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Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Pictures for my Darlings

Pictures pictures everywhere!

For you all. A piccie of the Birthday girl throwing down..She had great fun! And she wants another one next year too.

My darling girls and their haircuts..With Adams grandmother. The girls Great Grandmother, who turns 80 in Feb next year. This pic was taken Chrissie Lunch Sunday at Grandmas over weekend just past.

Above is Grandmas Feather and Fan scarf she got for Chrissie. She loved it. Which is great. I hope she gets good use out of it when winter comes.

Above is dad's Chrissie fingerless gloves. Mum had commented that they had hunted high and low for a pair and couldnt find any. So Katt to the rescue ;) I hope he wears them often in winter when it comes. (they are being modelled by Adam).

Above are mums Fuzzy Feet I gave her for Chrissie. I loved these. Loved knitting them. Loved felting them..and certainly going to make myself a pair and a few more pairs for Chrissie pressies for others..They DO have puff paint on the soles ;)

So now I am knitting my nans Chrissie scarf (that I dont see for a few more days so I got time) and I am back to knitting for the shop.

I have a few more things I did for Chrissie to show pics of but am waiting on my younger sister to take pics cos I didnt get time to before Adam wrapped them!!! lol

My yarn diet is OVER!! To celebrate I bought some on sale Patons Jet the other day. YAY

Thank you everyone for your comments last post. I know I shouldnt let my evil inlaw get to me. Just hard at times. Hate it how she has to get center of attention and ruin Christmas for everyone.

I would love to wish all my lovely readers a VERY Merry Christmas (Or Super Happy Holiday Season if you dont celebrate Chrissie) And a safe and fortunate New Year. Thank you for another year of reading my blog.


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Sunday, 21 December 2008

aarrgghhh 4 SHORT!!

well crap it!! i am 4 smidgen grams short of reaching my 1kg diet where i can buy more yarn!! I am at 996g!! sure I will get that last 4g done in no time!

I have done all Chrissie knitting (YAY) taking piccies slowly. Still waiting for piccies from my Rav Secret Santa person who I gave things to but hoping soon.

So in the end the Chrissie knitting ended up being (knitted between the 1st Dec and the 18th Dec):
  1. Feather and Fan scarf for Adams Grandmother
  2. Fuzzy Feet for my mum
  3. Hobo glove/mittens combo for Tanya (my older sister)
  4. Cable earflap hat with a difference for Megan (my younger sister)
  5. Fingerless gloves for my dad

I am mighty proud of myself. I got it all finished by Thursday night. So I even finished them all in the time frame I gave myself. :)

I finished all Chrissie shopping last Wednesday too. So I had a very productive week last week getting all done so I can relax as Christmas rolls in.

We all got haircuts last Wednesday. Some of us more extreme then others. But I think we all look good now :)

I have to say (and its been awhile I think) I am SO OVER my damn mother in law!! I wish the woman would just go blow up or something. She has been a selfish bitch expecting Adam to drive us down to see them Chrissie day (1hr there), put up with her abusing him like she always does over lunch, then drive back ALONE (1hr back), THEN have to work in reception putting up with obnoxious customers and all on Chrissie day. I dont like the idea of driving on Chrissie day for that distance at speed of 100km where there might be a drunk driver around then next corner going faster then that with some "Christmas spirit". So she has been a bitch about it. Thursday we all went to get girls from school so she can take them out and celebrate Harleys birthday (which was Friday). And she did nothing but try and make a scene at the girls school!! I bit my tongue. After all its their school for christ sakes!! But after she bought them home and Harley and I was in the kitchen and I asked what they got up to while out with granny to have Harley say to me "Granny wishes we lived with her, Granny asked us if we wanted to live with her" I snapped..Rang her up (lucky for her she didnt answer her mobile) and laid into her message bank. Told her she was selfish to expect Adam to do all that driving then have to work. Told her she would be LUCKY to see my girls again after asking them if they wanted to live with her especially if I dont get a sorry from her. Bet I dont. of course she will make it like she is the victim to all relatives that will listen. Can I please trade SOMEONE for a nicer inlaw? Actually. All his side of the family is getting to the point where I wouldnt mind only seeing them once a year if that.

Harley turned 9 on Friday last week. Had a little fun bowling party. Loved it all. Then we went to to coast for the weekend at Adam's grandmothers for her "Chrissie lunch" that she does the last Sunday before Christmas. 18 people (plus 2 mini people) were there. Was good but I am glad to be home where I can relax and have peace and sleep in my own bed.

I will include piccies next time. I have to get them all organised and take more piccies and all.

Going to head to bed now. Hope all had a great weekend!! Happy knitting


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Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Wooohooo for me

Seems I am semi famous..lol

One of my yarns made it to a treasury on etsy...Dont know how long it will last so go gander quick now!! HERE go look.

Have been knitting like the devil (well at least he knits..lol). I have several thing finished to show you once I get pics and some I forgot to photo that I am hoping the receiver takes piccies for me. lol

Will post about that all soon promise!!


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