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Friday, 23 March 2007

Things that make me go ARRGGHHH!!!!

I am once again having hella huge problems with blogger! If I haven't commented on your blog in awhile (and you have blogger) its not cos I don't love you anymore..Its cos Blogger is only letting me comment on ONE or TWO persons blog of late (and to make it worse..JUST to be able to do a post on my OWN blog..I have to go leave one a comment first so I can sign in..It wont let me sign into blogger any other way at the moment)...Its getting past the point of stupid.

The skull vest is with its new owner. I had to rip back the collar..pick up another SIX stitches and then finish it up (casting off using 5.5mm needles instead of the 4mm I had used for the rest of the vest)...JUST so it would fit over his head! So I have to take the camera next time to get a piccie of him in it cos he looks just so cute!! And mum loved it soooo much..she has requested I knit her some skull and cross bone pulse warmers from magknits.

Been knitting (of course..would worry if I didn't, wouldn't you?). Cast this on last night and finished it up this morn. Its the Stitch'n'Bitch Newsboy hat (redone by me to fit my kids). Thinking about making these for a few friends kids for Easter instead of Easter eggs (better for them). This one is done in some Patons Husky and is in very Autumn colours.

Got another lot of 2 wool that I am selling to show off...

This is yet to be named. If you have a good name for it let me know! Sock Wool.

Self Striping Girl Denim Sock wool.

This is a piccie Adam took the other day of Sun Rise on the way to work. Yes he was up THAT early..Isn't it lovely?

Okies folks! I am off now. Things to do..Places to be! Next time I will post about some fleece I have (and how I SO want to learn to spin now!)..And how I am a little freaked out that someone sent me something without me giving them my address!! lol..Ok I am not freaked out..Just wondering how she got it cos I don't remember giving it to her ever!

Happy knitting all!


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Wednesday, 14 March 2007

More Bits and Pieces

Well..Here I am sitting here in front of you again...Don't worry I am dressed so you can uncover your eyes....

Thought I would include a few more piccies for people (since I know everyone loves piccies).

Knitting has been happening. And happening well...And I have proof!

Went to Spotlight and met Cindy there. She is making me a bag..Its going to be LOVELY...I can't wait!! Will show you when its sorted and done..I am so excited!!!!! (so excited I am over using my exclamation marks).

Anyone who is interested (and I doubt there is anyone)..Casey Stoner (an Aussie 21yo MotoGP rider..who I just so happen to be a mod on his official forum) won his FIRST MotoGP race..and the FIRST MotoGP race in the new 800cc class...

I have had a few requests from people about what little Tara looks like now..Well here is a piccie of him...He is a gorgeous and friendly cat..Even though he has a few habits that drive us past bonkers and tempting us to get rid of him...His favourite habit (not that it annoys me but it hurts a tad) is to sit up on me with his claws making my left shoulder comfortable (as cats do)..he doesn't stick his claws in much (not like Drew) but enough to make it hurt a bit.

And the proof of my knitting. I have been wanting to make vests..This is a jumper pattern that I found online (it was plain I added the picture to it) that I thought I would just remove the sleeves and do ribbing for it and see how it went. Next time I will lower the collar a bit more I think. I also plan on having the skulls lower on the vest too closer to the bottom. I do have a planned owner for it..IF it fits him!! His mother will be VERY pleased if it does I can tell you! It's a size 0 but he still wears that size (he's a skinny boy. I am more worried about it fitting over his head).

What does everyone think of it? I think its gorgeous! And would love to make more..But I don't think it would be many mothers cup of teas (especially since I would plan on selling them through the CWA shop!)..

Pirate Vest for Toddler

And some sock wool I have been dyeing up to sell!! So that's about 5 skeins for sale...and a few more to dye...I also have an order that's mostly done (Sue that order is yours, it's not pictured, just got your Girl Denim to dye up)...

Grace, 100g Sock Wool (80% wool, 20% nylon)

Moody Blues, 100g Sock wool (100% pure wool)

Buggy 100g Sock Wool (100% pure wool)
Buggy is a keeper and isn't going anywhere. I have PLANS for buggy..It was designed and named after a pregnant friend's baby (what we started calling it). In a colourway suited for unisex babies (cos she isn't finding out the sex).
Grace was named after one of my buyers too. Will be interested in hearing what she thinks of it? I have always loved her name..and I love the colourway..Its gorgeous.
I have ALMOST finished my first knitting for me!! Will have it done today. Will get to show it off to you all soon! Just have to show it off to my knitting group next Tuesday first...They might be upset if I don't! lol
Okies I am off to knit! catch you all later! Happy knitting all!!

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Friday, 9 March 2007

Stupid Drivers and other things

OMG I swear I saw the worlds most STUPID driver today!!

At about 1:30pm today Adam and I were leaving the supermarket and as we stopped at a traffic light I looked at the driver of the car next to me (only in glancing). I saw her drinking from a can...Wouldn't have thought nothing of it except the can looked a little suss. So I waited....And sure enough the dumb bimbo picked it up again and had another drink.....OF FREAKEN SOUTHERN COMFORT!!!! WHAT sort of a dumb idiot would drink alcohol while driving!?!? And at bloody NOON to make it worse!!!

If I had been thinking I would have jotted down her licence plate and rang the police station to dob her in, hoping they would catch her with at least the can still in the car and alcohol on her breath....
Moto is on this weekend!! The season starts! I have had 2 World Superbike races already, and a few Nascar, Some A1..and 1 V8....BUT now my Moto is starting on Saturday!!! YAY

Knitting has been happening. And happening well. BUT I have no knitting to show you! Its shocking..And not really blog thinking of me that all my knitting is SECRET knitting!! Sigh...Cant show them off until either (A) they are all finished...or (B) they are with their new owners!!

