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Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Grand erruption of a UFO nature.

Well I should be able to tell you all with great work over the past month of my 9 items big UFO list I had finally gotten it down to 4 back on the 20th of this month..SADLY with the mad highly infectious case of Startitis..I think I am back up around the 8-9 mark again!! *sighs*

Lets take a look at the damage shall we. NEW list needed I think (public shaming again!!)

  1. Baby raglan jumper (just the sleeves to knit)
  2. Hat to match baby raglan jumper (almost half way)
  3. Cable and Rib kids jumper (still have to do the sleeves on this one)
  4. Childs vest (still to finish the shaping of front and back chest area and all the extra to go with)
  5. A Star Is Born girls jumper (finished the back, so about 1/4 way there)
  6. Ribbed handwarmers (1 down 1 to go)
  7. Ordered Vintage Hues childs jumper (just started this last night not far through)
  8. Buttons wool socks for Harley (almost 1/2 way through first one)

I refuse to think any harder to see if I can find a 9th one cos I really dont want to know!! lol

If I put 3 days aside I could get the baby hat and matching raglan jumper done as well as the other handwarmer. So I might just have to do that later in the week to remove 3 things from the list.

Anyways I have finished the ordered socks!!! I am so glad to have them done and out of my hair! Now I am just waiting to be paid for them so I can ship them off.

I will be eagerly starting to watch my mailbox soon in ready for all my lovely yarn diet ruining wool to turn up from the mainland. I am like a kid waiting for Christmas waiting for it to turn up.

OKies i better go. I have knitting group starting in 30mins better make sure I got all I need packed :)

Happy knitting all!!


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  • At 7:50 pm, Blogger sue said…

    Lots of knitting going on your way. I dont like to list my UFO's too often as it makes me feel guilty. I have been trying to get the ones out of the basket that sits next to the couch done first, then I will worry about others that have been long forgotten.

  • At 8:15 pm, Blogger Bugsy said…


    more startitis? You gotta get some anti-biotics or something for that. Is it catchy? Hope you aren't infectious lol.


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