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Sunday, 17 August 2008

Just a Quickie

Seems I might have a cold...I am debating whether to blame my best friend for it since she had it the week before I got it..But I didnt see her while she had it (can I still blame her though?)...

No piccies today this is just a quickie post.

I counted up all my Vintage Hues the other day..See exactly where I stand with this obsession..And I was a tad dissapointed when (including what I have knitted and what is on its way in the mail)..I only had/have 90 balls!!! I even said to Adam I thought I would have had more (he asked if I checked under the couch the cheeky bugger!!!)...And yes I know to some that is still a lot of wool..But Damn it i am obsessed with it!! lol and over the 5 colours I will have them all once my lovely parcel arrives!!

I have been knitting but still havent finished anything from my UFO list. I am terrible..Why am I having problems finishing these other things? I want them finished..Really I do!! I think its the tempting other new yarn I have been buying of late that begs me to knit it into lovely forms of lushness...

Okies..my brain is mush..I am going to knit nice little rows of mindless stocking stitch.

Happy knitting all!! Hope you all had a great weekend!!


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Saturday, 9 August 2008

mirror mirror on the wall

What did I ever do to blogger?? I am having to have Adam sign into my blog on the desktop and send me a link via msn to the laptop to the post page JUST so the damn thing doesnt boot both computers off the interenet!!!

Okies..some piccies for you all!! Better pics of the girls berets (ON the girls)..a baby jumper I did for someone I went through school for (for her unborn unknown sex baby)..pair of 8ply socks for Rachelle (erm..yes thats a little grub on the bottom..she wore them since last night moment they were cast off they havent left her feet..she even wore them outside with school sneakers and everything..she LOVES them)...and I am yet to take pics of Chloe's Vintage Hues jumper which is also finished..but pics of other things.

The jumper for the baby was well received..I was told by L that she had been looking for knitwear for the baby and this was the first..which of course means now I really want to make more for her bub!! lol

I have to say I am extremely biased but my girls are GORGEOUS!!! (and I just noticed in those pics both are wearing furry collared demin jackets today!!).

I have done some other red knitting too as you can see above..I hope its well received by the new owner of it..I am sure you can all guess what it is..I had a VERY red day that day..I knitted the above item up in 5hrs..and finished the red baby jumper all the same day..

Chloes jumper is the ONLY thing from the list I have gotten finished still..I am really doing badly with the list getting it back down..I keep on casting on new things and finishing them!! And I still have an urge to cast on more now but I am pushing the urge down and trying to get some of the things on the list finished!!!

I better go do some knitting and sort out dinner! I hope you all have a great weekend!

Happy Knitting


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Monday, 4 August 2008

All over the place

Well I am all over the place with knitting at the moment. All my UFOs seem to be getting ignored to start new projects that are getting finished before the UFOs are.

I have 3 finished objects to show you that never were on the UFO list. And another 1 that is half finished (that wasnt on the UFO list)..and a little bit pic of the ordered jumper that just needs me to do the collar.

So we have a merry collection of knitting!

First two things are the girls berets to match their jumpers (top, rainbow one is Harleys, second, blue one is Rachelles).

Next is a close up of Chloe's Vintage Hues jumper just needs the collar knitted and then it is fully finished.

Then we have a baby raglan jumper (for unknown sex baby, well I guess the unborn baby knows). Still debating if putting a hood on this is a good idea for a newborn and all.

Lastly we have my coffee cosy for my Hudsons Coffee (mmmm Hudsons Coffee!!!).

After I finished the baby jumper I really should get back to my UFO list and try and get some of them done to get it all down!! I gotta be good..I gotta kick this startitis in the arse!!!

I have sold some wool and a pair of baby pants in the Shop of late too. Hoping to sell more things on there soon, have listed a few more things and still have more to list.

Okies well I have dropped in and caught you all up on my knitting of late. i have been doing a heap..Just not from the list..

Yarn diet has still gone to hell with me buying MORE wool on sale (including more Vintage Hues one lot in a colour I havent had yet to try!)...I am starting to wonder if I should just give up. My mum said today to me "Have you thought about not buying wool and starting to knit it?" when she saw my HUGE stash..lol. I can rest easy knowing if they ever make yarn currency I will be rich!!!

Happy knitting all!!


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