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Thursday, 24 April 2008

30th birthday

Yesterday was my birthday. I got some great things (to note sock wool Adam gave me that he did a little research into before getting..and Diamond earrings from him too). Still to get some pressies..But got the best email from my dear friend Bugsy (go look at her blog to see all 3 pics and the little cute story).

Isnt Alex the cutest little munchkin you have ever seen?? That email really made my day :)

So knitting wise. Still have to finish the earflap hat, kinda come to a stalled moment with the crochet part. Gonna have to sit and look at it and see if I will need to ask help at knitting group Tuesday or if I can do it by myself.

Have decided which pair of socks I am sending my friend for his birthday too so I only now have to work on one pair not on two.

On the needles at the moment I have

  1. Ribbed adult socks 1/3 done
  2. St St adult socks 1/4 done
  3. Baby pants 6-12mths 1/3 done
  4. Cable and ribbed child jumper 1/2 done

I think thats all I have on the go. All I can think of at the moment. I would really like to get through all those knits and then start some more things with some new wool I have gotten.

I still have some wool and earrings to list on the shop. As well as now a bracelet and some necklaces. Still got heaps more to make and list.

Several people online asked me what I wanted for my birthday..The answer was simple..SALES ON MY SHOP!! So if you want to give me a birthday pressie...go buy something :) Heaps of things to pick from be it wool or knitwear or earrings..

Oh and Demz TOTALLY loved her fetchings!!!! I am so happy..she really loved the colour too :)

Okies folks..have a great week :) happy knitting all


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Sunday, 20 April 2008

Ho hum and other fancy stuff

Ok so the earrings are listed on the shop (if you were interested in any go buy now)..And yesterday I made several more to list (gotta take pics today)..And still have more yet to make!!

I also got more things to make another 2 necklaces..as well as 2 bracelets. So I will have to get them organised and made soon for the shop.
I also have my alpaca and sock wool to pop up on the shop today. Its starting to look full in there just hoping to get some sales real soon with the variety I am getting.
With all the motor sports I watch only V8s is on today!! No Moto..No Superbies..No F1...shocking..would think I would have more! lol
I have almost finished up the hat order I have. Just gotta run crochet around the edge of the earflap hat and do the i-cord dangles from the bottom of the flaps (get your mind out of the gutter people!!)..And then that order is done :) I have really enjoyed doing it too. And its given me some ideas for my shop I think I will have to do too.
I havent touched the socks I am knitting for several days mind you. I really have to hit those and get them done so I can send the pair off for birthday pressie real soon.
For those of you not in the know..Its my 30th birthday in 3 days!! No I dont have anything big planned..we arent 100% sure if Adam is working or not..Hoping to get lunch out with him though..Will be interesting to see what pressies I get..I have no idea what to tell people so when asked I was saying "I dont know!" Pandora bracelet pieces or wool or gift vouchers to book shop..I really have no idea! But I guess I will find out soon though..lol
The day before my birthday is my younger sisters birthday..and 3 days after my birthday is one of my good friends birthday (seeing her Tuesday to swap pressies)...So its a birthday filled month...Got part of my sisters present..Still have to work out the rest of it though..damn it..Why is it as we get older some people get harder to buy for?
For your viewing pleasure. I am listing these today I hope. My alpaca in Pitter..and in Patter. One skein of each will be listed (this is enough to do an adults beanie).
Alpaca 8ply (DK) in Pitter.

Alpaca 8ply (DK) in Patter

Okies folks..This earflap hat and those socks arent going to knit themselves! Catch you later! Happy knitting..Hope you all had a great weekend


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Thursday, 17 April 2008

colour me a rainbow

OK so I have more piccies for you!!! I have done 2 of the three ordered beanies/hats. And I have heaps of earrings I am going to get up on the shop before the weekend (fingers crossed) cos I want them for sale for Mother's Day.
So here we go with the piccie fest!!!

I love how this beanie turned out! How the top has taken on one of those "eye of God" things that so many of us did in primary school!!

This is the grey cable and rib beanie which I also love..I love this wool, its so soft.

And now to the earrings!!! These are all for sale unless otherwise stated..Also will include how many pairs I have of each

I have 4 pair of these silver swirly earrings.

Ok I have 2 pair of these..but they have already been snaffled up by a keen person who got to see them before the rest. I am hoping to buy more of the stones this weekend to make more to put on the shop though because they are just gorgeous.

blue mother of pearl earrings..I have 2 pair of these for sale when they go up.

I have 2 pair of these for sale for the shop too when they go up. pretty red flower earrings.

pretty purple stones. I had 2 pair of these but now only have 1 pair. same person who got the green ones ;)

Little black mother of pearl earrings. they are really pretty. and I am thinking I might have a bugger of a time getting a good pic of these. there is 2 pair.

Rose Quartz hearts. I only have a single pair of these errings.

Purple mother of pearl earrings. I only have 1 pair of these.

