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Thursday, 9 October 2008

Busy Me

Well I have been a busy girl of late. Finishing up some projects, starting and finishing others.

I have finished the ordered scarf, and once the money has cleared into my account it will be on its way. Pic below of it. I have to say, I did actually like knitting it...for a SCARF!! I plan on making a few of these for my Etsy shop I think.

Below is a Midnight Rainbow Skullcap I currently have up for sale in the Shop. I love how gorgeous this looks. I hope it sells well. If hats suited me I would have kept this one for me!!

Below is a size 3-4 Vintage Hues child's jumper also up for sale in the Shop. I love how these look and they are so warm and soft!

Below is a cable skullcap I have up for sale in the shop. I enjoyed making this and plan on making a few more in VH and other yarn to list.

So that's been some of my adventures into knitting land. I have been enjoying the quick WIZZINESS of the skullcaps. I also love the look of them. I just want to start getting some SALES!!!
Below for your lovely pleasure is FINALLY a pic of my rainbow wool I do that I know some of you have been dying (no pun intended!!) to see. This one is currently up for sale, its DK/8ply. Only 1 skein (enough for a plain beanie or two). I have ordered more wool in to do some more. I even have a worsted/12ply weight order of rainbow to do.

Evil hay fever has set in early for me this year, so most days (ok..ALL days) of late I have been dealing with itchy eyes and sneezing and itchy throat. At the moment its not bad enough to need to dabble into medication for it, I like to put that off for as long as possible cos as soon as you start you are stuck on it for the rest of the season.

I cant believe its only 2 1/2mths til Chrissie! Our Ravelry knitting group have swapped named for Secret Santa already. So we have just under 2mths to get everyone done. I have been working on my Tuesday knitting Chrissie Pressies too. I don't think I will have time to do it for Saturday group as well. So I am still debating whether to move those over to the Saturday group since its a bigger group and most go there anyway (just give it to the few Tuesday folk that don't visit the Saturday lot).

Okies enough babble for me for awhile! Happy knitting all and enjoy your weekend!!


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