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Thursday, 24 April 2008

30th birthday

Yesterday was my birthday. I got some great things (to note sock wool Adam gave me that he did a little research into before getting..and Diamond earrings from him too). Still to get some pressies..But got the best email from my dear friend Bugsy (go look at her blog to see all 3 pics and the little cute story).

Isnt Alex the cutest little munchkin you have ever seen?? That email really made my day :)

So knitting wise. Still have to finish the earflap hat, kinda come to a stalled moment with the crochet part. Gonna have to sit and look at it and see if I will need to ask help at knitting group Tuesday or if I can do it by myself.

Have decided which pair of socks I am sending my friend for his birthday too so I only now have to work on one pair not on two.

On the needles at the moment I have

  1. Ribbed adult socks 1/3 done
  2. St St adult socks 1/4 done
  3. Baby pants 6-12mths 1/3 done
  4. Cable and ribbed child jumper 1/2 done

I think thats all I have on the go. All I can think of at the moment. I would really like to get through all those knits and then start some more things with some new wool I have gotten.

I still have some wool and earrings to list on the shop. As well as now a bracelet and some necklaces. Still got heaps more to make and list.

Several people online asked me what I wanted for my birthday..The answer was simple..SALES ON MY SHOP!! So if you want to give me a birthday pressie...go buy something :) Heaps of things to pick from be it wool or knitwear or earrings..

Oh and Demz TOTALLY loved her fetchings!!!! I am so happy..she really loved the colour too :)

Okies folks..have a great week :) happy knitting all


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  • At 2:21 pm, Anonymous 2paw said…

    Happy Birthday!! Glad you had a good day, and what noce presents!!! I think this cool weather is most excellent for crafting!!!

  • At 5:43 pm, Blogger sue said…

    Happy Birthday Katt! Oh to be 30 again. I am turning 40 this year so you seem so young compared to me. It sounds like you recieved some lovely pressies too. I will have to buy some sock yarn for my mum for Mother's Day so I will have to pop in and take a look around to see what to buy for her. He is such a cute baby too, what a nice surprise.

  • At 6:40 pm, Blogger amanda j said…

    Happy birthday dear Kaaaatt! Oh, I remember 30, all those years ago (3)! Sounds like you got the spoiling you deserve!

    I would hop over and buy, but I am plum broke at the moment!

  • At 8:22 pm, Blogger Kylie said…

    Sounds like you had a great day :)I like the sound of those earrings.

  • At 11:42 pm, Blogger Dandy said…

    Hope you had a great Birthday!!!

  • At 12:12 am, Blogger Karen said…

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!!!!! Like Sue, I'm turning 40 this year too. I wish I could be 30 with you. :)

  • At 9:26 am, Blogger Bugsy said…

    I do hope you enjoyed your birthday pet. I am glad that Alex and I could brighten up your day. You sure got spoilt with the earrings and sock wool! Noice! You will have to post pictures. Keep smiling hun


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