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Wednesday, 2 July 2008

churning them out

Well I am churning through my UFO list!! I have finished another 2 items off it bringing it down from the original shameful 9 to a much better 5.

Even those 5 left to do 3 of them I have worked on heaps and gotten them closer to being finished. The two items I have not touched since starting this grand UFO attack have been the Cable and Ribbed jumper (just the sleeves) and the Girls A Star Is Born jumper. (still only a little on the back done).

So lets look at the old UFO list then the cleaned up NEW UFO list.

  1. ordered beanie (almost up to the shaping then its done)

  2. fetching handwarmers (just the thumbs to be done on both)
  3. baby brim hat to match pants for sale (up to the shaping)
  4. ordered 8ply socks (onto foot of first one)
  5. cable and rib jumper (just needs both sleeves and seaming and collar)
  6. charity scarf (only about 1/3 of the way through)
  7. raglan child jumper (doing the body which is in the round only about 1/3 of the way up)
  8. childs vest (not far through this at all also doing in the round)
  9. girls verson of the Star is Born jumper (part way up back)


  1. Order 8ply socks (1 complete 1 to go)
  2. cable and rib jumper (just needs both sleeves and seaming and collar)
  3. raglan child jumper (just the sleeves sew them in and collar to go)
  4. childs vest (just finish front/back shaping for armholes, do armhole edge and do the hood)
  5. girls verson of the Star is Born jumper (part way up back)

So I am half way through the Vest and two of the three jumpers, i am also half way through the socks. Feeling MUCH better about the list now. 5 is much more appealing moreso when the things on them are all almost half done.

I am really glad to get the charity scarf finished. Its a weight off my mind for many reasons (one being I HATE knitting scarves).

Little hat to match denim tweed baby pants for sale in the shop.

Above is the lil she devil hat I made for two of my poker friends little baby to be (later this year she is born). I really hope they like it.. Its going to be a total surprise for them both (as well as the little things I have bought and sent as well).

I havent been feeling 100% since last night. Hoping its nothing but guess I will wait it out

Last week I went out 2 nights in a row (ok so one was just to a friends place while Adam was off playing poker) Thursday we actually used a baby sitter and Adam and I went out alone without the girls!!! it was going. Going to do it again this Friday.

My blog and net connection are still being right buggers. And it seems its also disconnecting the desktop computer too. SIGH...Wonder why its doing this?

Okies that was a bit more of an update for you..Now off to put these things in Rav and then list some things in the shop to sell :)

Happy knitting!!


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  • At 5:47 pm, Anonymous 2paw said…

    The rain does weird things to my internet: lots of rain=lots of boogelliness!

    Well done on your list. Scarf?? What scarf!!! Hate my scarf!!

    Glad you had a night out on the town!!!

  • At 10:32 pm, Anonymous Holly said…

    that is super. I am also cranking down the list, but have not made that kind of progress. My list is shorter, but has some pretty complicated projects - the kind that can only be knit at home with concentration.

  • At 10:55 pm, Blogger sue said…

    It does seem that you are achieving so much knitting lately. It must be the cold weather. Love the colors in the scarf and the tweed hat is so cute. I hope you sell them. Good on you for having a night out too, perhaps I should do that soon too.

  • At 5:06 am, Blogger Lynne said…

    Good going on the FO list! You are cranking them out.

  • At 10:40 am, Blogger Jen said…

    Love the colors on the charity scarf! Scarves aren't my favorite thing either, but it turned out nice.

  • At 12:05 pm, Blogger amanda j said…

    I had better revisit my list of UFOs from some time ago. You sure are cranking them out!

    Gorgeous hats!

    Lucky you getting out with Adam. We were just saying we haven't been out for ages! I should book a night and go for it!

  • At 11:26 pm, Blogger Rachel said…

    Wow, you are just your own little AUssie sweat shop! I admire how quickly you work and how wonderful all of you things look! Good for you!

  • At 4:04 pm, Blogger Bugsy said…

    You are really churning them out hun. How is the new list looking?


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