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Monday, 3 November 2008

Small Bonus

Small bonus of lappy being dead is I am able to post on my blog more often. SO here I am again today! lol

Lappy still hasn't been taken in because Sunday Adam went to work before the shop opened and got home from work after the shop closed. Today its a public holiday here. Another thing is we are gonna try something first (recovery of Vista) BEFORE we take it in and have the bugger of a thing missing for weeks.

I have picces now of recent finished hats. They will follow. I plan on making them with different colours, different blends (or even just pure wool). See how they go. These ones are made out of the lovely Patons Jet.

I have also made a new banner for my Etsy shop. Please go have a lookie..Let me know honestly what you think of it. I tossed it together in like 15-20mins. I just wanted to get rid of the old one!! It has been bugging me for MONTHS!! I might change it over in a few weeks, or months or whenever, depends on my mood. I also today tossed together 3 for a friend of mine who has an Etsy shop and said she has no banner. She hasn't checked her email yet, I hope she likes them!! :)

My cold is playing around getting better or worse, it hasn't made up its mind. I hope it plans on GOING AWAY!!

Weather has been all over the place here of late (which probably is why the cold hasn't gone). I like it..I want it to stay lovely cold weather for longer!! not looking forward to horrid summer.

Moto and Superbikes have finished for another year. Troy Bayliss has retired now from racing, left with a fantastic double win after pole position. I'm happy he has retired mostly in one piece (minus most a little finger).

Going through my mammoth stash today I actually surprised myself with how much Vintage Hues I actually have!! Even after ALL the knitting I have done. I was able to find 108 UNTOUCHED balls!!!! Yes you read right..108 balls that I haven't even started yet. I have several partially started balls..and LOTS of used balls with many knits. I have worked out I would have bought/swapped about 150 balls of Cleckheatons Vintage Hues over all 5 colours they have. I have decided I won't be buying anymore unless Cleckheatons comes out with a new colourway next season (or I actually run out and NEED to buy more knitting).

I am also going to try and NOT buy anymore yarn and try and work my way through my stash. I will try and aim to use 1kg before i consider buying more (now this is where I say I WILL buy yarns for orders!! Be it yarn to hand dye or to knit). Think I can make it? I have fallen off MANY yarn diets of late..I will work 1kg at a time and let you know how I go..Would be easy if it wasn't for the fact I am knitting such LITTLE things at the moment!! If I was knitting jumpers it would be a different story!

My Secret Chrissie Knitting has been going well I am mostly finished with my set Group Knitting pressie. Pretty sure I have picked the yarn for my Secret Santa knitting too. Will have to test knit see if its the right gauge (no I DON'T mean swatch!!) and go from there.

Happy knitting all! And enjoy your week


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  • At 9:24 pm, Blogger sue said…

    The hats look great. Hope you feel better soon too. I cant believe 108 balls, twice as much as my sock yarn collection. Perhaps just one colorway at a time would be better for you wouldnt it.

  • At 10:05 pm, Anonymous 2paw said…

    Ha!! If there is more VH on sale you will SNAP it up!!!
    Nice hats indeed. Hope the reinstall might work. Is your cold better???


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