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Sunday, 29 June 2008


It would seem that Blog and Laptop are struggling to be friends again!! This is the first time in several days I have been able to get INTO my blog so i could do a post without the whole thing disconnecting me from the internet (and its only my blog and one friends facebook page that seems to do it).

I have also finished two items from THE LIST!!!! Below are two things that an online friend ordered from me to gift her best friend. She paid for the cost of the bamboo/cotton and postage only. I was only to happy to knit them up for her :)

The lovely Fetching handwarmers with matching Fetching hat. I love this bamboo/cotton, its so soft and lovely. The friend's friend is allergic to wool so this is perfect to have something lush that is more then just old cotton.

So the LIST is down to 7 things now. This week I have plans to finish the charity scarf (it needs to be done by Saturday), and fingers crossed the ordered socks I have to do (aiming to get the first sock finished today).

I also cast on something new during the week but that is almost fully complete. Its a lil she devil hat for poker friends who bought the baby socks from my Etsy shop (its a married couple I play with expecting their little girl end of this year). Its being done in HOT PINK and I only have the horns to go and its done!! :)

I need to spend more time churning through my UFOs because I have an itching to cast on new things!!! I also have an itching to pull out my sewing machine and sew things, but I have to wait til tax comes back so I can buy myself an overlocker.

Okies off to knit! its perfect knitting weather..so cold and cloudy!

Happy Knitting


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Friday, 20 June 2008

when UFO's attack

was talking to a ravelry friend (hi Jen!!) when i listed my UFOs i have on at the moment, she told me hers..which reminded of MORE i had forgotten and i worked out somehow...my UFOs had become a problem again.

So in an act of public shaming to make me get through them and only start new ones if they are orders i shall list them below.
  1. ordered beanie (almost up to the shaping then its done)
  2. fetching handwarmers (just the thumbs to be done on both)
  3. baby brim hat to match pants for sale (up to the shaping)
  4. ordered 8ply socks (onto foot of first one)
  5. cabe and rib jumper (just needs both sleeves and seaming)
  6. charity scarf (only about 1/3 of the way through)
  7. raglan child jumper (doing the body which is in the round only about 1/3 of the way up)
  8. childs vest (not far through this at all also doing in the round)
  9. girls verson of the Star is Born jumper (part way up back)

ok there is the list of my shame on public display for all to see now..NINE things on the go at once!! apart from the cable and rib jumper all of them have been worked on in the past week.

ok so now to make me feel better can people please list their UFOs so hopefully someone has as many on the go as me and i dont feel as bad!! lol

spotlight in australia this past week had Cleckheaton Vintage Hues for half price. i have been eyeing off this lovely yarn but not interested in paying the price for a ball for awhile. so when it came up half price i went nuts and bought a heap (by heap please read almost 50balls of it) in 3 different colours. the raglan jumper i am knitting is being done in the vintage hues blue/orange colourway. so far i am loving it and i havent even finished the first ball (though only a few rounds away from doing that)!!

finally sold a sock pattern on etsy!!! yaaaaaaaaaay!! hoping its the first of many many pattern sales.

no pics again today folks, digi batteries are flat! hope everyone has a great weekend!!

happy knitting


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Friday, 13 June 2008

Oh how I wish to go down with the Sun *

Knitting has been slow here, too many late nights and far from enough energy. But I have been doing some here and there where I find the time/energy.

Tomorrow is WWKIP day (World Wide Knit In Public). The Launceston branch of Ravelry are meeting outside the Inveresk Museum. Starts at about 10:30am if anyone in Tassie is up near my end of the world to make it there =)

I ripped back the little beanie I was working on with left over blue from the A Star is Born because I have other plans for that blue. Hoping once orders are taken care of I can get back to knitting for the shop and I am itching to do some non-shop knitting too!!

Bamboo/Cotton. Divinely soft.

Katia 100% Merino. Soooo soft!!

Wool/Acylic/Nylon blend. Smooshy and soft.

Happy knitting all and have a great weekend!!!!


*lines from a fantastic song by a Finnish band, one of my fave songs at the moment.

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Saturday, 7 June 2008

Oooops I Did It Again

Those who know me well know my rather large...erm...sock stash..64 adult pair of socks and 7 childrens pair..

WEEEEEEELL after a trip to an Aussie internet site that sells sock wool and was having a free delivery anywhere in Aus for all of May..i am now the owner of another 3 pair of adult socks...so that brings the total up to 67 adult pair and 7 children....sheesh...I think I have a problem...

My panda cotton..which is cotton/bamboo/elastic nylon.. yummy

my maizy which is corn/elastic nylon earthy colours

and my FAVE!! Panda wool which is wool/bamboo/nylon is metallic like colours

I am so in love with these yarns!! I plan on using the Panda wool to make myself some handwarmers I think, my pattern, its too gorgeous for feet!!!
I am dying to cast on something in them!!! But I have to be good and fill all my orders before I can cast on anything else.. MUST BE GOOD GIRL!!!
I have heaps of wool dyeing orders to fill too..down side? Having to buy more YARN first! YIKES they all jumped on me at once in a big surprise!! So once wool comes in (I have ordered it earlier this week) I have to get moving and get dyeing.
Winter has hit here for sure. Its getting so nice and cold. For me to hear yesterday from my dear finnish friend that he had 32 degrees (C) in Helsinki and felt like he was melting.. Poor guy, not sure if they are use to it being THAT hot there so early in summer.
Okies I am off to work on my orders! Happy knitting all and have a great weekend!!

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