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Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Grand erruption of a UFO nature.

Well I should be able to tell you all with great work over the past month of my 9 items big UFO list I had finally gotten it down to 4 back on the 20th of this month..SADLY with the mad highly infectious case of Startitis..I think I am back up around the 8-9 mark again!! *sighs*

Lets take a look at the damage shall we. NEW list needed I think (public shaming again!!)

  1. Baby raglan jumper (just the sleeves to knit)
  2. Hat to match baby raglan jumper (almost half way)
  3. Cable and Rib kids jumper (still have to do the sleeves on this one)
  4. Childs vest (still to finish the shaping of front and back chest area and all the extra to go with)
  5. A Star Is Born girls jumper (finished the back, so about 1/4 way there)
  6. Ribbed handwarmers (1 down 1 to go)
  7. Ordered Vintage Hues childs jumper (just started this last night not far through)
  8. Buttons wool socks for Harley (almost 1/2 way through first one)

I refuse to think any harder to see if I can find a 9th one cos I really dont want to know!! lol

If I put 3 days aside I could get the baby hat and matching raglan jumper done as well as the other handwarmer. So I might just have to do that later in the week to remove 3 things from the list.

Anyways I have finished the ordered socks!!! I am so glad to have them done and out of my hair! Now I am just waiting to be paid for them so I can ship them off.

I will be eagerly starting to watch my mailbox soon in ready for all my lovely yarn diet ruining wool to turn up from the mainland. I am like a kid waiting for Christmas waiting for it to turn up.

OKies i better go. I have knitting group starting in 30mins better make sure I got all I need packed :)

Happy knitting all!!


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Saturday, 19 July 2008


Does anyone know of a cure for startitis? My UFO list which had gotten down to 5 items..Is now back up to 7 items. Though 2 of them are only little things that I could get finished in a day each item.

I have to start my ordered item for Demz. And then there is the two beret I want to make my girls matching their jumpers. The list goes on and on!! It really never does end does it?

Adam is off at the state poker final today. I hope he does well. He has made it to the first break so that's a good sign. Down side is I am left with the girls all day!!! No transport to go anywhere. They are behaving though (unlike the last few state finals Adam has been to).

On the UFO front. I am further through a few of my items I have on the list.

The "A Star Is Born" girls jumper now has the back fully done.

I got the baby jumper that wasnt on list but I started up to needing just the sleeves done (and then the collar).

Oooh a dear friend of mine decided my yarn diet needed to be ruined more. I got an sms (text message) from her earlier this week. Telling me about this HUGE yarn sale on up in her state. She tempted me with colours and prices and I was weak..WEAK I tell you!!! Soooo it ends up I have 75 balls of pure wool on the way (in 4 colours)...And at a great bargain price of about 77c a ball (including dividing up postage costs)!! Its in the mail. And I am soooo looking forward to getting it. Now I just need to grow another 2 sets of arms so I can get through HALF of the yarn I have in my stash and half my list of things I want to knit! Not even sure if this new wool is going to fit in the new yarn box I got..lol

No piccies today. Though I do need to take pics of a hat I finished. My aim today is to get the Handwarmer I have on the needles done (got one fully knitted one to go) or maybe work on the ordered socks I NEED to get finished..That might be a good idea too!! Tomorrow I will start the ordered jumper by Demz.

Hope you all have a great weekend!! Happy Knitting!!!!!!!!!!


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Tuesday, 15 July 2008

i have good reason!

I'm alive but only just I swear! I have a cold though. And feel a little like crap but apart from that I am alive!!

Rachelle turned 6 on Sunday. My baby is a big girl!!! We had her birthday party on Saturday. It was a shared party with Little Miss 6 (Cathys Daughter). And on Sunday we went around to their house and had dinner. The girls (and Cathy's grandson who was there) had a great time. And the food was YUM!!

I have been busy though. I finished another item on the UFO list. It's Rachelle's Vintage Hues jumper. She LOVES it and wanted to wear it to her birthday party (which she did). Harley decided SHE wanted one to wear to the party TO though..Sooooo with FOUR days til the birthday party on Saturday, I cast on and moved my butt making Harley a Vintage Hues jumper as well. Below are the finished products (yes I made it..finished it up Friday night).

