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Tuesday, 16 June 2009


And now time for what you have all been waiting for!!!!

Mr Green Jeans! Purple style. Excuse the wrinkles on the sleeves. (I think
hubby needs to weed the cement a tad too)
My Skull and crossbone buttons.. *LOVE*
Cables across the bottom of the back (oh wrinkles!!)

And a better view of the colour of my hair. Its faded a little since when first done. Have to give it another go again soon I think.

So now you have seen my first BIG project for me. In the end I took the single button off. Sewed close the button hole. Added 2 big studs inside and put the button (and the spare one I had) on the outside. I am much happier now. If I make this again I will be making it with 2 button holes to start with.

Okies folkies! Take care! Happy knitting. Have a great week!!


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  • At 4:19 pm, Anonymous 2paw said…

    Thank you mr and Mrs Purple Jeans!! I love the way you are holding the bottom of your top, as if you are about to curtsey!! It looks fabulous, love the buttons and I think 2 is good!!!

  • At 8:41 pm, Blogger sue said…

    I love that pattern. It looks great on you. I like your new hair color too, very nice.

  • At 10:10 pm, Blogger At Home Mommy Knits said…

    Love the sweater. Looks perfect with a shirt and jeans. How exciting your first big project and you can wear it. Mine was a totaly disaster :).

  • At 6:31 am, Blogger Jen said…

    Absolutely fabulous! Very flattering on you too. ;) It turned out great, and I love the buttons.

  • At 7:23 am, Blogger Bugsy said…

    lovely! matches your hair well. It is good to see that you have actually been making something for yourself for a change. Whooo hooo.

  • At 1:55 am, Blogger Dandy said…

    Kate it looks great!!


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