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Wednesday, 28 January 2009


The lovely AmandaJ tagged me so here I go

Here are the rules:
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1. I have never worked, I have gone from high school, looking for work, to TAFE a few years, to college, to having children.

2. I had my first born childs name picked since I was 14 years old. She is named afer a song by an Aussie band NOT after the motorbike. (Black Sorrows song "Harley and Rose").

3. My middle name was a revenge name because one of my mothers friends stole the boys name (my mum had for if i was a boy) for her child who was born only a few months before me. So mum took the name the friend would have called her son if he was a girl and gave it to me for a middle name. I like the name so much I gave it to my youngest for her first name.

4. I hate summer. I love cold weather where you can rug up warm and lay in bed all snuggled and listen to the rain on the windows.

5. Past 3 cats I have had are ginger cats. I love ginger cats, they have such personalities. I also dont usually give my cats "petsie" names. I give them real names, Michael, Zander, Anna. Gizmo is the first cat I have had with a "petsie" name.

6. I am the only one of my parents 3 children that doesnt live at home anymore.

Okies who to tag!!! Jen, Karan, Bugsy, Rachel, Kylie, Michelle

Normal posts resume soon..still on hunt for camera!!


Thursday, 22 January 2009

Ah choo

Well I have done a few things of late.

I made Harley a skirt like her sisters. Been slowly working on a lil devil hat for a baby of a former work colleague of Adams. Planned another little knitting project for another colleagues baby due April.

It would seem I am developing a cold. Hoping to get over that real fast.

My children are odd creatures. Today they stopped me from cleaning the kitchen floors so they could do it, including with the scrubbing brush on hands and knees. They played that they were Cinderella. I fight to get them to clean up their room, but vacuuming, washing floors, cleaning fronts of cupboards and washing dishes? That's a barrel of fun. Warped kids..lol

I became new happy owner of some mmmmmmmmalabrigo yesterday!! I am pretty sure what I am going to do with some of it. I got 4 balls. I dont think I will need much over 1 ball for the first thing planned. And you guessed right if you think I am using it all for meeeeeeee. Colour Cuarzo.

Summer took a turn for the wet today. It was very windy too. Few people I know had their manhole covers in their house blow up into the roof. THATS windy!!

Yesterday we made super yummy Banana Caramel Muffins. I also made a veggie lasanga.

And if anyone has seen my Digital camera..Please return it to me..

Happy knitting folks!!


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Saturday, 10 January 2009

Something different

I have been doing hardly any knitting of late. But just for something different I have been doing other things. Well 1 other thing. And here is an example of the first thing I did, I plan to make Harley one (not sure of colours) and then will see where I go from there.

To say Rachelle loves it is an understatement..lol

I made the skirt. all 6 tiers of it. It was a bit of a pain in the arse doing it but the end product looks great. I will have to take a better pic of more of this (this was just with my mobile phone).

My girls better be enjoying this busy week they are having. I havent had a quiet full day at home since Tuesday just been. And wont be til probably Wednesday coming.

Tomorrow we have a family get together for Adams mothers side of the family. Not sure if I can honestly say I am looking forward to it. I will survive, but huge groups of people I barely know never thrills me...

We went putt putt golfing Wednesday. It was great fun and we will be going back for sure!!

Weather is starting to heat up. and proof of this is my chest got a little sunburnt yesterday while we were out having picinic for lunch (that will teach me for forgetting to put sunblock there..its not bad..but pink for sure...lol).

Okies folks..Have a great up coming week.


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Tuesday, 6 January 2009

erk summer!!

It would seem evil summer has befallen us. Today is a warm one. But I know it will get hotter. Have 4 windows open and the fan on in the lounge for the first time this summer. Glad I dont live in the mainland Australia.

Knitting has been happening. And below is 2 items that now reside on the SHOP. Imust get my other handmodel back. Do prefer her piccies..Just dont see her often ;)

First is my take on the Fetching Handwarmers. I redid them to a different sort of pattern, twisting cables and adding more of them and offsetting them. I rather like it.

Second area a pair of chunky very warm and kitten soft (and I should know) handwarmers that I am probably going to make myself a pair for winter.

Below is the newest member of our family. Came into our home 26th Dec. I said I would never own another ginger cat after Zander..But this little bugger took my attention as soon as I saw him. And his name (although far from what I normal would name a cat) came to me when he looked at me and seems to have stuck.

He is a goreous little longer hair ginger monster who loves boobs (it's getting little warm for him to sleep in my top between them though!!)..

So everyone..welcome little Gizmo. He is about 9-10 weeks now.

Okies Folkies I think that will do for a quick update. Still thinking about that new turn for my etsy shop. Will let you all know once I have decided!

Happy knitting all


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Saturday, 3 January 2009

A New Year

Some how I was hoping that the change over from 2008 to 2009 would go without any drama unlike the change over from 2007 t0 2008. Well..It changed with far less effected drama for me, but not really less drama for the whole area I live in.

There was no shot neighbours unlike LAST YEAR. But the nearby dry cleaning service did get held up (oh the joys). I walk my girls past that place to go to the little supermarket nearby. I dont know if the "baddies" are caught yet (I dont watch news programs often).

Knitting has been steadily going along at its own pace. Now I have 100% finished all Chrissie knitting (yet to take piccies of my nans blue feather and fan scarf that I have to mail to her since the family bbq was cancelled due to crap weather in all areas BUT where I live).

I am working on things for the Etsy Shop again. I need to restock it with some recent fun things. I am thinking about giving the shop a complete overhaul of what I sell. Though I am not sure to what point what I will do to sell.

Now I have all Chrissie knitting over and the demand on me and my knitting time is a bit more lax I think I can now set up my sewing table in the playroom/yarn storage room. It must be the time of year but I am crawling to get my hands into some good fabric and some sewing patterns.

I do hope everyone had a safe change over of the year though. 2008 was an interesting one. Lets see what 2009 has in store for us all.

And as a final note. Last piccie taken of my girls for 2008 by my younger sister. These were taken before Chrissie. Love her camera!!

Okies folks..Happy Knitting and stay safe!!


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