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Wednesday, 21 October 2009

7 Days

I have been busy the past 7 days. Working on knitting and making plans for a small get together for tomorrow (Thursday). I have finished 2 brim hats and a mans pair of socks in this 7 days. As well as cast on another pair of mens socks.

Harley has decided for her party bags for this years birthday she wanted knitted hats. So I have set about doing that. Have gotten half way done with 5 make. Below are 2 Rastacat [rav link] (my design) hats in unisex colours to cover if the boys coming wish to have one of those.

Rastacat Hat done in Moda Vera Attraction (grey) and The Wool Company Utiku Multi Colours.

Above are part of my Chrissie knitting I am doing this year. These are socks for Adam's pop. 4ply Patonyle back when it was 50g balls. Gorgeous and soft that stuff!

I am half way through my Chrissie knitting, which I am so glad about! No stress for me this year on that matter!! Being organized is great! lol

Finances here haven't been the best. But I have to keep remember there are far worse people out there. I have great friends!!

Gotten a long way through Chrissie shopping too thank goodness that I have been working on it all year!! Only a few here and there left to get for (and work out). Over half way done on that matter.

Hoping to free up some more time to get back to designing a few more knits soon. Or at least writing up a few that I have already decided to share but yet to write out patterns for.

Looking forward to little get together of friends tomorrow! Very relaxing and laid back it will be. Place where kids that coming along can run riot. Will be fun I hope! Will see.

Hoping in the next few weeks to get a veggie garden started and fully in. I haven't gotten any seeds started so going to go for already grown from garden shop plants. Wanting Tomatoes, Capsicums, Pumpkin. Though thinking will have to grow the Corn, Beans, Carrots and Peas all from scratch. Still hopefully it's not too late for them! Also planning on turning the old Recycling bin tub (which is a sexy pinky purple) into a Strawberry patch.

I have finished other things, and will be eager to show them off once I sort out piccies for them!!

I hope everyone has a great week!! Happy knitting to you all.


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  • At 5:39 pm, Blogger sue said…

    Oh Katt I have to say I love those hats, they look fantastic. Your pop's socks look great too. You must have been knitting a great deal. Now if you are going to start a vegie garden, just find some egg cartons and put a few little holes in them to plant your seeds and put them in a nice sunny spot. They should only take a few weeks to get started and then you can transplant them and they will survive without trying to manage in the cold nights. If you send me your address I can post you some seeds (are you allowed to do that) so you can get started. I had to laugh when I read my comments too, you are so funny!

  • At 9:07 pm, Anonymous 2paw said…

    Love the hats and the models!!!!
    I am thinking of some tomatoes growing in pots or buckets. Do you think they will survive me and Lorelai??? Keep up the good Hat Work!!


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