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Tuesday, 5 May 2009


Decided since the weather is getting cold that I better get my butt moving on knitting the girls school woollies..Rachelle already had her hat made and I was still deciding on what to do Harley for her hat. Just plain beanies didnt cut it, they have plenty of those that I have knitted. So decided to try out Sharons "muse" hat pattern, but didnt want it adults size, didnt want it in 12 ply..so I did a trial with some of my hand dyed wool (in pitter colourway). And it turned out great! I love it..its a great pattern :)
And to boot it suits Harley well. So I have now cast on hers in the school colourway I dyed up for the girls (its NOT their actual school colours though, but a colourway I made up that is bright and cheerful and will be matching over gloves and headwear).

Below is the must hat test run. I now have to find this fine friend a home because like most hats it looks terrible on me!! The girls have more hats then you can poke a stick at so it has to leave our house for a new home.

I just love how the colourway worked so well on the decreasing at the top to make it look like a dartboard right down to the bullseye!!

Photos framed in the background of the above photos were taken by Harley last year during a school competition. The one on the left of Rachelle got among the most mentions of all the photos the class took. The whole class went into a competition against grade 6 children from many schools (while they themselves were in grade 3) and they won!!! It was a very proud moment. Below is that piccie while it was still in colour. All the photos we put into black and white for the competition. Not a bad pic for a almost 9yo hey? No help at all from anyone.

To answer Sues question on what yarn I used on the lil devil hats last post. It is Bendigo Woollen Mill luxury (was then baby wool) 4ply in red held doubled to give me a good weight and softness in a colour I wanted. Highly recommend this wool! DIVINE

I am cruising through my cardigan for me. Past the sleeves being seperated off (its a top down pattern). Almost up to the patterned section of the lower body!! I am hoping to get this done before the end of the month.

Also have seperated off the sleeves and working on the main body part of the 7th 12 in 12 jumper. So am cruising along well with my knitting.

Havent touched the socks I am making since Thursday though, might pick them up tomorrow or something.

I pulled a muscle in my neck on Saturday morning. And where as that side is now feeling fine the other side is giving me hell on and off. I have stretched it til its cracked 2 times today but doesnt seem to be helping (or hindering) it any.

Mothers day is looming..I have no idea what to give my mother (shame the muse hat wont suit her!!)...I will have to work something out, I dont know when I will be seeing her either for that matter to give her a pressie. Tomorrow the girls school is having a little get together mothers (and fathers, grandparents) can go to, so will be popping in for that just before lunch time.

Okies...Happy knitting all!

And if I dont post again before next week. Have a wonderful Mothers day to all mothers of non-fur babies and fur babies. :)


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  • At 10:23 pm, Blogger sue said…

    Thanks for the reminder about the school fete for Mother's Day. Isabelle has one at the end of the week. She has already bought the requested present for me. I love that hat, but alas hats dont really suit me either, I think it is my round face. Isabelle looks great in them though and I just knit her one up and she told me she doesnt like wearing them now. Little bugger. I love the photo. I think the cold weather must be getting to us knitters as last night I had a really sore neck and couldnt get rid of it, but now it feels much better. I just decided to knit today a little less to see if it stopped and it has. Hope you have a great day Sunday!! Oh and thanks for letting me know it was from BWM, I thought they had luxury yarn in 8 ply but it must be 10 ply and 4 ply. I havent ordered any as yet. Must knit down the stash.

  • At 3:14 pm, Anonymous 2paw said…

    It's such a lovely hat and the colours look great on the top: hello fellow hat unwearer!! You are certainly powering along on your cardigan. I hope you finish it in time!! Hope your neck feels better soon as well. Isn't it just perfect weather???!!!

  • At 10:23 pm, Anonymous Megor said…

    Was looking at a skull-cappy-kinda-thing like that today, online, will have to check out the girls when you knit them, see if they suit me! I'm sure Harley and I share the same fat-head gene so it should fit!

    To answer your question we'll be in sort of early to mid June, over the school holidays. I got mum the same knitting book Tanya got you (shhhh) but the bastards took so long to put it in the mail, I wont have it until next week :(

  • At 8:56 am, Blogger Bugsy said…

    I love the way this yarn swirls - you have done an awesome job with it. Well done. Your girls are lucky their mummy knits so beautifully for them.


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