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Friday, 2 May 2008

its rainging, its pouring

My lovely rain has arrived!! I love rain (as long as its not flash flood rain)...

Knitting is progressing well! Though the list has changed a bit (well..been added too..evil startitis).

  1. Ribbed socks 1/2 done
  2. St St adult socks 1/4 done
  3. Baby pants 6-12mths 1/3 done
  4. Cable and ribbed child jumper 1/2 done
  5. Baby hat for shop (surprise design) 2/3 done
  6. Baby hat for shop (yet to decided on finished design fully) 3/4 done

I have also finished the ordered earflap hat that finishes up my whole order for someone. Just have to take a good piccie of it and get it in the mail :)

Adam the bugger has given me his cold he has I think. Either that or I just have a slightly sore throat for my own amusement! Hoping it doesnt turn into full cold, will slow my knitting down.

Needing to dye up some more sock wool for the shop too. And get a good day to take more piccies of the earrings I have waiting to list. Need to work the necklaces out and bracelets and get pics of them and get them listed too. I need more time in my day..and like..an hour of nice weather for pics then I should be right for a little longer.

I have had a few more sales on the shop though which is good. And a happy customer who got her earrings yesterday :) Just hope all the wool I have sent out i the past 2 weeks made it there safely too..Havent heard otherwise so assume it has.

Thats all for today :) a little catch up for you all.. Going to go eat my lunch now and have a coffee. Hopefully there will be piccies next time for you all.

Happy knitting


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  • At 7:49 pm, Blogger sue said…

    Hi Katt, the wool is beautiful and it arrived safely. The pink skein I knit into a hat for Isabelle but it is a wee bit short so I shall have to try and rip it out and add some more length. I hope you dont get a cold. Isabelle and I both have sore throats and ear infections at the moment so not much knitting has been happening.

  • At 1:20 pm, Blogger Bugsy said…

    ohh you have been busy. I don't know if you are getting that cold (I hope you don't) but you sure seem to be coming down with a bad case of startitis. hehe. Yes your customer was very happy - thank you. Sue - please send katt a piccie of your lovely finished hat - i would love to see it. Katt's wool knits up beautifully doesn't it.

  • At 9:58 pm, OpenID 1heartkn1tt1ng said…

    The weather has been lovely hasn't it? Today was quite glorious with sunshine after rain. And so Autumny!


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