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Thursday, 21 May 2009

Pattern Up!!

After several years of sitting around sorting out what needs to be done, procrastinating and working out since I dont have time to do this again I need more testers. I have finally got up my Spiral Handwarmers (which are more arm warmers as well). I am very proud of this pattern. I love it. I plan on making more if I ever get time.

So I have gotten a tester to do a close up piccie of the pattern of what she has done so far. I am going to need a piccie of the hand end when finished from her too. But I was so impatient I wanted them up now!!

Ravelry Link on buying the pattern can be found HERE, and from etsy HERE.

My testers are almost done with the child's sock pattern too, hopefully I might have that up by the weekend :)

I am working through my order, finished the first pair of pants, working on the first hat, waiting for the pink to arrive for the other littlest set. Will be casting on the second red set (bigger size) by this weekend I hope.

I have been working on my cardigan too, I am about 3/4 through the body of that.

I am loving this weather!! It's perfect for knitting. I just wish I had more time and hands and didn't need to sleep!!

Okies folkies!! Have a great weekend

Happy knitting


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  • At 3:07 am, Blogger Karen said…

    Ooohh, very exciting!!! Best of luck with it. :)

  • At 3:53 pm, Blogger sue said…

    The glove does look very beautiful Katt. Well done on your designing endeavours.

  • At 3:18 am, Blogger Sally said…

    Those are the most awesome armwarmer/handwarmers I've ever seen. Wish I could knit!! Guess now I really must learn!! Awesome pattern!!


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