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Thursday, 10 December 2009

New Design Up!!

I have a new design up on Ravelry for sale (and will be popping it up on Etsy before the end of the weekend). You will be able to find the pattern HERE on Ravelry. 8ply great little hat.

I seem to be running a major theme on brim hats at the moment with my designs. Probably because I love them a lot (even though they don't suit me at all).

In the new year I plan on tossing some more of my designs into text form and getting them up for sale. I have so many I want to do just have to find time and get past the busy Chrissie knitting time to get it all together. Will still be in need of some lovely test knitters if anyone wants to volunteer (most will be kids knits).
I am about 10 rounds off being up to the toes of my 4ply pair of socks (that's 10 rounds each sock not total). Will be glad to have them finished. Then I have 1 whole sock to knit in the 8ply socks and I am finished for all of my Chrissie knitting. Then I have to buckle down on those Hamsterbeans!!
This week has been a busy one. Tuesday mostly so. The girls had their School Concert then. Both girls did fabulously. I must say that their music teacher had put a LOT of effort into it all! The woman deserves an award or 10!!
This weekend we are heading down South of the state (well on Saturday) for a wedding. Looking forward to it. Hoping to get to Salamanca Market to have a peep around.
The garden is growing very well. Extremely proud of the fact I haven't killed it off yet!! But wishing it was bigger!! My best friends garden has grown heaps compared to mine!! Next year I plan on moving it to a more sunny spot and getting it in at lest a month earlier (if not two).
As for last post. I am very happy to share any of the recipes with people if they are interested! Please just leave a message letting me know what ones you are interested in and I will include them in future posts :)
I cannot believe there is only 9 days until my eldest child turns 10!! Where has the year gone? Seriously!! Wasn't it just January last week??
Ok everyone I hope you have a wonderful weekend!! Take care all

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  • At 3:13 pm, Blogger sue said…

    I love the cabled brim hat Katt! I really have to get organised and try it out dont I! Have been rushing around trying to get things ready for xmas and social stuff Miss 8 has! You have to give me the recipe for the cornflake biscuits, I would love to try it out soon. I promised Isabelle we would do some baking once school finishes next week. I think your garden will be great, just think your vegies will still be going when your friend's are finished.

  • At 4:42 pm, Anonymous 2paw said…

    So many hats, you are obsessed with them!!! Have a nice time at the wedding, I hope it all goes very well!!

  • At 5:06 pm, Blogger Isis said…

    these look really nice but I don't think i'm much of a 'brim' girl either. just saw ice cream bread on previous post!! crazy! will have to try it some time...
    btw, i will be at homespun also on the 19th and i should be a regular there next year. please come by and introduce yourself - would love to meet you
    x isis

  • At 6:46 pm, Blogger Grand Purl Baa said…

    Hi Katt
    Thanks for visiting GPB.

    Well look at your own beautiful knitting and knit design.

    Love this knitted cap. Tres chique.


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