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Wednesday, 30 May 2007

meme meme (clears throat) meme!!

Okies here is that meme I was tagged for by three people. You know who you are! Thank you for taggin me! Makes me feel loved! lol

Random Facts

Each person tagged gives 7 random facts about themselves. Those tagged need to write in their blog the 7 facts, as well as the rules. Then those tagged need to tag 7 others.
Here goes:

1. I went to a private primary school (we are not a religious family. My mother thought it was a better education)

2. I was taught by a nun in my first year of primary and for half of my last year in primary school.

3. I had the name picked out for my first born since I was 14 years old.

4. I have only left Tasmania once (when I was 1 1/2years old).

5. I am terrified of heights, If I stand on something high up without walls (like a wood fort that was at my primary school) I get a mild case of vertigo (same goes for if I walk out onto jetties)

6. Every males I have dated has had blue eyes (I am a tad obsessed with blue eyes....I have brown)...

7. I find being called a lady an insult. I am NOT a lady...I was raised a tomboy and am far from a lady.

Okay I am not going to tag anyone..I am sure everyone has probably done it by now. But if you havent..consider yourself tagged.

On the knitting front. I have decided that my mad case of startitis has run wild for too long. I am now being strong and trying to finish up several items that I have started.

This is a hard thing to do being as I received some new yarn yesterday and would LOVE to cast some on!!

Here is a list of things I want to get finished before I start new things.
  1. My secret knitting for a pregnant friend (now I know 4 pregnant people so I want to get through this thing so I can cast on for others)

  2. Pair of socks for Harley

  3. Handwarmers for Harley

  4. Beanie for a toddler (pressie)

  5. My secret sock that I was meant to get finished before winter (I only have a few days!!! Its not going to get done...You can all spank me now. Line up..One turn each person)

  6. Secret knitting (this is like 3 things all the same but none finished)

  7. Socks for Adam (8ply ones)

Okies that will do. I have MORE things..But I would love to get those above 7 things finished before mid June. Some of these things only have like a little to be done to them to get them finished. I just have to get that done (laziness is the problem with those)..

Still waiting for piccies from my sister of her knitting i did that was a secret so I can show it all off to you all. Its the thing that I am going to have a competition on, something I designed myself. Something that I have to get my test knitters to knit...And the winner of the comp gets a kit for the item to make it themself before its available for sale!

Okies folks..That will be all for today! Just so you dont miss out on a piccie! Here is a drawing of a rabbit head done by Rachelle back in April this year (not even 5 years old and already outdoing her mother with drawings)

Happy knitting all! Have a great week!


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Friday, 25 May 2007

flame on

I am still alive folks! Havent fallen off the face of the earth (did any of you fear that? lol). Been knitting a bit. Though, finishing not much at all..Bit of a bad case of Startitis.

Though I must say I have been a good girl with my knitting! I have been working very well from my stash! I want to get further through my stash. I do suffer a bit from stash guilt. I love my huge stash..But I would love to replace a lot of it with new stuff. Just need to work through that older stuff first I be thinking.

I have been tagged for the one tag by 3 people. I will do it folks!! Just not at the moment. Have to think up good answers for it first! :D

Last weekend we went off to the Superbikes. It was great fun (unless your last name was Honeychurch, he didnt seem to have much fun Sunday)...Anyway. Saturday..during a qualifying one of the bikes crashed. and as you can see from the piccie below..He split the tank and the whole bike went up in flames (thank goodness the rider wasnt on it or near it).....

Next day..The bike was back in one piece (mind you..it wasnt ridden, it was the second bike, they still needed to fix the melted wiring!!!).

[click piccies to make bigger..well first one works dunno about other]

They bought out the stunt guy for that crash..Next day (Sunday the stunt guy came out twice more for crashes)...Then..during the clean up of the second crash the stunt guy (seen above and cutely named Stuntie by Rachelle)...had a bingle of his own...Which upset Rachelle a little ("Poor Stuntie!!")...Poor stuntie indeed.

