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Wednesday, 5 August 2009

well lookie there

Found out today that our new car has better features then I first thought. LOOK!! a yarn holder so my wool doesn't go all over the place on me while I knit (yes center pull ball..would also take hand wound balls really well too)!!

I really do have my knitting mojo back with a vengeance!!! Now that the newborn jumper is finished and the newborn cardigan, I am working on matching little hats for them (doing the hat for the cardigan at the moment). I have also finished one of the Finns socks, I have gotten half way through two orders. I finished the main part of my hoodie. I am cruising all over the place (and stopping myself from getting bored).

We are all in different stages of being sick. Getting over it all now I hope and lets hope none of us have backwards steps.

Had parent teacher day today for both the girls. They seem happy with them so far with progress. Harls teacher thinks she is a delight and a lovely child. Piglets teacher is very happy with her and we can see no problem with her education at all (she is 2 above the standard for English-Lit and 3 above the standard for Numeracy). Harls needs some work with her English-Lit but we always knew that was never going to be a strong point for her.

Okies folkies..I promise next time there will be more knitting related piccies! I have heaps to show you all.

Happy knitting, hope you all have a great rest of week and weekend.


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  • At 9:29 pm, Anonymous 2paw said…

    Remind me to tell you about the 'cup' holders!!!

  • At 7:57 am, Blogger sue said…

    Luckily the ball of wool is just the right size isnt it! Great to hear that your knitting mojo is back too.


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