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Thursday, 21 June 2007

Listings and things

I am up to the sleeves on Rachelle's jumper. I have been on the sleeves for several days, and I haven't finished them. I just haven't been working on them as much as I should be. Lazy I know. I just haven't been in the mood to knit it. I finished the front and back in like 3 days and now have stalled on the sleeves. I best get back to it otherwise it will never get finished and I will never get Harley's started. These (both the girls ones) will be the biggest jumpers I have ever knitted.

I am also knitting a baby beanie for SIL's new baby..Yes..I still haven't sent the jumper off. I have gotten an jumper and a beanie for the eldest child (Z) that I have knitted and now I am knitting a beanie for baby G to they have a little outfit. I honestly don't care if she never puts them on the girls. I will just know that I have given them something and that she will have no reason to b!tc# (which I bet she is since she hast received anything yet). And to just be annoying I have included a little book for Z with a CD that plays songs (like If you're happy and you know it)...something nice and loud that I hope annoys mummy...(its a revenge thing for a gift she gave Harl when Shell was a baby).

Yesterday at KMart I picked up an inline skate set for the girls each! I was amazed to see they were down to $40 from about $70-$80 (can't remember which it was). The set comes with elbow pads, knee pads, wrist guards, skate helmet at plastic inline skates and 4 little cones to skate around. The girls are currently skating around my house practicing cos they aren't very good at it! They love it. They are Elmo ones too to make it better!

I have listed more things over on my Etsy shop for anyone who is interested. More wool that is. I am yet to list knitwear over there. I have to get some good piccies of some beanies I have and list those. I will have to work out what else to list later on. I have a newsboy cap that is done in GORGEOUS soft Tassie wool in a lovely Khaki colour.

I have about 7 different colourways up for grabs so go have a lookie loo and see if there is anything you are interested in and get it while its available. I have another skein I am debating whether or not to list. I really like it, at lot. So I want to keep it!!! Here is a piccie of it...

Its very Army Fatigue in colour (click it to make it bigger)..It was a miss-dye but I love it heaps! And doubt I will be able to dye something like it again. And after having to let go of the last lot that look fatigue colouring I don't think I can bring myself to let go of this lot.

And I now have Skype!!! So if anyone else out there has it and wants to chat..just email me and I can add you (or I can give you the info to add me or something! lol). I want to be able to use it.

The little hand mittens/gloves I did the girls is a pattern I did myself. I am planning (if I ever get time) to type it up and make it available for others. I will need some test knitters for it once I do get it typed up. its just going to be hard to work out parts that I just whacked them onto my girls to get the corrct measurements for..I might have to knit another pair to get the measurements for...

I laughed at Kate's comment asking me if my needles catch fire! lol. Most those things in my list Kate just needed finishing up. Only Rachelle's mitten/gloves and baby G's jumper were started and finished all in the half a month span.

Okies folks! I am off now. Knitting to do..kids to chase down. Happy knitting all and have a great weekend!


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Saturday, 16 June 2007

Its Done!!

The list is done. Thursday night I finished off the pair of socks for me.

I have enjoyed getting so many projects finished! Its been great to feel like I have done something useful instead of just starting a heap.

So with the socks done I have done a little on Rachelle's jumper and (ahem) started another thing. Demz keeps commenting to me how the last pair of sock I made for Christopher no longer fit him (which doesn't surprise me they should have stopped fitting him at 6mths!!!)...So last night I cast on a pair of socks for him. Out of the left over opal sock wool I made my last lot of socks out of. I hope they will look cute on him..And how could I refuse? He adores wearing knitwear (and LOVES my pirate bag as much as I do)...

Today I also finished off a hat that I have had on the go for several weeks. So I got that done while visiting Demz and the kids. I haven't got a piccie of that...But I do have piccies of everything else.

I still haven't found my card reader..It seems to be off on holidays with Bugsy's card reader..So we went back to the old fashion way of just getting them straight off the camera.

Okies! now for the piccies! there is a few!! I have them of most of the 7 things I finished up (not counting Harl's socks and Baby pants which you have seen already)

Harley's hand warmers, they have flaps she can flip over to make them into mittens. These are for her for school. Included in her part of making them was making a pair for Rachelle (which are below)

These are made out of wool that was sent to me in a swap with Vicki. I had been waiting for the PERFECT thing to do with it, and I think this is perfect! I have enough left to make another pair (for Harley I think). I think Vicki dyed this herself.
Adam's 8ply socks. Which he wore HEAPS and are now being washed. He likes them a lot. They are the blueberry waffle pattern.