Anyway I was a little off feeling last week too..Though I am feeling a lot better now thank goodness.

I knitted up 2 dishcloths on the Saturday of superbikes too. And Sunday I got a bit of a way through a net friends baby jumper (he would approve..he is a moterbike racing fan!!!)...

I keep forgetting to tell you all the other week Adam and I went and saw Spiderman 3 (thanks Kate for pointing 0ut my mistake).....It wasnt the best one....Had CHICKFLICK moments in it too..BLAH...

Today we went and saw Pirates of the Caribbean 3...Its EXCELLENT!! Had some interesting twists in it too!

I am waiting on piccie of one of my secret knitting items to show you all. I handed it over to its new owner and she did like it a lot! YAY

Okies folks! I think thats it for now. Happy knitting all! Hope you have a great weekend!


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Sunday, 13 May 2007

Happy Mothers Day all!!!

Hope all the mums and mums to be (and mums of furbabies) are having a great mothers day out there!

Well. I have listed more wool over at the
SITE..so go over and see! Never know there might be something you might like. There is still few further down too yet to be sold (like Pitter and Self Striping Girl Denim)..I am considering also adding these to my Etsy shop (that has nothing on it) and see how I go there.

Okies lets have a SMALL rehash from my last blog post!

Remember my friend who was DUE ANY DAY NOW with her 4th child (and her first son?) weeeeeell..Guess who popped mid day that I put that post up?!?! lol..So baby is here..And today I finished my jumper for him..What do you all think? Included a close up so you can try and see that main green. Its gorgeous and flecky.

Okies and onto my Superbike tickets! I got them the day after the last post. Which is all well and good..BUUUUT...Guess what news I got last night?!?! How many of you remember THIS post from last year?

Where the one and only person Adam and I went to watch race..Crashed in Qualifying 1 and did himself in for the whole season...Well..he topped it this year!! This week the Aussie Superbikes were down here in Tassie testing for next weekends race..And Krusty did it again!! He freaken crashed..Season over..And from the rumours going around on forums of people who know him and have chatted to him on the phone (while he is stuck in the local, just 5 minutes away from me, hospital) his career is over too (he is considering retiring)...His injury tally for this time around? Well here is what his wife posted on one of the forums he is a mod at

"Hey All, It's Nikki (Krusty's wife), Just thought I'd let you know that Adams out of surgery and he's doing fine, he has had both his legs plated, he has broken/smashed his Tibia in one leg and his Fibula in the other. His hip has been put back in place and his collarbone should heal on its own. Not to sure when he will be released from hospital although he is hoping to be home by mid next week"

Ouch OUCH and DOUBLE OUCH!!!!! He did himself in worse this year then last..So no Krusty next weekend! SIGH...I am so gonna pick another racer to follow!! We in Tassie dont hate him...REALLY we dont!! Its the track!! From what I have read he hit a wall..there is only the wall on the straight that I can think of (and thats after a corner so he wouldnt have full speed!!)!!

Okies folks! Take care..Happy knitting..Happy mothers day!! and i know I have more piccies to post and I might get it it one day..you never know! lol

And for those of you who made guesses on the stealth knitting I posted piccies of last time? None of you got any guesses right!! lol


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Thursday, 10 May 2007

And now for something new

WHY is it so hard to buy tickets to the Superbikes which is on in 2 weekends time? First it took ages to find WHERE was selling them in my city (since the place that sold them last year ARENT this year)...Sooo we headed up to where they are sold..Their computer isn't working..they cant print them out...So we go home..Ring them the next day "no the computer STILL isn't working" I don't think I will EVER get my damn tickets! I don't want to have to rely on getting them at the gate. So we will wait until next week...And ring and harass them again..I WANT MY TICKETS!!!! This is part of my birthday present and mothers day pressie all rolled into one!

Speaking of Mother's Day pressies! I have almost finished the pressie for the BIL...and the girls and I have started the pressie for my mother. So I will get that done this week (both things). The BIL is coming over here on Sunday (mothers day) to bring the girls pressie for me...GREAT Sunday is meant to be MY day!! I dont want to see her on my day! (LOL)...

