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Saturday, 29 March 2008

Done a lot

In the past 2 years I think I have come a long way with knitting and knitting related things.

Yesterday I achieved a new milestone when I finally listed 2 of my designed patterns on to my etsy shop..and on ravelry became a designer and a yarnie.

Its a great feeling to get it out there. And hope like hell it sells. I am still working on a few other designs and I have more knitted items to list. But the shop is starting to look a little healthier again. And yesterday I sold a skein of sock wool so thats a bonus.

Suppose those lazy ones who cant be bother clicking the links want to see the pattern I just finished designing and put up on etsy? Its my girls socks I have been working on for several months. I got it test knitted. And I hope it sells well. I think they are very pretty. And its hard to find good fancy girls sock patterns at times. They are called Little Mermaid Socks..The pattern is like an upside down mermaid tail. It goes up to 10yo though you could make it for older I am sure by going up to the next needle size.

Pictured here in my colourway Pansy. I like how they look. My test knitter did hers in a solid yellow and they look great :)

Harley loves them which is good cos they were knitted for her..and Rachelle wants a pair (though I have told her my next designed socks will be in her size).

The weather has become autumn!! Lovely rain..cool weather..perfect..I am in such a knitting mood its great :)

VERY glad the girls go back from easter break next week..They are driving me CRAZY!!!! constantly fighting..doing everything we tell them NOT to!! I swear they are just testing limits to see how long it takes for my head to explode.

Moto this weekend yay for me!! The sadness of my fave superbike rider retiring end of this year has turned into a happy event with the knowledge that he is coming HOME (Aussie boy)..and aiming to head into V8 driving (which comes to Tassie)..so there is still a chance I can see him :)

Okies folks..off to do some things then sit down to knit a bit..have a great weekend!!

Happy knitting


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Wednesday, 26 March 2008


Well another Easter is over. And yes for those who are wondering I got the little Easter Bunnies finished for the girls to give to their friends (pics are on ravelry, one has been there a week other one was added today). For those without Ravelry, here is the pics below of the two Easter Rabbits.

Harleys Friends Easter

Rachelles friends Easter Bunny

I will also included a piccie of my smooshie fetching hand warmers, and remind myself that I have to make the pair for Demz for her birthday, as well as...ooh I was going to knit her something else, now what was it? Bugger..LOL

I won a competition on Vicki's blog for guessing how many strands were left over after she weaved the edges away on a striped cardigan. I was the closest, but a little over. Still won..Cant wait to see what I get!! Very exciting!!

I have listed some more wool on the Etsy shop. And when I get this sock finished and pic taken for the pattern, I will have a childs sock pattern up for sale too! Stay tuned! Gonna work on it today to aim to be finished tomorrow (terribly slack, my test knitter has already finished hers!!)..

The weather has finally become autumn like!! With rain and cold weather sometimes..and a little thunderstorms!! its been great! Good knitting time if I was getting some done..sigh.

Okies folks! Enjoy the rest of your week! Catch you later, am off to knit and get this sock finished as soon as I can!


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Friday, 14 March 2008

A different view

While still knitting (from need more then anything else) I have been working on a different angle for my shop. The pattern design side.

I finished up one childs sock I had been working on for months. Just now have to get the second done and toss it out to test knitters (I have 2 though one might by now be out of action for a few months). Then make the whole pattern with pics pretty and put it up for sale.

I have another 1 pattern I need to knit again to get better pics for the pattern to sell...1 more pattern that I have to redo the whole thing and actually write it out this time so I can sell that. 2 patterns in the works (being knit and write as i go)...and one that i have notes down for but yet to start and see how it goes. So for those too lazy to count...That is 6 patterns. I also have my riblet socks and another childs pair of socks I am probably going to put up to sell (but lower price then the rest cos they are basic patterns..that or leave them still as my freebies still yet to decide).

I sat and counted my sock wool the other day..Just to see how many socks i can make....Was a little shocked when I came up with the numbers 50 adult pair and 10 children pair!! YIKES!! Adam now asks me if i NEED more sock yarn if he catches me looking at it...

My stash enhancing has gotten impressive too. Been doing a bit of it the past few months. Those of you who remember over the past few years those pics of how big my stash was and was in a little awe..Well my dears...its BIGGER now...I think..its time to start using some of it. Getting some things knitted up for friends, family and shop...MAYBE not buying more wool unless its on super sale or I need it for something I am knitting (and not need as in yep i want to knit that but i dont like THAT purple I am gonna NEED a new one...i mean oh no I dont have this colour for a few stripes in a jumper and no other will do I better go buy a ball or two...or I have an order and nothing enough in that colour they want I better go buy some).

I know I have been on these Stash busting diets before..And I stuck to them for awhile..Until the summer wool sales started..So now its time to head back to them again since its now Autumn and the huge sales SHOULD be over ;)

The girls primary school is having its Easter Fair on today...Hoping that is fun to go to..

Speaking of Easter..You all should remember the evil Chrissie toy knitting..Well I decided that I will knit one each for the girls to give to their bestest friends at school for this easter (a bunny each in overalls)...Well...I have on one bunny 2 legs and a body...nothing more..and havent even started the other one..i think..I might have burnt out with the toys over Chrissie..But I still have a little longer...only 2 toys I SHOULD be able to get them done if I try...Thing is do I want to try

I have had a small private wool sale recently...And the alpaca is now up on my shop..Still got to get measurements of knitwear to get them up. Its just finding time to do it..

The weather has been horribly un-Autumn like here of late. Very mean of it. Hoping the nice cool weather kicks back in real soon.

I have put a request into the higher powers for another 36hrs a day so I can work more on my knitting things..I am yet to hear back from them..What do you think my chances are they will grant me my request??

I knitted myself some Fetching hand warmers the other week (sorry if I just made you either choke on your drink or fall off your chair. Yes I did say KNIT FOR ME)...I did it when the weather was coolish thinking I would be able to wear them a bit...Then the damn weather warmed up!! I made them in Zhivago steel blue..LOVE them...Though they arent as fitted as I might have liked..It dawned on me that if I didnt knit things for myself that NO ONE else was going to (except my secret santa each year through my knitting group)...So I also have a pair of socks 1/4 made (up to heel flap on the first one) on the go for me too..

I have decided that I will knit a pair of fetching handwarmers for my friends birthday who is a few days after mine. She has to walk every day to get her kids from school even in winter..So I am sure she will love a little extra warmth while pushing her youngest in his stroller.

Will have to get a few pics organised of things (like the fetching handwarmers and my girls new hair colours). And get them up for you all next time.

The Crusty Demons show was good. A little disappointing in places (do they HONESTLY think that real fans will get overly excited about the WHIP??? And people please the backflip is basic all riders of their level should be able to do it so dont expect me to cheer loudly at it)..The impressive thing was the double backflip (which I was really looking forward to)..DAMN that was good...As for the "crusty babes" well...they might not be so crusty if they learnt to dance...

Happy knitting all and have a great weekend!!!


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