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Monday, 1 September 2008

That time of year again!!

It was that time of year again over the weekend!!! Aussie Superbikes hit Tassie again! We haven't watched it all season but there was NO WAY we were going to miss going to it! The sounds of bikes roaring around the track (I itch to go watch Moto or World Superbikes at Phillip Island). There was ONE Ducati among all the rest in the Main Superbikes (there were others in other levels mind you)..and you could tell when this BEAST was approaching you...DAMN I love the sound of Ducatis!!! I fell in love with them all over again! The weather mostly held up well for the event. Windy as hell at times but the sun was mostly there and warm (when the wind wasn't up). Only a little rain in the Sunday.

someone did their street bike up to look like Troy Bayliss race ducati (love this I want one!!)

Ok..if you made it this far past the ramblings of Bikes you have done well.

Thursday last week an indoor kids play area did something with the local radio station to raise money for the children's ward in our local hospital. Having had both our girls there due to illness (mostly with Harley and her epilepsy) we know how boring it can get for kids (they were raising money to buy fun things so kids don't get bored). So off we went to give money. The girls had GREAT fun (as you can see above Harley climbing the wall, she is right near the top there). It was a late night for them but they loved it!!

I have been knitting, I have even been finishing projects. I just don't have any pics to show you of knitting yet (haven't taken any, the battery is flat on the Digi Cam and we haven't fixed that little problem yet).

I finished Rachelle's shrug of doom, I swear this thing took FOREVER!!! I honestly don't know why it took so long!! And I have made mental notes before I cast on Harley's to make the hood deeper in the hoodie (its not deep enough in Rachelle's but looks good anyway). I am debating making a little tie up for Rachelle's cos its a loose fit (its for her for a few years) and keeps falling off her shoulders (the hood probably pulls it down). At the moment I am keeping it closed at the top with a Kilt Pin.

I have also finished a Vintage Hues (you didn't think there would be a post without mentioning that wool did you? lol I am not hired by them to mention them every chance I get honest!!) jumper for the Etsy Shop. I have sleeves to do on two more then I will have 3 to list. I am working on the sleeves for one of them now (hoping to get finished today).

And lastly I have finished the bamboo/wool baby jumper in my hand dyed rainbow colourway. its gorgeous and soooo soft!!! (it's another one for the etsy shop). This was one of my LIST items (yes I know I haven't mentioned the list in ages. Will next post). Glad to get something off it finished.

Well today is the first day of spring for Australia. And even though all last week we had lovely spring weather...the first REAL day..Is crappy winter weather!!! That's Tassie for you!

With all the misbehaving of my Blog with the Lappy (yes folks its STILL doing it..Adam has to send me the posting page from the desktop so I can post still) I totall missed my 4year blogiversary back in June! Oh well...will hopefully get it next year for my 5th one and do a prize up for that.

My stash is still having mad cases of explosions too!! I really must STOP buying!! I am out of room to store it all in the boxes (almost to the roof) that I have!! I must start knitting more and buying less, before Adam disowns me!! Mind you at least I can say my stash enhancing will either clothe a family member/friends child or make us money..He cannot say the same about his PS3 games!!

Ok think that's everything for this time. Hope everyone had a great weekend!! Til next time (I hope with knitting content pics..All pics here were done with Mobile Phones).

Happy Knitting!!!


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  • At 10:12 pm, Blogger Bugsy said…

    I reckon you need to say "no more stash enhancement until i have emptied one whole box" - there is a challenge for you!. Glad the girls had fun at the charity night thingy. Bet the bikes were fun.

    You better have knitting pics too next time or I am going to stop loving you. lol (only kidding - how could i stop loving you?)

  • At 10:17 am, Blogger Karen said…

    Sounds like a great weekend!! :) Glad you had such fun. I loved hearing about the charity too - what a great idea and a great cause. Sounds like you've been knitting up a storm . . . as usual. :) Happy Spring!!

  • At 2:01 pm, Blogger Kate said…

    Didn't realise about H.'s epilepsy. My 12yo nephew has it too. We were hoping he'd be able to wean off epilim but he couldn't make it past the very lowest dose and so he's still on it. Boring! Looking forward to photos soon!


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