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Tuesday, 30 October 2007


We have Ravelry!!! If you wish to add me..Search for Kattwings and you should find me!

Yet to work out how it all works..and add things..but will get there I am sure.

New sock yarn is in for me to dye up for my etsy. Sue I havent forgotten your order!! It will be the first one I do...Anyone else want to order get in now before I run out again.

Knitting..Yes..still no piccies..Sorry folks..Weather still a tad rotten (loving it) and was rather busy today to get any piccies done.

Happy Halloween to all those who celebrate it. Harleys school this year got dressed up for it. Harl made me proud by wanting to be a witch. She rather loved her outfit (they werent allowed to buy an outfit had to put one together themselves).

Okies I best get girls ready for bed..And look around my Ravelry a bit more and do some knitting..and drink some coffee..and..I honestly think my family may never see my face again..I may just be the back of a head in the corner..LOL

Happy knitting folks!!


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Sunday, 28 October 2007

Knit Knit

Well as I said last post knitting has been done, and so has some ripping.

First lets look at that list I had before I started knitting baby things for my friend.

  1. Pair of socks for Rachelle DONE DONE (and ready for next year)
  2. Cotton baby vest RIPPED RIPPED (wasn't happy with it)
  3. Chrissie pressie for knitting group (stealth)
  4. Adam's slow moving jumper

I have also made a few baby beanies (for my etsy and for friends baby). As well as some toy knitting (for my etsy and for a charity thing I am knitting for).

Piccies? uuuum..no..today is a rather ratty day outside and so haven't taken any of the knitting. Will though. Just for you all..LOL

Sales have been going well at the shop, still have some great colours available to buy. I have run out of wool to dye though and had to order more (waiting for it to come in). I have an order already waiting for when it arrives. I am enjoying it all, and hoping my knitting starts to sell too once I get more of it on there. Still have to list stitch markers and ear-rings (I am so slack) its just getting great piccies of them.

We went out to an Italian restaurant last night. Lovely. Even the kids loved their food. Though it was cut short before dessert when Adam got a call to get into work to stand in at the desk cos the person there had to do chef work. The chef quit in a huff after swearing up a storm in the kitchen where a huge group could hear him. They ran out of food. The waitress was almost in tears..Sounded like a fun night..So we got dessert there instead.

Did you know..Its UNDER TWO MONTHS TIL CHRISSIE!?!? Are you afraid? Are you ready? Are you running screaming pulling your hair out at the idea?

Anyway all. Happy knitting! Piccies next time I hope.


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Thursday, 25 October 2007

With Love

I wanted to do this post for ages. Plans never fully go as you want do they?

Those who know me well know my opinion on knitting large boring repetitive knitting.

I only ever planned on knitting 2 baby blankets in my life, one for each of my girls to use on their babies when (and if) they have them. But sometime life throws special moments at you.

A special internet friend of mine had many ups and downs (mostly downs) when it came to having a baby. After three losses of beautiful angel babies she was pregnant a fourth time. We all held our breath waiting. When she made it to second trimester we were all over joyed. And I knew this wonderful achievement called for something special.

I hunted through my stash and online for the perfect pattern. And came up withe one of the Yarn Harlots (I cant find the link but if you go far enough back you will find it, she never included a link on her sidebar). And so I cast on something that I thought I had many more years before I had to work on. And...I enjoyed EVERY moment of it. I enjoyed watching every panel of pattern grow, enjoyed feeling how lovely and soft it was, enjoyed knowing that I was making it for a very special loved little baby.

My great plan was to have the blanket finished by the time the baby was born, express post it up to the father to take in before the baby came home from hospital. All best plans come with bumps in the road, I am just VERY glad the bump was at my end of the road no Bugsys (though, she had a little bump of her own with him being early)...

I was cut down with the flu when Bugsy went into labour. Blanket had been ready for months just waiting. Smarter me would have had it packed in express bag and addressed ready to go. Not so smart me..didnt. And there was no way in hell I was going to post ANYTHING while having a house full of the flu to anyone who just had a baby (or generally anyone)..I didnt want to be responsible for that.

