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Sunday, 17 May 2009


At the moment I am playing the patient waiting game. I have 2 patterns with my testers. One is fully 100% being tested from a pattern i finished just the other day. The other is a pattern I had tested years ago. But am getting new piccies taken with clearer viewing of the pattern. I am not good at being patient or with the waiting game. But I am getting there.

I have cast on my recently paid for order of the 3 lil devil sets. Working my way through the first pair of pants. The person that ordered has had moments of being a right pain in the rear, from taking a month to pay, to changing sizes of what he wanted then in the end he wants one of the sets in pink not red. I am happy to do it though, I was going to have to buy more red for the third set anyway so might as well get the pink he requested.

Starting to get a bit wary about if I will make my deadline for June 13th. If all else fails my cardigan wont get finished. I am itching to start something else for me anyway, terrible as it is I have a mad case of startitis when it comes to making me cardigans/jumpers!!

No piccies this post sorry to say. Hoping to have a few next post. This is just a little update one for you all :)

Happy knitting..and I hope you all have a great weekend


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