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Tuesday, 25 November 2008

So close

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas..1 month away a lot like to be exact!!!

I can proudly say all my Secret Chrissie knitting is fully finished!! I am glad to have them all done over a week early so I can kick back now and concentrate on Chrissie knitting that needs to be done before Christmas.

I have also done some other knitting so I do have some piccies to show you all.

So they are my two new Berets for sales. And get this..THEY SUIT ME!!! Especially the black/white/purple one! Which makes it even better that I have enough wool left to knit myself one for next winter!! Whoohooo!! Never thought I would find a hat that suited me, and it makes me laugh that its a beret.

I have finally had to start taking medication for my hayfever as today it was totally driving me insane. It worked which is good. Lets hope I dont have to take too many more of them this season.

Okies all just a short one for me for today. I have to start on my Chrissie pressie for my father!

Happy knitting! Be good all!


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  • At 4:15 am, Blogger Karen said…

    Love the hats. And congratulations on getting your Secret Knitting done so quickly!!

  • At 7:09 am, Anonymous 2paw said…

    You lucky hat person you!! Glad to hear the allergies might be under control!!

  • At 8:14 am, Blogger amanda j said…

    Poor thing with the hayfever.

    Your hats are gorgeous. I love the purple/black one too. We've got a long hot summer to get through first though.

    You keep making me panic about Christmas!

  • At 8:46 am, Blogger sue said…

    See all that hard work paid off, now you have time to knit what you would like. Love both the hats and the second one looks great in the changing colors.


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