Rachelle in her blue and orange Vintage Hues Jumper

Harley in her bright coloured Vintage Hues Jumper

Both girls really love their jumpers (which I am very glad about). As I was knitting up Harley's jumper at Demz place she fell in love with how it was looking and put an order in for one for her daughter. So I have to cast that on real soon.

The UFO list WOULD be down to 4 items now..If it was for the fact I cast on another item in some newly dyed yarn by me...I am almost half way through that too..But no pics!!

I have some wool to list on the shop today too. Gotta get that stocked up more the sock wool is dropping down an bit. I also have to dye up some more wool to sell at some point.

I am glad I made it with all my ordered wool and sold them off to the people who ordered them (ordered wool, my wool and some for the shop ended up being a day of 2kg dyeing!!).

I had to buy a new tub for storing my wool in yesterday cos it had been getting out of hand and I was having zip lock bags sitting up everywhere with no room in the big plastic tubs I have. So another 120L tub and all wool away now. The stack is well taller then me now. I haven't got them all on top of each other the moment if I did I would need Adam's help (and i am not short people!! I am average woman's height 165cm or 5foot 5inches). Can everyone say "yarn diet"?

Okies I have to get ready to go out to a meeting. Thought I better drop a line and let you all know I hadn't fallen off the face of the earth just been super busy with knitting, parties and being sick...Take care!!

Happy knitting


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Wednesday, 2 July 2008

churning them out

Well I am churning through my UFO list!! I have finished another 2 items off it bringing it down from the original shameful 9 to a much better 5.

Even those 5 left to do 3 of them I have worked on heaps and gotten them closer to being finished. The two items I have not touched since starting this grand UFO attack have been the Cable and Ribbed jumper (just the sleeves) and the Girls A Star Is Born jumper. (still only a little on the back done).

So lets look at the old UFO list then the cleaned up NEW UFO list.

  1. ordered beanie (almost up to the shaping then its done)

  2. fetching handwarmers (just the thumbs to be done on both)
  3. baby brim hat to match pants for sale (up to the shaping)
  4. ordered 8ply socks (onto foot of first one)
  5. cable and rib jumper (just needs both sleeves and seaming and collar)
  6. charity scarf (only about 1/3 of the way through)
  7. raglan child jumper (doing the body which is in the round only about 1/3 of the way up)
  8. childs vest (not far through this at all also doing in the round)
  9. girls verson of the Star is Born jumper (part way up back)


  1. Order 8ply socks (1 complete 1 to go)
  2. cable and rib jumper (just needs both sleeves and seaming and collar)
  3. raglan child jumper (just the sleeves sew them in and collar to go)
  4. childs vest (just finish front/back shaping for armholes, do armhole edge and do the hood)
  5. girls verson of the Star is Born jumper (part way up back)

So I am half way through the Vest and two of the three jumpers, i am also half way through the socks. Feeling MUCH better about the list now. 5 is much more appealing moreso when the things on them are all almost half done.

I am really glad to get the charity scarf finished. Its a weight off my mind for many reasons (one being I HATE knitting scarves).

Little hat to match denim tweed baby pants for sale in the shop.

Above is the lil she devil hat I made for two of my poker friends little baby to be (later this year she is born). I really hope they like it.. Its going to be a total surprise for them both (as well as the little things I have bought and sent as well).

I havent been feeling 100% since last night. Hoping its nothing but guess I will wait it out

Last week I went out 2 nights in a row (ok so one was just to a friends place while Adam was off playing poker) Thursday we actually used a baby sitter and Adam and I went out alone without the girls!!! it was going. Going to do it again this Friday.

My blog and net connection are still being right buggers. And it seems its also disconnecting the desktop computer too. SIGH...Wonder why its doing this?

Okies that was a bit more of an update for you..Now off to put these things in Rav and then list some things in the shop to sell :)

Happy knitting!!


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