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Saturday, 1 November 2008

Worst then that its DEAD Jim...

I am muchly in a DISPLEASED state today. My laptop (less then a year old) decided today would be a good day to go tits up (die for those non-Aussies). I am having to take it back to Hardly Normal (Harvey Norman) I think then have to wait the ATLEAST 2 weeks for their idiot to ferret around with it (he better not lose my precious pics or I will show him where my boot can go) before I get it back.

This all wouldn't be half as bad if (a) I had at least EMAILED myself those precious pics to keep safe or (b) the desktop computer wasn't slower then a half dead turtle...Also doesn't help that the computer chair causes me neck pains. sigh..

I am getting over a cold too. So snot and sore nose are my friends at the moment.

I would have pics for you..but those are on lappy (see my problem??)...And I either FORGOT to take pics of parcelled off order (lovely blue/orange Vintage Hues Jumper size 2/3) or they are secret Chrissie knitting (never easy to take pics with spying eyes around).

I have this month to get my Secret Santa knitting done in for my Ravelry knitting group. I have worked out what I will be making (good start) I have to work out WHAT yarn I will be making it in (harder effort) then I have to knit the bugger (even HARDER still with lappy dead and I usually sit with pattern in front of me knitting on lappy)...

I have designed a new hat for the etsy shop to sell (now I cant blame dead lappy for no pics of this..cos .....I havent taken any yet)...I hope it sells well. I love it (another evil case of WHY DON'T HATS LOOK GOOD ON ME???? cos if they did I would knit myself a million!).

I have put my etsy shop on facebook.
I am on facebook (have been for awhile) for any of you that care to add me look for Katt Walker (glasses booby looking chick with dark hair) include a note saying I sent you from my blog otherwise I might just ignore your invite. I also have my etsy shop on facebook. If you want to become a fan of that just click HERE (or even to just have a look).

Okies folks..best be off..Have knitting that won't do itself (I swear the knitting fairies are on strike like the housework ones...I need to stomp on their union boss)...All wish me luck that letting the battery run dead then recharging it MIGHT save my lappy (I WILL email myself those pics if it does save it!!)...

Happy Knitting all!!


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  • At 10:34 pm, Blogger Bugsy said…

    Technology sucks. I hope it returns to you soon with everything intact and works better (i know - that is a lot to ask huh).

    Keep knitting - stop talking - just knit!

    word verification for this post is "symate" - should i read that as "*sigh* mate!" ?

  • At 11:51 pm, Anonymous 2paw said…

    You poor thing. Computer boogelliness AND a cold. You and me, we're bith of the look weird in a hat persuasion!! It isn't fair.
    Oh, hope to see the new hat soon!!
    Good luck with the fairies!!
    I have saved some of my photos in hyperspace on Picasa 3.

  • At 2:24 am, Blogger Dandy said…

    bugger about the laptop... hey and tits up is used here too... altho I haven't heard it since I partied with Nancy in high school...lol... can't wait to see the new hat you designed.


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