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Saturday, 29 November 2008

Oh My!!

Well today I thought I would give you a view of just how much yarn I really have. But since I dont really have the space to spread out ALL of it in one place. I thought I would just show you my stash in box form (note, this doesnt including the little box I have in the loungeroom, or the plastic bag worth of stuff I also have in the lounge..lol). So for your viewing pleasure.

First two pics show you the boxes so you get a rough working out of the size of them. Now I will say that the base two boxes (one each side) is full of fabric. One box (closest to the window) is full of acrylic. The rest of the boxes are full of wool, wool blend, bamboo, cotton, and other blend yarns.

Next to my boxes is my sewing table which I am about to move my brandnew overlocker and my sewing machine onto.

And on top of all that next to the boxes is stuffed ziplock bags full of fleece to spin when I learn to spin (and the girls rollerblades and the girls travel cushions that you plug mp3 players into to listen to music).

We have included Harely (my (9yo in Dec) for size comparison, she comes up to the third box out of 6..lol

So do you all think I have an addiction problem?

We have been working through the house dejunking it. There has been so many bags of clothes that have been sitting around for years that the girls have grown out of that I keep meaning to sell on ebay, and toys they just dont play with and things Adam and I have had since we started living together. Well now its all going. We have taken about 4 huge garbage bags full of things to a local opshop. We have another 2 full to go. We have like 5 big garbages full of rubbish to take to Adams work big bin (which is being done tomorrow). We arent even ooooh..half way through cleaning!!! Lets just say we hoard too much..lol

So to say Chrissie knitting has been suffering is an understatement. Well I have done some but nowhere near as far through as I want to be. But then I got a few weeks in Dec to get it done. We have only 5 more pressies to buy too so that's great! I'm glad we are almost set!

Okies folks have a great weekend!! Catch you another time. Take care and happy knitting!!


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Tuesday, 25 November 2008

So close

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas..1 month away a lot like to be exact!!!

I can proudly say all my Secret Chrissie knitting is fully finished!! I am glad to have them all done over a week early so I can kick back now and concentrate on Chrissie knitting that needs to be done before Christmas.

I have also done some other knitting so I do have some piccies to show you all.

So they are my two new Berets for sales. And get this..THEY SUIT ME!!! Especially the black/white/purple one! Which makes it even better that I have enough wool left to knit myself one for next winter!! Whoohooo!! Never thought I would find a hat that suited me, and it makes me laugh that its a beret.

I have finally had to start taking medication for my hayfever as today it was totally driving me insane. It worked which is good. Lets hope I dont have to take too many more of them this season.

Okies all just a short one for me for today. I have to start on my Chrissie pressie for my father!

Happy knitting! Be good all!


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Sunday, 16 November 2008

Back to norm

This has been a long weekend for us. We gave the girls Friday off and took them to Scotsdale to the regional show there. They had GREAT fun!! and $90 later we feel rather broke. But it would have been a hell of a lot cheaper then going to the local show so we don't mind.

I also borrowed my younger sisters limbs as a model for me while we were there (we went to the show with my family and Adam and I stayed with my parents while the girls had great fun with their aunties).

So included for your pleasure some piccies from the Show and my latest able to post about knitting..

Bamboo/Wool hand warmers selling HERE

Girls with Poppit the balloon maker. The girls LOVED her she was funny and nice.

The girls showing off their tough tattoos. I actually LOVE Harley's (if i got a real one it would probably be what she has!! lol).

So as you can see they had fun. Mind you they are both sporting war wounds. They went down a HUGE blowup slide together and gave themselves friction burns on opposite elbows (you can see the padded bandages St Johns stand gave them).

I am like 85% finished all my secret knitting group knitting! How excellent is that?? I feel like I have done well this year no madly running around knitting at the last minute.

I am equally doing well with Chrissie shopping. Just the adults left to buy for and all done there too (oh and collect 2 laybys for the girls).

Adam collected my overlocker last week. So now I have to be good and strong and NOT touch it til probably after Christmas cos I have so much Chrissie knitting I still have to do that if I DO touch it I will probably never get it all done!! lol

I hope everyone has had a lovely weekend. The weather here has been all over the place. Friday I got sunburnt. Saturday is was damn cold and wet!! Today it's sunny but with wind.

I have been returning some Karma on etsy of late (hoping it comes back in return for me too). I have bought a gorgeous Strangeling picture for the girls. And some headbands for them too. And one headband for me.

My heels are feeling a lot better now. And my sinus infection is all gone. So seems I am back in one piece, though hay fever is attacking again..sigh.

