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Sunday, 6 December 2009

Baking Business or "so what have you been up to this weekend?"

Since every weekend (or 90% of them) I end up baking I thought might as well make a post about this weekends adventures!

It started Friday night when just before the girls went to bed we made some White Christmas! It turned out rather well. We have decided to make some more close to end of term for the girls teachers (and perhaps some rumballs).

Saturday I decided to try out a new recipe I found in a food magazine Friday. So I made some the Lemon Loaf (next time I will make it plain on top and put some Lemon Icing on it).

And my weekly standard baking of biscuits for the girls for school the following week. Here we have my nan's recipe for Chocolate Cornflake biscuits and my mum's recipe for Rock Cakes!

By sunday I was ready to test out my Chrissie test cooking! I plan on making a Pineapple Passionfruit Cheesecake to take to my mums. And so I test made it. Sprinkled some Vanilla Powder ontop and Voila! It's very yummy and will certainly be made for Chrissie Desserts!

And lastly what do you get when you mix Vanilla Ice Cream with S.R. Flour?

You get bread!! Its rather nice actually. I was pleasantly surprised when I made it today after finding the recipe last night. The person who made it said it's more of a breakfast bread with Jam or Honey Butter. And I tend to agree. Still..2 thumbs up what a surprise!!

So from Friday night until Sunday evening I have made all the above. It was a funfilled weekend and All ended up perfect and tasting very nice!

I also got both of one of the Chrissie socks up to turning the heels (which I hope to finish tonight as well as picking up gusset!).

Hope everyone else had a funfilled productive weekend too!


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  • At 8:15 pm, Anonymous Stra said…

    Oh my goodness I am INSPIRED !! So much lovely, impressive baking !! The cheesecake looks perfect!!! The vanilla icecream bread . . . oh please post the recipe !! The biscuits, white Christmas and lemon loaf look amazing !! Love (1003049303) !!! Can I come to your Christmas party? lolol !!

  • At 9:13 pm, Blogger Kylie said…

    So when do I get invited around for afternoon tea ;)

  • At 10:14 pm, Anonymous 2paw said…

    OMGCB, ice cream and flour!!!!

  • At 1:43 am, Blogger Karen said…

    Oh yum, you are making me very hungry. I guess it's time for my breakfast!! :)

  • At 3:41 am, Blogger Jen said…

    Now my mouth is watering, and I think I might go dig up something sweet to eat... Did I mention I'm on my way over? lol

  • At 7:33 am, Anonymous Laurie (Moo!) said…

    All of the snacks, cakes and cookies make me want to bake! Or at the very least, go to the store and buy baked goods.

    Lemon loaf. YUMMMMMM!

  • At 7:36 am, Blogger Gotta Knit! said…

    Oh my stars! I'm grabbing a large glass of milk and headed to your place.

  • At 9:45 am, Blogger sue said…

    Wow they all look and sound delicious. You might have to make it a baking blog instead, lol! Those chocolate cornflake cookies look wonderful - are you sharing any recipes!

  • At 11:33 pm, Blogger Suburban Hooker said…

    Well pooh, I just gained an easy 4 lbs!!

    Seriously...they all look AMAZING!!

  • At 9:44 am, Blogger Bugsy said…

    wow - they all look awesome. I saw the first one and started getting interested in cooking. Then i saw the second and i was inspired. But i kept looking and you kept baking and now i am just tired (ohh and have probably gained weight just looking). They all look so good - you put me to shame. I am too lazy at the moment to open a can even. lol.


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