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Saturday, 18 August 2007

Bad me again

Wow a month since last post.

Sorry folks. I havent really been in much of a blogging or knitting mood. Havent picked up knitting needles in over a month. I really should. I guess Harley will get her jumper for next year.

I missed my 3year blogaversary. Ooops

Harley brought the Flu into our house. Nice girl she is. Came from her class (which went from 28 kids down to 12 with it)...I have moved from the flu (ok so probably still have that a little) to Broncitis (sp?) so am now on anti-biotics. I feel crappy. But will live I am sure.

My cyber sister had her beautiful baby boy! He is such a little cutie!! I so wish I was well enough to mail off the things I have for him, BUT last thing I want to do is send a virus into the house of a dear friend with a newborn. Bugsy I will send the things ASAP ok?

When I am feeling better I am hoping to pick up my knitting needles and getting back into knitting. Best be off. shoulders and back are killing me from coughing so much! Happy knitting all!


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