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Monday, 16 July 2007

Its Been Awhile

Hello folks! Its been awhile hasnt it! I didnt think it was almost a month until I checked the date of my last post! WOW...
I have been busy, though not with knitting. Hardly done any of that of late.

Friday was Rachelle's 5th birthday. She had a fantastic time. Got very spoilt. Saturday she had her birthday party. Then Sunday we went to a friends little girls party (she is a day older then Shell).

I thought I best show you Rachelle's socks I made her months ago for the Aussie Superbikes too. Since I never did show you all. Sorry its a but fuzzy.

Sue picked me for a Rockin Girl Blogger so I am gonna nominate 5 now!

  1. Sue - I love going to her blog and seeing all the gorgeous things she has knitted or sewn! She is a very talented woman. And a lovely person.
  2. Cindy - Another with the great knitting and sewing. Plus she adds yummy recipes. I love looking at piccies of her fur babies too. One of the nicest people I know.
  3. Amanda - I love going to Amanda's blog. She knits socks quicker then anyone else I know! She is funny and friendly as well.
  4. Vicki - I have known Vicki for years. She is a lovely person. Knits great things and makes me totally envious of her crocheting skills! lol
  5. Bugsy - my cyber big sister. I adore this woman to pieces. She is a great knitter and a fantastic friend. I love checking up on her pregnancy on her blog.

Now I hope these ladies can nominate 5 bloggers to accept the award too.

We are all in different stages of getting over colds in our house. Started with Rachelle, then Harley and finally Adam and I got it. So its been a month of hardly sleeping! Rachelle and Harley had back to back terrible coughs that kept waking me up for 2 weeks, then Harley got an ear infection. Sleep has become something that I daydream about! lol

Ok folks. I think that is all from me for now. I have to take piccies of the knitting I have done. I have finished Rachelle's jumper. But haven't dont Harley's. I best get onto that.

Happy knitting! Sorry again all for taking so long to post! I have so many blogs to catch up on too!


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