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Friday, 30 May 2008

a star is born

Ok so those promised pics will follow on this post!

I have finished up 3 things for the eshop (2 are already listed all three are now in my ravelry).
Its good to have several things finished up but I have a million and one things I still need to do! I have orders coming out my ears for both wool and knitwear (though none through the etsy shop!).
Okies to the piccies! Firstly we will start with the baby socks (3-6mths) in my new colourway (Pink Grapefruit). I plan on dyeing up some of this soon to sell :)

I love this new colourway :) and I have enough of the little ball of wool I dyed to make another little pair of socks to sell too!!
Next up is the camo chunky beanie that I finished at knitting group Tuesday. I sold one of these in shop late last year.

And lastly what I finished up tonight. I started this almost 3 weeks ago on a Saturday, I needed something easy to carry to the ravelry knitting group I was going to so I started this. Tomorrow we are having second get together of the ravelry knitting group so I want to take this to show all. And YES the aqua is meant to be marbled looking. Thats how I dyed it :)

Toddler size 1-2 raglan star jumper.

Okies that is all three things to show off to you :) Will have to take better piccies before listing that jumper they are all from artifical lighting tonight using camera flash so the burgundy isnt as dark and the star is a little darker..lol

Happy knitting all and have a great weekend!!


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  • At 3:55 am, Blogger Karen said…

    Wow, great knits. That sweater with the star is so cute!!

  • At 7:47 am, Blogger Jen said…

    I LOVE the new colorway! That is beautiful! Very nice work on the knits too. :)

  • At 10:23 am, Blogger sue said…

    The star sweater looks great, and I love the marbled effect too. Cute cute cute baby socks.

  • At 2:46 pm, Blogger Bugsy said…

    Oh look at all the pwetty things! ;) Love them all. The marbled effect on the star is amazing - just love it. The little socklets are so cute in that new colorway - cool name! lol

  • At 7:34 pm, Blogger Leeanne said…

    Katt, I love the jumper how cute. The socks are cute too.

  • At 10:59 pm, Anonymous 2paw said…

    I love the jumper, the star is so beautiful!!! The hat was scrumptious and the tiny socks so cute. The wool MrsDrWho bought is knitting up beautifully wth excellent pooling!! Fantastic work!!!

  • At 10:59 am, Blogger Kate_knits_a_bit said…

    Those socklings are v v cute! And I do like the funky star jumper!!

  • At 1:07 am, Blogger Dandy said…

    those little socks are adorable Kate... and the colorway is great!!!


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