Thank you everyone for your lovely comments about my sales, and for well wishes for my heels :)

It's scary that Christmas is 1 month 6 days away isn't it? What the hell has happened to the year?

Ok my dears. Hope you all have a great week.

Happy Knitting


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Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Have NOT!!

Before you all think I have gone back to my old blogless ways of almost never posting I haven't. But I have had nothing really to post about.

Secret Chrissie Knitting does make for impossible blog posting!! I have almost finished the knitting group Chrissie knitting. Should get it finished by today if I am a good knitter. Secret Santa knitting is sorted and I will be casting that on tonight or tomorrow.

I have yet to finish the "are you sitting down? Is Katt really knitting that??" knitting so won't be talking about that or showing you all just yet.

I started yesterday a pair of hand warmers to take along to knitting group. I had nothing else I could take that didn't involve telling everyone to look away!!

While at knitting group the lovely 2Paws was knitting a pair of socks for her friend..I am constantly amazed at just how BRIGHT my rainbow sock wool is..and I am the dyer!! She is knitting them into a gorgeous pair of socks though.

The hand warmers I started at knitting group yesterday were inspired by fetchings (with the only thing same is they have cables...and the rib look when no cables..lol otherwise its different stitches amounts, different ply, different needles, and cables go differently). I plan on selling them when they are finished as well as make others to sell.

I have had a great week on my shop!! I sold a hat to USA...As well as 9 skeins of sock wool and a sock pattern to NSW...YAY!! I am thrilled to say the least. I also privately sold the hand dyed blue and green baby jumper I had up on my shop too, that's going to SA.

I am on my second lot of Anti Biotics for my Infected Sinus and happy to say that its fully gone me thinks..When these Anti Bs are gone I will be one happy little Katt!! Down side to it all..Hay Fever has kicked back in..So there is something in that I am sure scientists can look at to find a way to stop hay fever!! Whole time I had a cold/infected sinus my hay fever didn't play up at all.

The girls and I went for a walk Sunday. It was a lovely day. I wore my summer shoes..and TOTALLY regretted it!! You should see my poor heels!! both have 2 blisters (a MASSIVE one and a little one on top)...they are sore as hell. I have big bandaids with pawpaw on them both just so I can walk!! I can't wear shoes apart from moc crocs...Thursday (tomorrow) I have bowling in the morning and I am meant to wear their shoes! I asked yesterday while the girls were there if I could bowl barefoot...I got a no..bugger it..The shoes have been hardly worn at al (just this walk) and I dont think I will ever wear them again! Love them..but they Hate me!!

No pics again for you folks..sorry about that but haven't taken any really.

My 1kg yarn diet is going slowly. I have had people ask me if I can count previous things to make it go faster..Noooo!!! I am only allowed to count things I started since telling about the diet on my blog. And I am going to weigh everything I finish so I have exact....No guesstimating..

Okies my dear readers..That is all for me for today..Take care all! Happy knitting! And hope you all have a great upcoming weekend!!


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Wednesday, 5 November 2008

its ALIVE!!!!

Lappy is working again!!! I lost a LOT of files in the process but its working again. Yes I am happy. We saved some files (well I hope we did..we haven't looked yet) before having to go all the way back to factory settings. But still lost a lot of important ones (including pics of the girls).

I officially have a sinus infection (and the horse tablet sized anti-biotics to prove it). If you have never had a sinus infection think yourself lucky, the SMELL of it is bad enough....I wont horrify you with the details of it running down your throat...It's not something you would even wish on your worse enemy.

Lappy still boots net if I try to do a post..BUT I have saved the "posting" page to faves so I can bypass actually going to my blog..so lets hope this means more posting from me!!

I seem to be still making private sales of knitwear..but not much is moving on the shop. I just wish I could work out how to MOVE things on shop!!

My ordered red scarf made it to its new home as a birthday present. It's new mummy loves it greatly so I am a happy gal :)

I have been working on a new thing for the shop..Something that will surprise a lot of you. Something that is not normally a ME thing to knit...Do I have your attention? Its halfway done.

OKies..I thought I would just update you all and let you know Lappy lives. Seems like it might have been a Windows update error for Vista...Though we may never really know.

Happy knitting all!! Enjoy the rest of your week..


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Monday, 3 November 2008

Small Bonus

Small bonus of lappy being dead is I am able to post on my blog more often. SO here I am again today! lol

Lappy still hasn't been taken in because Sunday Adam went to work before the shop opened and got home from work after the shop closed. Today its a public holiday here. Another thing is we are gonna try something first (recovery of Vista) BEFORE we take it in and have the bugger of a thing missing for weeks.