But you don't go away empty handed (or eyeballed I suppose). Here, to show off, is some new dyed sock wool I have for sale...ALL of this is available to the first buyers (out of Aussie people I am willing to swap small batches of my sock wool for something from where you are, on agreement, if you want to email me to work it out).

So without further teasing!! Here they are (only 3 of them at the moment..A few more to make pretty and some still drying).

Eggplant, 100g, sock wool (4ply), 100% wool

Pitter, 100g, sock wool (4ply), 80% wool 20% nylon

Patter, 100g, sock wool (4ply), 80% wool 20% nylon

I would love to thank my sister for thinking of the name Pitter and Patter...She is a CLEVER little cookie!!!! They are for socks....but they are also in baby colours so would be perfect for babies when I do it in the 100% wool lots.

Pitter and Patter actually comes in 2 x 50g balls (not skeins)...But the Eggplant comes in 1 x 100g skein.

Pitter and Patter will be a regular range. You will be able to order it from me. But Eggplant. That is a one of..Didn't end up the colour I actually wanted it!! lol..Might have to play and see if I can recreate it though cos I LOVE it..

Okies..I am off to knit..Thank you to everyone that did/are helping out with the vest hunt for me!! You are all dolls!!!

Happy knitting!! Ciao


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Wednesday, 7 March 2007

Need a little help

Hey all!!

The weather has cooled down greatly here! Its WONDERFUL! Hell even had to turn the heater on this morning so the girls could get dressed for school and not be cold..Its the only advantage with replacing the old fire with a gas heater. It warms the room up fast, no need to go outside in your dressing gown to get wood and there is no mess!

We are all getting over our different stages of our respective colds (except Rachelle who never got it to begin with).

I have a little request to ask everyone. I am in the need of a pattern (or really a few patterns so I can go through them and pick out the right ones). Children's vests. I have noticed that here in Tassie (so probably all of Australia) they are back on fashion for kids (Pumpkin Patch is doing them!). So I would like to knit a few. But I dont have any patterns.

So if anyone out there has any links to nice ones online (don't want drop shoulder ones), or has any they are willing to either photo copy and snail mail or email to me I would be very happy.
Really hoping good Karma is coming back to me here for helping out Eunice with her wax shop and all! lol.

Some ideas of ones I am after.
  1. Vee neck ones
  2. Zipper front ones
  3. Hooded ones
  4. Round neck ones with perhaps a small stitch pattern
  5. Babies to children aged 10

I have a piccie of one I would like to get (not pattern just piccie) if you have anything like this that you are willing to share I would be very happy..

I also have a little teaser for you all. I have started knitting something else for me. Excuse the little fuzziness of the piccie..and dont fall off your chair cos I said it was for ME (doesnt mean it will get finished any time this side of 2010). I wonder what it is!?!? ;-)

I have been dyeing some more sock wool too! Once I get it all pretty to show off I will be sure to show you all!

Ok my poppits..My girls are off at school (YAY)..Adam and I have the whole day ahead of us before we have to pick them up. Now have to work out what to do...There is nothing interesting in the cinemas.

Catch you all later! Have a great week! And HAPPY KNITTING!


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Saturday, 3 March 2007


Well..We survived the Broadband installment! It was a bit of hit and miss though! The stupid woman on the phone heard Adam wrong when putting in our info and our password was wrong!! After THAT was corrected...It was no worries.

Latest Magknits is in! Go look...I have a few questions about the Rainy Day Socks...The description says DK weight wool....NOW...Having worked with Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino OFTEN...I am here to tell you its a FIVE ply (to us Aussie) not an 8ply!!! They are gorgeous socks though! Might have to give them a go!

Waiting for the latest Knitty to come too! Its Spring in America now..So will be interesting to see what they have. I am so glad Autumn is here! I am looking forward to all the weather getting lovely and cold here in Australia..Hasn't started YEEEET...But let's hope soon!! lol

Well..I bet you are wondering if the Birthday Cardigan ended up getting by finished today? Well the answer is YES! of course I didn't fail my deadline!!! Did you ever doubt me? Well....did you!?!? lol

The cardigan went down well too! Chloe liked it and more importantly...Demz loves it...She saw the purple in the play room where I keep my wool and pointed to it and went "ooh I like that colour" YEEEES I mentally went! lol

Piccies you ask? Well now you are being demanding! Here is one for you.

And after all that hard knitting on something I wanted to be GONE over a week ago...I cast on a dishcloth last night for some instant gratification. I finished it today. Its new home will be with my mother. And I am going to highly recommend she tries it. I FINALLY gave into my dishcloths I got in my swap last year. One is being used in the kitchen for what its meant to be used for. The other two are going to be used as face cloths for the shower/bath. And here is a piccie of the dishcloth too!

So now my knitting will resort back to some things I have been putting on hold. Designing my sock...Knitting Kerry's things...and actually casting on the second sock of the pair I am knitting myself (and I bet none of you though I would get back to it!!)..There is other Seeeeeeeeecreeeeeeeet knitting I am doing too...shhh don't tell anyone!!

Ragan! I got the parcel arrived and I LOVE it!!! You may notice my mother's dishcloth is from some of the Sugar and Cream you sent me! lol

This weekend is World SuperBike weekend! And they are in AUSTRALIA!!! Man one year I will make it up there to see them at Phillip Island! Them...and MotoGP..... Looks like my boys that I follow are going to do well..They are all in the front 2 rows of the grid tomorrow! YAY

Okies folks! I am off. I plan on sitting back and doing some relaxing knitting..Not sure what yet but hey...I neeeeeeeed to do something that isn't in HOT demand at the moment like the past 6 things have been!!

Happy knitting all!


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