2 necklaces with leather straps. For the life of me I cant remember what they said this was. Will have to ask when I go back there this weekend.

So if anyone is interested in any of these let me know and I can either do them as a reserve listing on Etsy for you. Or if you are Aussie you can let me know and I will send you bank details to pay for them .

Okies..I best be off..I have an ordered earflap hat I should be knitting!

Hope you all have a great weekend!


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Saturday, 12 April 2008


Okies here is two of the things I promised piccies that I took today. Still havent taken pics of my prize from Vicki's competition yet or the wool I have dyed up.

Firstly is the birthday Fetchings. I love this blend. Its so soft and lovely knitted up and really looks good. It's Holiday Wool Rich Tweed. 85% wool 15% viscose. I really hope the birthday girl when she gets them likes them. I hope she likes the colour and the feel and gets lots of use out of them this winter. (fuzzy pic is true colour of wool blend).

Second is the baby pants I plan on selling on Etsy. Also made from the same Holiday Wool Rich Tweed (different dyelot though.).

I so love this wool blend. I have a lot left (I got like 16 balls of it over 3 different dyelots). I plan on doing a jumper and maybe a few other things out of it for my shop.

The hell I had with the different dyelots though! Silly me didnt think when I was finishing up the first pant leg and just grabbed a ball and finished it..it looked like it matched in the artifical light of the night. The next morning after doing 11 rows of the second half the pants I took a closer look at the first leg...OH NO!! in natural light the bottom part of the first leg was TOTALLY different!! There is a HUGE difference between the two dyelots!! So I had to rip back the second leg and grab the right dyelot (there is more this but I cant bring myself to go into it..sad ripping back and starting again a THIRD time was involved). Then when I got the second leg finished (all the correct colour) I ripped back the bottom of the first leg and fixed that. I was smart enough to check and make sure the dyelots was all correct for the second fetching before casting it on so I didnt have to worry to much there (only had to redo the cast on).

I have now gone through all the wool and put them together in correct dyelots so I dont have to worry so much next time I wish to do somthing with this blend.

I have cast on a few things and have a few more to do. I have cast on a birthday pair of socks that need to be done by mid May (well..probably more like BEGINNING of May because they have to travel to the other side of the world for the birthday boy, who requested them!!).

I also have an order for THREE beanies!! One of which I have to dye the wool up for. All three are different kinds so its not going to be boring (and all adults)! they are listed below
  1. Hand dyed Opal colourway plain beanie
  2. Marl Grey cable and ribbed beanie
  3. Mid Blue earflap hat (which is actually a gift for the ordered persons friend)

So I have to get busy and get knitting and dyeing and its a good thing the weather has cooled down enough to be doing all this! lol

Okies I better be off to do some of this work. Happy knitting all and have a great weekend!


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Thursday, 10 April 2008

YAY cold weather is good

Well this cooling weather has been great for my knitting! I have fully finished the Birthday Fetchings :) I have also fully knitted a pair of baby pants which I love!! I have no pics at the moment though. Might get time to do it tomorrow though. Will depend in the weather and things.

I also have been working on a baby hats I am designing. But I have to fix up a little mistake in the first one that I am either going to rip back or just knit a whole new one.

Had a meeting with Harleys teacher today. She is doing better but is still a little behind. But then, she IS the youngest in her class. She is better at maths then at spelling and reading (so she takes after Adam then). But that doesnt surprise me because the side of her brain that has seizures is the reading/spelling side.

The shop has a bit more stuff in it. And I have more wool/alpaca to list (as well as the baby pants and I hope a few more knits by the end of the weekend).

I also got my prize from Vicki today!! Likie a lot :) will show pics of that too when i get others piccies done..

okies..Dinner is ready! Happy knitting all! Will hopefully get pics to you soon of the things I have finished. Enjoy your weekend (moto weekend for me!!! GOOOO CASEY!!)


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Saturday, 5 April 2008

Busy Bee

Okies so I have been a good girl today!

I have been working on the birthday Fetching and hoping to get the first one finished up today. I like how they look. I really hope the person getting them likes how they look and feel.

I have also been dyeing up yarn for the shop, myself and an order. 900g of wool and alpaca has been dyed up today.

So after 400g of alpaca (200g of which is an order and 200g for the shop), 100g of 8ply pure wool (which is mine) and 400g of sock wool (all for the shop).

Yesterday I put up 5 children's beanies into the Shop for sale. Its starting to look little healthier in there. Hoping to get the wool and alpaca up by end of next week. Aiming to get maybe some more knitwear up there too that I am designing and working on.

Have done dinner for tonight in slow cooker that way it can cook and I can do other things. Adam is home for dinner for the first time in ages, no poker...no work. So dinner tonight is a family thing..yay.

Ok folks..Have a great weekend...Happy knitting!!


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Thursday, 3 April 2008


Has anyone else read THIS?

follow up. "he" has admitted to being born a she but had a penis attached later but kept the womb..

there goes my idea of making adam carry a child if we have another...LMAO..

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