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Saturday, 19 July 2008


Does anyone know of a cure for startitis? My UFO list which had gotten down to 5 items..Is now back up to 7 items. Though 2 of them are only little things that I could get finished in a day each item.

I have to start my ordered item for Demz. And then there is the two beret I want to make my girls matching their jumpers. The list goes on and on!! It really never does end does it?

Adam is off at the state poker final today. I hope he does well. He has made it to the first break so that's a good sign. Down side is I am left with the girls all day!!! No transport to go anywhere. They are behaving though (unlike the last few state finals Adam has been to).

On the UFO front. I am further through a few of my items I have on the list.

The "A Star Is Born" girls jumper now has the back fully done.

I got the baby jumper that wasnt on list but I started up to needing just the sleeves done (and then the collar).

Oooh a dear friend of mine decided my yarn diet needed to be ruined more. I got an sms (text message) from her earlier this week. Telling me about this HUGE yarn sale on up in her state. She tempted me with colours and prices and I was weak..WEAK I tell you!!! Soooo it ends up I have 75 balls of pure wool on the way (in 4 colours)...And at a great bargain price of about 77c a ball (including dividing up postage costs)!! Its in the mail. And I am soooo looking forward to getting it. Now I just need to grow another 2 sets of arms so I can get through HALF of the yarn I have in my stash and half my list of things I want to knit! Not even sure if this new wool is going to fit in the new yarn box I got..lol

No piccies today. Though I do need to take pics of a hat I finished. My aim today is to get the Handwarmer I have on the needles done (got one fully knitted one to go) or maybe work on the ordered socks I NEED to get finished..That might be a good idea too!! Tomorrow I will start the ordered jumper by Demz.

Hope you all have a great weekend!! Happy Knitting!!!!!!!!!!


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  • At 4:42 pm, Anonymous 2paw said…

    I am surprised there is any room left in your house to move, what with all the wool you've bought lately!!!!

  • At 8:42 pm, Blogger Kate said…

    Solution for startitis is to start every day with this mantra:

    "Hello, my name is Katt, and I am a project polygamist."

    Guess who's been watching Big Love?!

  • At 8:59 pm, Blogger Kate_knits_a_bit said…

    Katt, you are a knitting powerhouse, and all powerhouses require a range of systems and materials in order to produce the goods, so your startitis is simply the natural state of productive creativity that is Powerhouse Katt Pty Ltd.
    (me, I'm more like the engine on a Victa)


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