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Sunday, 3 May 2009


I have been busy knitting of late, the weather is perfect for knitting at the moment.

We have a huge cold snap that suddenly came overnight it seems and surprised a lot of us. But its not so bad again now.

I have finished 6th child jumper in 12 in 12 for 2009. The new owner seems very impressed with it. He gives his mother hell when he cant wear it.

Size: 2yo
Pattern: my own still working what I like before I finish it up and make hard copy.
Wool: Palette collection #006
Start/Finish: April 13th to April 21st 2009

For more info on jumper read
here on Ravelry (and more pics).

I have also filled an order of 2 of my lil devil hats in newborn size for Adams cousin who asked me for some. This time I tried some new wool for it and was happy with the outcome so will be sticking to it. Its soft and the right colour red.

I have started jumper number 7 of 12 in 12. I have something on the go for me (I know rare thing but happening more often). I have a pair of socks on the go for a friend (8ply ones) and I have finished up a hat but I havent taken a piccie of it as of yet.

I bought myself some gorgeous yarn too just for me as part of my birthday present for myself. So to spoil myself I got some
Malabrigo Silky Merino in Nocturnal colourway (ravelry link). I have plans on making myself some lovely handwarmers.

I have been eyeing off my queue on Ravelry of all the jumpers/cardigans I want to make myself and with my birthday money I plan on buying up some wool from Bendigo to make up one or two for myself. I will be getting some Rustic 12ply and some Luxury 10ply.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend. Catch you all again soon with more piccies of finished things I hope!!

Happy knitting


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  • At 3:41 pm, Blogger sue said…

    The sweater looks great, love the cables and the hoodie. I bet he keeps nice and warm. I cant wait to see what sweaters you knit for yourself out of the Bendigo yarns. I am tempted to buy some 10 ply too but must wait until all the money issues are solved first off. I love those devil hats, what yarn did you use for those ones.


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