My second pair of socks for ME!!!! This is Sharon's Feather and Fan pattern. Done in some GORGEOUS Opal sock wool I was gifted by Shazzy!! I LOVE this opal and would so love to have more but I think it was an old lot...

And lastly (a double feature!) the toddler hat! its the gorgeous devil hat! Its for the landlords daughter J..But is being modeled by the gorgeous Christopher! And Christopher is wearing the skull and cross bone vest I knitted him! And he looks so cute in it!!!

And with this link and piccie filled post I will head off! I hope you all have a great weekend!

Happy knitting


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Thursday, 14 June 2007


Well I seem to be cruising well through my list. I have until Saturday (since there is 5 saturdays in the month I decided that Sat was the middle of the month that I have to be finished by).

And I am down to one thing (and I am 3/4 of the way through that)..

I WOULD have piccies for you but I cant seem to find the little thingy to put the card in to transfer the piccies from the camera to the puter. So you will have to wait until during the weekend for the piccies (and hopefully by then I will have them all finished).

So lets look at the list shall we?

  1. My secret knitting for a pregnant friend (now I know 4 pregnant people so I want to get through this thing so I can cast on for others) DONE!!!!!!
  2. Pair of socks for Harley DONE!!!
  3. Handwarmers for Harley (and cast on and off Rachelles pair too) DONE
  4. Beanie for a toddler (pressie) DONE!!!!
  5. My secret sock that I was meant to get finished before winter (am 1/2 way through second sock)
  6. Cotton baby jumper for new neice DONE!!!!
  7. Socks for Adam (8ply ones) DONE!!!

So just my socks to finish up by Saturday and I have done my whole list by the middle of the month (well with switching one thing due to having to do the baby jumper). And I also did Rachelle's hand glovey things that werent on the list.

I have also cast on Rachelle's jumper that is next on my list (after the mid month finishers)...I have done a total of 50 rows of the back of it..and am loving it.

The weather is getting rather cold and I am looking forward to getting their jumpers done (Rachelle's will swim on her looking at it. I am doing it in size 6-7 so will last her a few years, same will be done with Harley's). Then I best get back to some of my UFO's...I would like to get a few more of those done, as well as maybe knit something big and warm for me (stop laughing...I almost have two pair of socks you know! big step)..

I have 2 more skeins of sock wool to list on my etsy shop too when I can get piccies off my camera. As well as some more wool to dye up (might do that this weekend)...

Okies folks. I am off. Have knitting calling to me..I knew when the cold weather hit I would be knitting up a storm..And I plan in having my girls among the children I am keeping warm this winter!!! They wont be left out!!!

Happy knitting all and have a great weekend!


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Friday, 8 June 2007


Wooohooo!!! Guess what? I sold my first thing on Etsy! It was my skein of Girl Denim! I am sooo happy that I have been able to sell something! And it worked (my great fear of paypal not working ended up being just that, a fear! There was no problems when the person paid).

I am very happy! And now have to get the item all pretty and in the mail for the person! And its my first sale to out of Australia too!

Can you tell I am very happy about this? lol. I have to dye up some more wool to put up on the site. I have almost filled two orders I have so thats great..So those of you who have orders with me..Know that I am veeeeery close to getting them done (just gotta dye up 3 more skeins, get them all dry and remix to make em pretty).

Also! I have finished one more thing on the list! And have decided that since I did a WHOLE cotton baby jumper that WASNT on the list (taking time away from the list items to get them done by mid June), I am going to take something off the list and replace it with the jumper (its only fair).
So here is the list again and then the piccie of the finished object will follow.

  1. My secret knitting for a pregnant friend (now I know 4 pregnant people so I want to get through this thing so I can cast on for others) DONE!!!!!!
  2. Pair of socks for Harley DONE!!!
  3. Handwarmers for Harley
  4. Beanie for a toddler (pressie) DONE!!!!
  5. My secret sock that I was meant to get finished before winter (I only have a few days!!! Its not going to get done...You can all spank me now. Line up..One turn each person)
  6. Cotton baby jumper for new neice DONE!!!! (replaced old item since it took time away meaning I am probably not going to make former 6th item finished in time).
  7. Socks for Adam (8ply ones)

And now here is the piccie of the finished item (Harley's socks). Now note..she is wearing stockings under the socks cos the socks we just put on to take a piccie of them then whipped back off...she is NOT wearing socks over stockings (she is wearing socks UNDER stockings though I found)...

Regia clown wool. My childs version of the Dublin Bay socks (if you are interested in the pattern email me for it).

So now I have 3 things no my list to finish. I am hoping to get Harley's handwarmers done today, then I have to cast on Rachelle's pair straight away though (cos I want the girls to have them when they go back to school). I think I am doing well for my mid June goal. What do you all think?

