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Monday, 30 March 2009

Much Knitting

I have done lots of knitting since I last posted on blog. I have finished item 3 and 4 of 12 in 12 children jumpers for 2009. I have also made Rachelle a Shalom (working on Harleys now). These three things I have taken pictures of to show you all. I also have 2 other things finished but I havent taken pics of one of them and other I am keeping secret until I have finished the set.

So as follows some knitting for you to lookies at.

Finished 3 of 12 for my 2009 plans. This little lovlie is going all the way to the USA to its new home.
Wool: Vintage Hues
Pattern: My own which I am still working til I get it perfect.
Size: 6-7
Started: March 3rd 2009
Finished: March 16th 2009

Finished 4 of 12 challenge project for 2009. Rachelles thats so 70s Jumper which she beyond loves and has plans to "wear it all winter and only take it off to wash when really really dirty" I told her she will be taking it off more often then that. lol
Wool: Kitty Knits 8ply hand dyed Blueberry Muffins
Size: 7-8
Pattern: Still my own working ever endlessly fixing
Started: March 5rd 2009
Finished: March 18th 2009

Rachelles Shalom. This was meant to be for Harley but lack of swatching means it ended up a tad smaller then planned. So it ended up being for Rachelle.
Wool: Cleckheatons Country Silk
Size: 7yo
Pattern: Shalom (ravelry link)
Started: 20th March 2009
Finished: 23rd March 2009
So thats the things that I have taken piccies of. I have 2 more things (hoping 3 by end of today).
This coming weekend is Aussie Superbike weekend here in Tassie! Whoohooo!! I am so looking forward to it. I have to work out some mindless knitting to sit and do while there.
F1 has started again, Moto starts in a few weekends, and World Superbikes has been going for weeks. I am in motorsport heaven!!
Weather is turning cold which is lovely. I am looking forward to the family being nice and warm in my woollens this year. I plan on making Harley a jumper or cardigan next once I have finished up a few things.
I am hoping to get a jumper/cardigan knitted for ME before winter this year!!! thats the plans anyway!
Okies folkies! Have a great week!
Happy knitting

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  • At 2:41 pm, Blogger sue said…

    Wow you are knitting along quite quickly arent you. I love the blue and brown sweater, very nice. I cant wait to see what else you have finished, and I really want to thank you too for your supportive words, they always make me feel so much better.

  • At 7:23 pm, Blogger Suzy said…

    Love your knitting too! You have been busy!
    Sorry you aren't coming on Saturday, but I am sure you will enjoy your bikes ;-)


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