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Wednesday, 4 February 2009

A Break

I have decided in mostly to give shop knitting a break for awhile. Sales are low with the lack of money around the world anyway.

I have decided instead to try and aim for 12 childrens jumpers in 12mths (Jan gone so have to work double time at some point). These jumpers will be gifted to people for their kids (my own children included of course have to knit for them). Be it for their kids birthdays or just to say "you're a great friend". I am hoping this also will be a great stash busting event and bring out some great tv watching knitting in me.

I am still yet to get piccies of the lil devil hat I made for the ex co-worker of Adams as well as my grandmothers feather and fan scarf..The camera is still missing in action.

I have finished knitting myself a beret in my mmmmmmmmmalabrigo (will have to get a pic of it) and started a scarf for myself too...I think I just heard several long time regular readers of my blog fall over..because (1) i knitted for ME and (2) i am knitting a SCARF...lol

The evil heatwave that hit Australia and attacked Tassie in a very mean way seems to have past and I hope it never comes back. Hitting almost 40 degrees Celcius is just not on for here! And having late 30C temps for a weeks is shocking and uncalled for..TASSIE IS A COOLER STATE!! There were running jokes on radios on how to survive with Tassie heatwave include "buy ticket and go to Qld/WA" two states that are usually hotter then Tasmania but at points were cooler.

Jan and Feb are shocking birthday months for my, there is 5 Birthdays to deal with among 3 families (two of which are my parents and 2 are my bestfriends sons). Evil expensive time of year with school going back on 10th Feb too.

Apart from working on my Malabrio Scarf I am also working on the first of my 12 jumpers for 12months jumpers. Its for one of my bestfriends sons and will be a late birthday present for him (I am giving him something small when I see him next to deal with the delay).

Tomorrow (Thursday) I am catching up with an old friend who I havent seen in about 2 years. Hoping it will be good and that my girls enjoy playing with her youngest.

And to answer Amanda's question on my middle name..it's Rachelle ;)

Okies folkies that is all for the moment..Happy knitting and enjoy your upcoming weekend!!


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  • At 3:15 pm, Blogger sue said…

    What a great way to stash bust by knitting for friend's kids. I love knitting for my niece and nephews birthday's although the 2 eldest ones missed out this year due to not having enough time around xmas. We have 3 birthdays in January, 2 in February and 3 again in March. Paul and his brother share a birthday. I am so glad that the heatwave is over too, and I did think of moving to Tassie for just a while to cool off (I wish). My auntie came back on Monday from there after holidaying for 3 weeks and loved it.

  • At 5:57 pm, Blogger amanda j said…

    Hm, I thought about making twelve jumpers in a year after reading something on Ravelry, and then realised I have to go back to work! Bugger.

    I look forward to seeing your progress.

  • At 9:59 pm, Anonymous 2paw said…

    I was slightly indignant on your behalf: Who is this Jan? Where has she gone? And why is she making you work twice as hard??
    Then the penny dropped!!!
    Sounds like a jumper plan.
    The weather has been EVIL, evil, cruel and horrid I tell you. Thank goodness it is cooler tonight, but 29 tomorrow. Again.

  • At 12:53 pm, Anonymous Tannia said…

    we're up for another 43 degree day saturday - I tell you - they cancel the horseracing but make the kids still play cricket!!!


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