I have picces now of recent finished hats. They will follow. I plan on making them with different colours, different blends (or even just pure wool). See how they go. These ones are made out of the lovely Patons Jet.

I have also made a new banner for my Etsy shop. Please go have a lookie..Let me know honestly what you think of it. I tossed it together in like 15-20mins. I just wanted to get rid of the old one!! It has been bugging me for MONTHS!! I might change it over in a few weeks, or months or whenever, depends on my mood. I also today tossed together 3 for a friend of mine who has an Etsy shop and said she has no banner. She hasn't checked her email yet, I hope she likes them!! :)

My cold is playing around getting better or worse, it hasn't made up its mind. I hope it plans on GOING AWAY!!

Weather has been all over the place here of late (which probably is why the cold hasn't gone). I like it..I want it to stay lovely cold weather for longer!! not looking forward to horrid summer.

Moto and Superbikes have finished for another year. Troy Bayliss has retired now from racing, left with a fantastic double win after pole position. I'm happy he has retired mostly in one piece (minus most a little finger).

Going through my mammoth stash today I actually surprised myself with how much Vintage Hues I actually have!! Even after ALL the knitting I have done. I was able to find 108 UNTOUCHED balls!!!! Yes you read right..108 balls that I haven't even started yet. I have several partially started balls..and LOTS of used balls with many knits. I have worked out I would have bought/swapped about 150 balls of Cleckheatons Vintage Hues over all 5 colours they have. I have decided I won't be buying anymore unless Cleckheatons comes out with a new colourway next season (or I actually run out and NEED to buy more knitting).

I am also going to try and NOT buy anymore yarn and try and work my way through my stash. I will try and aim to use 1kg before i consider buying more (now this is where I say I WILL buy yarns for orders!! Be it yarn to hand dye or to knit). Think I can make it? I have fallen off MANY yarn diets of late..I will work 1kg at a time and let you know how I go..Would be easy if it wasn't for the fact I am knitting such LITTLE things at the moment!! If I was knitting jumpers it would be a different story!

My Secret Chrissie Knitting has been going well I am mostly finished with my set Group Knitting pressie. Pretty sure I have picked the yarn for my Secret Santa knitting too. Will have to test knit see if its the right gauge (no I DON'T mean swatch!!) and go from there.

Happy knitting all! And enjoy your week


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Saturday, 1 November 2008

Worst then that its DEAD Jim...

I am muchly in a DISPLEASED state today. My laptop (less then a year old) decided today would be a good day to go tits up (die for those non-Aussies). I am having to take it back to Hardly Normal (Harvey Norman) I think then have to wait the ATLEAST 2 weeks for their idiot to ferret around with it (he better not lose my precious pics or I will show him where my boot can go) before I get it back.

This all wouldn't be half as bad if (a) I had at least EMAILED myself those precious pics to keep safe or (b) the desktop computer wasn't slower then a half dead turtle...Also doesn't help that the computer chair causes me neck pains. sigh..

I am getting over a cold too. So snot and sore nose are my friends at the moment.

I would have pics for you..but those are on lappy (see my problem??)...And I either FORGOT to take pics of parcelled off order (lovely blue/orange Vintage Hues Jumper size 2/3) or they are secret Chrissie knitting (never easy to take pics with spying eyes around).

I have this month to get my Secret Santa knitting done in for my Ravelry knitting group. I have worked out what I will be making (good start) I have to work out WHAT yarn I will be making it in (harder effort) then I have to knit the bugger (even HARDER still with lappy dead and I usually sit with pattern in front of me knitting on lappy)...

I have designed a new hat for the etsy shop to sell (now I cant blame dead lappy for no pics of this..cos .....I havent taken any yet)...I hope it sells well. I love it (another evil case of WHY DON'T HATS LOOK GOOD ON ME???? cos if they did I would knit myself a million!).

I have put my etsy shop on facebook.
I am on facebook (have been for awhile) for any of you that care to add me look for Katt Walker (glasses booby looking chick with dark hair) include a note saying I sent you from my blog otherwise I might just ignore your invite. I also have my etsy shop on facebook. If you want to become a fan of that just click HERE (or even to just have a look).

Okies folks..best be off..Have knitting that won't do itself (I swear the knitting fairies are on strike like the housework ones...I need to stomp on their union boss)...All wish me luck that letting the battery run dead then recharging it MIGHT save my lappy (I WILL email myself those pics if it does save it!!)...

Happy Knitting all!!


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