I went up the Waverley Woollen Mills today and picked up some of their wool to make the girls a jumper each for winter. I think after I get the mid june list done that will be my next goal, a jumper each for the girls.

Okies. I am heading off now! Take care all, have a great weekend and happy knitting!


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Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Babies Babies everywhere!

Thank you everyone for your lovely comments on my Etsy shop! I will have to dye up more wool and get it on there real soon so I have some variety!

I already have 5 people have me as listed as favourite shop! That is so excellent! I feel spesh! Even better that I dont know some of them (one thing when its your friends...complete nother story when its a total stranger, who must have you as a fave cos they like your products)...

As the title says there is babies everywhere that I have been knitting for!

In the past monthish I have knitted 3 of my fave baby raglan jumpers! I do adore these jumpers, they are such quick knits! I can get them churned out (if I have nothing else to do) in about 3-4 days.

Also good girl that I am I have finished 2 things of my "need to be done by mid June" list! So lets relook at the list before I show off some piccies!

  1. My secret knitting for a pregnant friend (now I know 4 pregnant people so I want to get through this thing so I can cast on for others) DONE!!!!!!

  2. Pair of socks for Harley

  3. Handwarmers for Harley
  4. Beanie for a toddler (pressie) DONE!!!!
  5. My secret sock that I was meant to get finished before winter (I only have a few days!!! Its not going to get done...You can all spank me now. Line up..One turn each person)
  6. Secret knitting (this is like 3 things all the same but none finished)
  7. Socks for Adam (8ply ones)

Ok so the two things that are finished didnt have much left to do..But that doesnt matter! They are done! And considering I had plans on finishing up 3 things over the weekend (before I had to do the baby jumper) I got 2 of those three things done AND the baby jumper.

First piccie is the jumper that I did for my motoGP friend. For his son baby L. The sleeves are a slightly darker shade of green then the rest of the body, all hand dyed by me.

And now the cotton jumper I made for the SIL baby girl G...This will fit G in late winter and hopefully (assuming she doesnt get as FAT as her older sister did) all the way through spring. I SO love this little jumper. Though I am slightly worried about sending it off..Can anyone suggest a polite way for me to tell SIL that if she has NO PLANS on using it then to bloody send it back so I can give it to someone who will?!?!?

And lastly! I love these..If someone had told me that I would have loved this sort of thing as much as I do I would have laughed at them and told them they were nuts! THIS is one of the secret things I am knitting my friend Bugsy for her unborn baby BJ Buggy Butt (yes...its a DJ sounding name, but NOT the baby's real name)...

I created this colourway for baby BJ cos mummy was mean and didnt find out the sex of bub (never easy for a knitter)...so I got creative and created the colourway Buggy...And made these..I love them (I am NOT a knitted pants lover..but these..I wish I had made my girls some)...

BJ Buggy Butt's mummy is like a big sister to me. I love her dearly. And I hope she loves the little pants I made her weeeee one (and I cant wait to see them on after bub is born in Aug!)...

Okies thats all for me..Piccie filled post and all! Looking forward to hearing what everyone thinks of all the knitting! It shows that mostly, I prefer babies in BRIGHT then pastal! lol

Happy knitting all!


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Sunday, 3 June 2007

Have Done It!!

After some loving nudges from a few people to get my Etsy shop up and running..I have done it.

So all my loving out of Australia readers who have ooooo'd and aaaaah'd over my sock wool. Its now available to you! Go on go lookies!! Please buy!!! lol. I will have more up soon I hope...I have 2 orders to fill in. and while I do those I will dye up some more to list. Including some 8ply (DK)....

My whole plan to get working on the list below was thrown out the window when I got a phone call from the in-law on the 1st of June saying that Adam's sister had had her baby..I knew she was having it THIS month..but who on earth picks the first day of winter to have her voluntary c-section!?!?

So I have been madly working on a baby jumper for said newborn neice. I have almost finished it. Got the last of the second sleeve to do, sew it up and do the collar then its done.

Its in 8ply cotton..The In-Law from hell informs me that NO ONE in Queensland wears knitwear (yes..I know she is an idiot and doesnt have a clue)...so I did it out of cotton and will inform the sister-in-law (Y) that it was HER mother that told me otherwise. I get the feeling it wont get worn anyway. Out of the 3 baby jumpers I have made the past month 2 are going to Qld (the other one is pure wool for a little boy) and 1 is going to Western Australia (pure wool for a little boy).

There is no piccies today.

Okies..let me all know what you think of the shop! I am worried/excited to see how this thing goes. I plan to add more wool and some knitwear at a later date when I get organised more.

Happy knitting all!


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