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Tuesday, 6 January 2009

erk summer!!

It would seem evil summer has befallen us. Today is a warm one. But I know it will get hotter. Have 4 windows open and the fan on in the lounge for the first time this summer. Glad I dont live in the mainland Australia.

Knitting has been happening. And below is 2 items that now reside on the SHOP. Imust get my other handmodel back. Do prefer her piccies..Just dont see her often ;)

First is my take on the Fetching Handwarmers. I redid them to a different sort of pattern, twisting cables and adding more of them and offsetting them. I rather like it.

Second area a pair of chunky very warm and kitten soft (and I should know) handwarmers that I am probably going to make myself a pair for winter.

Below is the newest member of our family. Came into our home 26th Dec. I said I would never own another ginger cat after Zander..But this little bugger took my attention as soon as I saw him. And his name (although far from what I normal would name a cat) came to me when he looked at me and seems to have stuck.

He is a goreous little longer hair ginger monster who loves boobs (it's getting little warm for him to sleep in my top between them though!!)..

So everyone..welcome little Gizmo. He is about 9-10 weeks now.

Okies Folkies I think that will do for a quick update. Still thinking about that new turn for my etsy shop. Will let you all know once I have decided!

Happy knitting all


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  • At 7:27 pm, Blogger sue said…

    Gizmo is such a cutie. My sister has a ginger cat and he is so much like a person it is ridiculous. Love those tan handwarmers, the cables look so nice. We have been having hot days too, the last 2 being 29 but today had a breeze so it cooled it off nicely.

  • At 1:08 am, Blogger Dandy said…

    nice wristwarmers... if I didn't knit myself I'd buy them from you

    Gizmo is SO cute, I'd love to get another kitten, but I think it would stress our other cat Suzie ( 12 yrs) too much


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