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Monday, 1 June 2009

Drowning in knitting

I am still working my butt off on knitting projects. Working through projects on the go and filling orders.

Yesterday I cast on and finished an ordered brim hat (to break my bordom of the devil sets). While at it I wrote up the pattern and tossed it up on Ravelry for everyone to enjoy the use of. I have made this hat before and have one for sale through my etsy shop (the one pictured below is that one for sale). I finished up Trevs black version of it yesterday only several hours after starting (the joys of chunky knitting).

I have gotten down to 1 leg needing to be done on the second set of baby pants (oh and the tail and icord tie), then the hats and the second set is done.

FINALLY my bendigo wool has turned up!! Adam picked it up on the way to work today so I have to wait til he gets home. took them 11 days for it to turn up mind you!! Shocking considering it doesnt have to travel very far!

I have also worked on the 7th of my 12 in 12 jumpers (wouldnt mind getting the body finished today before getting back to the baby pants). Would love to get the sleeves for my cardigan started soon. Oh, and I have been working slowly every so often on the gloves for Rachelle for school.

The weather is lovely of late..I just wish it would rain a bit!!

The other day I made an apple cake and a banana loaf. They were both all gone 2 days later! No sooner had the cake come out of the oven had we cut big slices off it whacked cream on it and ate it warm!! Soooo good!! And the apples grew in my own backyard!!

Currently the house is in different stages of snuffles. Mine started out as a sore throat over a week ago and now i a snotty and congested a little. Its amazing how slow its moving. But I have no urge to snuffle for truffles so that's good!!

Tomorrow (or day or two later) I will try getting few piccies of knits I have been working on. And a good piccie of my hair!! Every time we have tried getting a good piccie it shows it as more brown then it is now.

Okies folks! Have a great week! Happy knitting


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