So weeks went by as I tried to recover enough to send it, then I did a few more things to send it all together..But finally the parcel was on its way to its loving home. And she loves it all, which I am very glad of.

I dont have any plans on doing anymore baby blankets until I have to make one each for my girls, but you never know what life throws at you. I loved this pattern and knitting it, but was that because I really enjoyed it or because I knew as it grew a very loved and very wanted baby grew too?

I hope Bugsy doesnt mind me showing you all a piccie of Alex in his little personally designed just for him colourway clothes to you all. He is the cutest baby I have seen in a long time.

Knitting has been done, finished some, ripped some. But that is another post.


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Friday, 19 October 2007

Bits and Pieces

The day after my last post (so Monday...just 4 days ago) not only did I finish up what was needed to be done on the baby jumper (sew it up and do collar) but I finished up the socks too.

Showed them to mummy of bub yesterday and she LOVED them..Very glad (msn pics shown that is)...She told me she has cast on a baby blanket for him..

Today I cast on his cargo pants...And Cathy and (blogless) Caroline would be SO proud of me I did the PERFECT center pull from the ball of wool I am using, no weird annoying clump..just the perfect end!! YAY...

Love the colour of the pants so far too, will show you those once they have progressed a bit.

But will show you the jumper and socks. Both done in Cleckheatons Merino Bambino (knitted double for the jumper).

What do you all think? I love the bright colours in the socks, and they should fit him for 2 winter season (fingers crossed) massive (will match his monster dummy) this year but hopefully perfect next year.

The weather is so strange here, all over the place in one day...No wonder I have developed a bit of a cold with a nasty chesty cough..

Listed more wool over on my Etsy Shop as well as my lovely warm headwear I knitted. Go gander...I have had a few more sales (including at my own knitting group on Tuesday) and inquiries about personal orders too..Looks like I might be finally getting some interest..Goes to show what happens when you put effort in...LOL

Still have to list stitch markers and earrings...But will get those done soon I hope.

Okies folks! Happy knitting! Off to work on baby pants...


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Sunday, 14 October 2007

Change of plans

So I had grand plans of chugging through my small list of things that I am knitting. Until I had an msn chat with a friend from across the pond (waaaaaaay across the pond). She tells me she has had a bubby..born bit earlier then planned...So I offer my services to make something for the little cutie to keep him warm for their winter to come. So I have been busy with my needles and wool. I have knitted all the pieces of a raglan jumper for him (just have to sew it up and do the neckband). And over half way through one sock for him. Plans are to finish socks...knit him a cute little cargo pair of pants..and a little beanie too. Just hope she likes them all when they are done. I love the jumper colours..and think the socks are looking gorgeous so far. Will include piccies later when i have sewn up jumper and gotten one of the socks done. Used stash wool from a few years ago for jumper...newly bought wool for socks...and planning on using wool i got a few weeks ago for the pants. As for beanie..still deciding on wool for that. All but the pants are being done in Cleckheaton Merino Bambino (100% pure soft wool). Pants..will be done in Cleckheaton Cocoon (soft 70% wool 30% nylon). Worried a little about the nylon in pants..but hoping it will be fine.

Also here is a piccie of a pair of ear rings i plan on selling on my etsy (have 3 other pair that look different to this). They are green mother of pearl. GORGEOUS...simple but elegant, I dont really like those over the top beaded ear rings..look like something a kid should wear.

What do you all think? I like them..hoping someone else does enough to but them..The ear-ring pieces is surgical steal. If you are intersted let me know and I will list them as a reserved item on my etsy for you (let me know your etsy name)...The pic is a bit dark..have to take one in better light (thats why they arent listed yet).

Okies folks. Hope you all had a great weekend! Catch you later. Happy knitting


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Thursday, 11 October 2007

Show Day and things

Today is the Launceston Show day. So after bowling this morning (got over average both games thanks for asking), we all went to the show (since its a public holiday in Launceston). Several hours later, after spending too much and will very sore feet, we all made it home to collapse. The girls are happy, Adam and I are tired and glad it is all over for another year. And we survived with good weather! Though it looks like it might rain now and the wind has picked up, glad we got in while it good still.