The other night I thought I best cast on something for a friend of mine in WA who is due to burst any day now with her 4th child. This is her first son (but her partners first child since her daughters is with her ex)...So I cast on a little green raglan jumper. I am working on the back, I am going to do the sleeves in a darker green, thinking about making them all ribbed (the sleeves)..But will work that out when I get to it.

Since I have been doing a lot of stealth knitting I thought I could show you SOME of it. Yes I know the piccies are fuzzy (they are meant to be to hide their identity and protect the innocent)....

Wanna take a guess and some of them? My knitting group isnt allowed cos they know what almost all of them are! lol

I also have piccies of my lovely little thing that a darling friend made for me. Which I love, adore and use lots!

Isn't it great? My FAVOURITE bag!! I adore my bag! And the matching little gorgeous carry extra bag that goes inside! It was inspired by another bag I have seen online (never in person)...And I am very greatful to my friend who made this for me! She is a wonderful person!

Okies that's a billion piccies for you! We are almost all back to health again here. I will have more piccies next post (like birthday pressies..and my new needles from Donni)...

Happy knitting all!


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Friday, 4 May 2007

Cold, Bold and two smoking needles

Hello folks!

Thank you to everyone who left lovely comments in my last post! I wasnt after everyone wishing me a happy birthday..But I am glad everyone did (those who forgot were people in my life who I can touch...feel...whack up the back of the head)....

I have a cold currently..I blame my youngest..She had the snotty nose first. And took it upon herself to sneeze everywhere (and lets not forget to blow all over the freshly cooked muffins with her germy breath to cool them down for everyone!!!)...

I have been knitting....lots..buuuuut...no piccies..The weather here has been cloudy and sometimes (like the last 3 days) with lots of rain (and YES I am a very happy girl!! I LOVE rain)...

I have finished one of my stealth knitting too! VERY proud of it..love it to pieces...Would love to show you all..but ya know for the stealth factor!!

Almost finished another stealth knitting project (dont all this stealth knitting make for GREAT blogging?)...

I handed off the stuff to the landlords son (who I will call D) the other week..He LOVES them!! and his daughter J (all of 15mths) carries the teddy everywhere and sleeps with it! I am so happy!! His step daughter R LOVES her newsboy cap and even wears it under her pushbike helmet!! And the beanie and socks are great on the little mister F...And I dont have to worry about if they are caring for them..I was told today by D that his missus is HANDWASHING baby F's stuff (and if needed,which he hopes it doesnt, little miss J's teddy)...I am now making a hat for his daughter..After all R and F have headwear from me! Its getting bloody cold down here! So why should little J miss out? Plus D made semi hints today I think..commenting on the headwear a LOT when collecting the rent! His missus sort of knits so he says..but not very often (or well) cos she gets really cranky when she drops a stitch (which I get the opinion is often)..He asked me how long I have been knitting (about 20years)...and that the stitches looked hard to do (the cable) in R's hat...He knew his stuff! lol

I will have to take piccies of the best bits of my birthday pressies and show you all. I STILL havent got all of them yet...Have yet to see a few people..

As for mothers day..Hands up who is ready? Nope me neither...Though I have the BIL almost ready...And dont ask me how I have organised HERS before anyone else..Mind you she is up to something..she is being WAY too nice of late..and she is NEVER nice unless it benifits her..So I am just waiting for the other shoe to drop there....

I am still yet to take a piccie of one of the best things I have gotten this year! And it was so worth the wait! And it is perfect..and I love every bit of it. But that will come with piccies in the next post I promise! Do you think you can all wait until then?

Also I have almost finished designing a pattern. When said pattern is complete..I will send it out to my darling test knitters (I have two..I might need a third)...and then I will let you all have a little contest in working out a great name for it (the winner will get the pattern kit from me, that I am planning on selling)...Sound exciting?

Okies. I am offski..Tired..and thinking about going to bed (yes..I know...at 9:40pm!!)...

Happy knitting


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