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Tuesday, 15 September 2009


ok so i have been a bad little bunny rabbit and not posted of late. but i have heaps of knitting i have been doing and some piccies. would have more but my sisters laptop somehow ate the most recent piccies off our new digi!!

So the knitting i have done. with the weather fairing up long enough for me to get the legwarmers finished i got that done in a hurry!! i can say i started off not to fussed with this pattern but then came to realise it was working in the black during winter that was the problem and once i got into the swing of the pattern i found i totoally loved it! Rachelle w
ants a pair done in black cos they ended up looking great on her!

Pattern: Mosey, downsized to fit child (Rav Link) (Knitty Link)
Wool: panda 8ply machine washable crepe
Started: June 2009
Finished: August 2009
to say sorry for taking so long due to crappy winter weather and black wool i made the above beret. which i called the "Je suis désolé beret" after maing this beret i fell madly in love with the pattern. its so easy and fun and turns out a gorgeous beret!!!

Pattern: Feather and Fan slouch Beret (Rav link) (Pattern link)
Wool: Lincraft Cosy wool (which is a 10ply not an 8ply)
Started: Aug 2009
Finished: Sug 2009 (knitted in under 24hrs)

I have since made this beret for each of my girls (had piccies but got eaten off digi) and another 2 just for the hell of it (Harley wants berets for her party bags in her Dec birthday). I am now knitting one for my best friend who fell in love with Harley got. Then i have to knit another purple one for a birthday pressie for the little 3yo girl next door. after that I will have made 7 of them and MIGHT just be over knitting them for awhile..lol

Last week we went down and visited Adam's grandmother for 3 days. it was a love trip. on the way home after breakfast at Grandmas we went through to my parents for lunch then continued on for dinner at the BIL (who has actually been behaving a lot better since i blew up at her at chrissie). so we ate 3 meals at 3 different places before getting home at 8:30 in enough time to put the girls in bed!! it was a big day and the new car is a total treat!!!

The friday before school finished we gave the girls the day off to take them off on a trip to Devonport. On the way we stopped at the Cheese factory and bought some cheese and tasted heaps of them..Then we continued on to the Chocolate factory (tasting more and buying more), before we made it to Devonport. had a small time around there (got the girls a top, considered going to the movies down there to see a 3D movie before school finishes) then we were off to Sheffield (the town of murals). We had lunch there (probably should have gotten it in Devonport!!), i picked up some alpaca fleece and we were off again on way home. We stopped at the raspberry farm on the way home (bought some chocolate coated raspberries..damn they were good!!) had a hot drink (they have hot raspberry, its raspberry syrup in hot milk) and a snack.

So as you can see we have been very busy these school holidays. The girls had a sleep over Sunday night of my bestfriends eldest child, all had fun and was very loud. Its good to keep them busy in the holidays but they certainly have been fighting more often past few months then they have when younger.

Happy knitting all! Take care and hope you have a great week.


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  • At 1:27 pm, Blogger sue said…

    The legwarmers do look fabulous with all that patterning on them. Your berets are gorgeous, might have to try that pattern out too. You enabler you! I have been to Devonport, quite a few years ago now. Tassie is such a beautiful place, sometimes I wished I lived there. At least it is green.

  • At 5:22 pm, Anonymous 2paw said…

    Wow. You really have had a very touristy holiday!!! Hmmm, leg warmers, just right for Spring, well they are today!!! Saw your beret on The Ravelry!!

  • At 2:54 pm, Blogger Leeanne said…

    Your such a cool mum, great legwarmers very trendy.

  • At 9:46 pm, Blogger Sally said…

    Great Beret, love the legwarmers too.


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