The evil mother in law (been awhile since I mentioned her) rang lat night. DEMANDING we go visit her today. Adam said no...We had plans and weren't changing them for her. She got huffy. Sucked in to her. WHAT sort of person expects others to drop all their plans for the day for them? Apart from my mother in law. She will live..or not talk to us..either way I dont care. Mind you she is picking the girls up for school tomorrow anyway. Adam gets to see her then.

I have made a few pair of ear rings for my etsy shop, got 5 more skeins of wool to add, have to add my stitch markers as well as some beanies I have done. But..that will be tomorrows adventure (have to take pics of wool, ear rings and stitch markers still). Today I recover from the show (and maybe dye some more wool later).

Current knitting list is

  1. pair of socks for rachelle
  2. cotton baby vest
  3. chrissie pressies for knitting group (stealth)
  4. adams slow moving jumper

Small list for now, sure it will grow some though. Thats not counting a few things sitting around on needles looking unloved. Ripped back a jumper last night that I started for Harley awhile ago, its not going to fit now even if I did finish it (yes i know it would fit Rachelle..but thats not the point..need to knit Harley a jumper). So rip it back. Start another one for her at a later date.

I got my first order on my etsy shop too!! YAY...Which has been filled and already dealt with...Hope to get more in the future thats for sure.

Okies folks..Happy knitting! Catch you all later..Too tired to add pics today.


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Monday, 8 October 2007

More More More

Have added more lovely skeins of sock wool over at my etsy shop. I also have this deal for my previous (and new) Aussie buyers who might be put off by the fact the listings are in US$....If you buy from my etsy shop, but pay by direct deposit...Pay in AUSSIE $$$$ (so the old $15 plus postage I had before I got my etsy shop). I now have 10 skeins up for sale, and another few to list over the next few days (got 5 waiting to be made pretty and a few more that needs to be dyed up).

Also been knitting up a storm. I have a friend in Finland who wants to buy chunky warm beanies from me to keep his head warm in winter. So have been knitting up a few beanies to list on my etsy shop for him to buy the ones he likes (and would love for him to suggest me to his friends to buy from me if he likes them)...

I have been making stitch markers too for the shop (have including a pic as a teaser). So check over there regularly..Its getting updated every couple of days with new things. While I go a little mad getting it to look like there is a lot there! lol

I have also been working on my Chrissie knitting pressies for my knitting group. And have a good idea on what to make for my Secret Santa and plan on getting that started very soon. Just have to sort out wool for it.

I told you all that knitting is back in me and its back with a vengance. I have been knitting like a crazy woman.

Have plans for other things to knit for the etsy shop. But they will all take time ;-)

Shesha is a little sick, it seems to be a spring thing that her croup plays up...She is on her tablets again, Harl has a bit of a cough...And Adam is already suffering hay fever (or so he says it is).....

Okies folks. Happy knitting. Hope you all had a great weekend!!

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Monday, 1 October 2007

Back in the Swing

Well it seems I am back in the swing of things with knitting.

I have finished my little gift for my blogger friend who had a little girl.

I have started knitting my gifties for my knitting group for Chrissie.

I have ALSO listed 2 more skeins of wool to my etsy shop (have also added a link to the sidebar here for easy finding for all). Go have a gander at new colours....

In the next couple of days I am planning on dying up more colourways to list too in my etsy. Gotta get back in the swing of that too. As well as take pics of some other things that I have finished (need to finish also) to list there to sell.

I am feeling good about getting back into knitting and my etsy. Both things need to be done really. I guess I just needed a bit of a break from it all. Overloaded a little. Am not doing anything HUGE to get back into but lots of little quick knit easy gratification stuff.

Oooh as a PROUD Casey Stoner fan I should really brag that Casey Stoner is the 2007 MotoGP Champion...We knew he could do it! Not bad for a 22 year old hey?

No piccies today. Digi cam batteries need recharging. But..Next time for sure.

Catch you all next time! Happy knitting


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