, when I am 31, will I notice any difference?

A few piccies for you all to enjoy. Three finished knitting projects and 1 of our furbabies.

The furbabies of the house. Drew (the white one) is 10 this year in about October. Gizzy my baby who is 6months old now! LOOK at how huge he is!!! He is gonna be a big boy!!

Friend of mine is going through chemo again for breast cancer. Her birthday was recently and I decided soon as I saw this that it would be perfect for her for her birthday. I am yet to see her but hoping to next week. I got it knitted in one day out of a single 50g ball of Bendigo wool. noice!!

Jumper 5 of 12 kids jumpers in 12 months. Harleys downsized Wicked jumper :) She LOVES it. And I am glad to now have both girls covered for new jumpers for this winter. YAY for mum.

Harleys Buttons Socks. She loves these. And they are super quick. 1 ball of Buttons yarn (8ply 50g ball) is enough to make a pair of sock for Harley. I had like 2g left over!!
Hokies Folkies..I am off..enjoy your week!
Happy knitting

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Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Busy gal

I do hope everyone had a lovely and safe Easter. Chokers with chocolate and much love.

Tomorrow we are going to have BBQ with my family for Easter. Then its dinner with the "BIL" (those of you who are long time readers know I am not referring to Brother In Law).

I have been doing heaps of knitting of late. Some I have pics of some I am yet to pic (like Adams jumper still...I have decided I have to add more length to the sleeves for him, then I will be taking piccies of it).

Onto the knitting piccies of what has been done.

First finished knit is Harley's Shalom. After the minor dilemma of the other one not fitting her. We picked out more yarn that she loved. The buttons were picked by Adam once we were finished and took it into local place that sell buttons. He laid his eyes on them and went "they match" and he was right. She loves it..Its super soft...And I am glad its done! lol

I dyed up some wool last month to do up hats and gloves for the girls for school for winter. Well I have finished Rachelles hat, a little cloche that she loves and looks great on her makes her little pixie face look very cute.

I have also finished up Jumper 5 of 12 (yet to be pictured) and a pair of 8ply ankle socks for Harley (yet to be pictured). I really gotta get my butt into gear and take those piccies.

Today we went and saw the new mother of the "lil devil set" bubby...he is sooo cute!!! Hoping he gets to wear them a bit in winter, she loved them.

Thanks everyone for the lovely comments about Superbike weekend.

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Sunday, 5 April 2009

Not to plan

Sometimes things dont go to plan. Nothing can be done, nothing can change it.

This weekend was Aussie Superbikes, my little family went along to enjoy it. It didnt end that way.

Just before 11am first supersport race..3 laps in a rider went down at the front of the pack. In tight groups there is very little time to think and avoid. All I saw was the massive fireball that went up, biggest one I have ever seen and I will never forget it. I got out of the car. HOLY FUCK. I knew..the moment I saw that rider I knew. I wasnt wrong. His name has not offically been released so it is not my place to say it here. After 3 hours of police going over the scene and cleaning up a meeting was held by riders and higher ups. The rest of the day was cancelled. I just hope he didnt suffer. To read more go HERE.

Knitting has been done, I have started over weekend a "wicked" for Harley. Its coming along.


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Friday, 3 April 2009

better the devil you know

So I have finished yet another project that I have been working slowly on.

This is for someone that works with Adam. She is due any day now. Though we all thought she was going last Saturday when she had a small water leakage. She is still pregnant though, will be induced next Tuesday if she doesnt go before. So I really have just gotten this finished in time (finished it up last night).

My own patterns inspired by others that are out there. My version of the lil devil hat and pants. I so love this will make it again for other babies (probably even make some up to sell). Though I doubt I will use the yarn I used for it again.

Pattern: my version of the lil devil hat and pants
Yarn: Panda Heath
Size: Newborn
Start: sometime in March 2009 (cant remember)
Finished: 2nd April 2009

I am very impressed with the pants (as you can see by all the pics). I was worried about the turning out well. I do plan on making more of these.

The pants are the true colour of the set (taken different location in better light).

Tomorrow instead of sitting around laughing and having fun with my knitting group I am off with the family for the start of the loud weekend of Superbikes! I am sooooooo looking forward to it! Love it each year.

Current knitting on the go is a pair of 8ply socks for Harley. I am yet to start something else, debating what to do.

I have got to take a piccie of Harleys Finished Shalom (she is at school currently so cant do it). Glad both girls will have theirs to wear over weekend for cold mornings at Symmons Plains.

Yesterday I bought myself some lovely cotton/soy blend yarn in a pretty teal colour. I have to find something to do with it for myself.

Okies folks. I got housework to do and organise what snacks/food go what day for weekends adventure..oh joy.

Happy knitting all. Have a great weekend!!


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