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Monday, 11 May 2009

knitting ahoy!!

I hope everyone had a lovely mothers day and remembered to call your mummy/nana.

I have been busy with knitting. I have finished Harley's school hat, and from the piccie you can see she loves it! Wore it all day at school today (even during class). So both girls school hats done, just gloves to go!!

Below is piccie of the 7th child jumper of my 12 in 12 for this year. Still working on it. Not 100% sure its going to fit the child its aimed for but will wait til its finished and see if I need to find it a new home and start again.

Below is MY knitting for moi!! Yessum it's purple. A nice dark purple. I am hoping to get the body part finished by this weekend then onto the sleeves..Just have to actually sit and pay attention to it. I have so many things on the go and still suffering from startitis, and I am so distracted..lol

Below is the yarn I got for myself today!! Half is paid for out of my birthday money, other half is my mothers day present. It's Merino/Silk blend. I am going to knit myself a jumper out of it. Have to work out what though.

I have put my patterns I have done on Ravelry to buy now (through Rav as a pdf file). I also finally got my free pattern for childs rib sock finally up for people to download. I am yet to get my handwarmers pattern up but will get to that very soon. And I have got to get my butt into gear and find time among everything else to cast on and knit/work out more patterns I have rattling around in my head to get up available.
If you have twitter..ADD ME (or follow me or whatever it is..lol)!!!
Okies folkies just a quickie from me for today..Hope you all have a great week!!

Happy knitting


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  • At 10:23 pm, Anonymous 2paw said…

    I can't wait to see Your Jumper for You!!!!! Looks like little cables?????

  • At 6:05 pm, Blogger Suzi said…

    Damn Twitter, first WoWCast got it, then Stripper Method, then Shane Helms and now you! Guess it's officially time I got it?

  • At 12:22 am, Blogger At Home Mommy Knits said…

    Happy Mother's Day to you!


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