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Thursday, 4 June 2009

A few on the go

Finally we are getting rain here!! I love rain! Best is laying in bed listening to rain fall on the windows at night while going off to sleep. Winter is certainly coming! Which is great. I love this weather..

Hubby has been working a lot of late. Not many people at work with 2 of the office people off on holidays so he is pulling 7 days this week. By Sunday he will have worked 11 days straight!! Bet he is going to be a moody male by then.

The girls are on school holidays at the moment. Have entertained them as much as I can with no transport and bad weather (Taxis cost a bit of late). Planning on taking them to the movies next week I think. Would have loved to have gone to see Grandma this holidays but unless Hubby gets days off next week its just not going to happen.

Today I thought I would show you a few of the project I have on the go currently (almost full list is on Ravelry for anyone interested).

Firstly is the socks for a dear friend of mine in Finland. I have a while to get these finished because its only just gone summer in Finland. He likes the colour so far so thats all that matters. Using 2 balls of sock wool held doubled, no point in making sock weight wool socks for someone in Finland. I want his feet to be WARM.

Below is the 7th childs jumper of my 12 in 12 for 2009. I just have the sleeves to go, which I will be making long sleeved with ruffles at the bottom. This is meant to be a size 3-5yrs. I think it will be lucky to be a 3yo. Currently it looks lovely as a size 1 dress.

Below is a rather long on going scarf I am making for myself (started several months ago and not very far into it). Its the Yarn Harlots 1 row scarf. Being done in Malabrigo Igot for myself. I have hardly touched this in weeks/months. I really should work on it sometimes to get a few more rows going on it. Maybe..I have no time! The beret I made out of same wool I ripped back and have restarted into a new beret for myself (which I am finding the small rolled brim is not looking big enough. Only done 11 rounds might rip back 6 of them and do a few more for a bigger roll).

Today I am finishing up the second hat of the little devil sets I am doing. Then just the pink set to go and I am done. To say I am rather over this order is an understatement. I have enjoyed doing them. But I so wish to be knitting other things. I want to finish up UFOs..I want to cast on new things. I just want to be doing something else. But they will be done soon I hope and then I can get back to other knitting.

Got a phone call today from the BIL. Hubbys cousin has been diagnosed with Swine Flu. She is in hospital. Make it worse she is in second trimester of her first pregnancy. We are just hoping both her and the baby are ok. Havent seen K in a long time. Will be holding off on knitting for the baby I think til I know her and it is ok.

Okies folkies..Quick post for you all to see what sort of things are going on in my life at the moment.

Happy knitting all!


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  • At 4:00 pm, Blogger sue said…

    I am sure your friend will be okay and her baby too. They have mentioned on the news that a lot of people who have had it didnt even realise it was swine flu. We have had some lovely rain here too, wonderful weather, although I prefer if I dont have to walk out in it when it gets quite heavy. Your little jumper with the frills looks quite pretty.

  • At 6:11 pm, Blogger Leonie said…

    The pink jumper looks very girly, sometimes I wish I had a girly floating around to knit for. Maybe my sister will furnish one!!
    Best wishes for the cousin, hope she and the little one both do ok.


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