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Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Winds of Change

Tomorrow Adam will be installing Broadband. I am in two minds about this. I am really hoping it causes no problems and we get a faster Internet for it. BUT I have heard so many people have problems here and there that I am not 100% sure it will be a good thing. Adam is excited though.

So...Here stands the warning. ADAM is installing it..Fingers crossed all goes well...This might be my last post for a bit if it DOESN'T go well! lol. So if I vanish for awhile..It means I am in jail for killing Adam for stuffing the computer/Internet....LOL

As promised HERE is the link to Eunice's new website for Sugar Creek Scents...I have to grab a small button from her to put on my side bar.

I am waiting for more wool to arrive in the mail so I can dye up more wool to sell. I have started a new bank account too so all the money from it can go into that. So if you have bought from me before and will buy from me again..I don't use the CBA anymore! lol

Birthday knitting going well. Over half way through both sleeves. Just got to get them finished, sew the shoulders up, do the collar, put in the Zipper and sew up the sleeves and waist to wrist on both sides..Then will be DONE!! I have until Saturday!! Should be right...

And here is a little piccie for you all to look at. I made these today. Earrings. For a special person..Cant say who!! lol. I hope she likes them though. I love them. Plan on buying more of the things I used on them to make more. They aren't my first pair of earrings made either. The last lot were gifted too.

Okies am heading off now. Have to get back to knitting!! I want this cardigan DONE so I can get back to my designed socks!!

Happy Knitting


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Thursday, 22 February 2007

Helping the good

Sometimes in your life you are nice, friendly, helpful and it all comes back and bites you on the butt. Well. I have been buying from this one LOVELY ebayer for over a year now. She is wonderful I would NEVER shop anywhere else for what I get from her (even though there are other sellers on eBay). I stick with her for many reasons. I trust her, she is friendly and always willing to bend over backwards to give her customers what they want.

Enter the BADSEED (not their name so don't look it up) into eBay. They have come in and decided to run this good seller into the ground. Bad mouthing her in their eBay shop, undercutting prices, COPYING her scents!! Really being underhanded and low.

So I am giving a shout out to people out there that use oil burners! I LOVE my oil burner! Its one of my fave things in my house. And you know whats funny..I barely used it before I started shopping with Eunice! If you live with young kids, pets or a klutz of a person what Eunice sells is JUST what you are looking for to go with your oil burner!! She also sells gorgeous candles and all!

Last Easter I bought some GORGEOUS little oil burner cupcakes from Eunice..EVERYONE loved them! They loved the smell of them, the look of them and how they didn't add weight to you! lol

So go here and have a look around. I bet there is SOMETHING there you will find and love (assuming you are into these things)...They smell DIVINE!!!! I can spend endless amount of money buying things from Eunice. I have spent so much money the past month there actually! lol I am currently smitten with her Jelly Beans!! I already have almost all the fragrances in her paws (Cindy if you had been at knitting Tuesday I would have given you 2PAWS!! lol). She has so many new smells I want to try! I got a big pack of samplers (20 of them) in a lot of new ones (and some of my regular faves)...I LOVE the Wild Watermelon!! And the Cinnamon Hazelnut Coffee is my ALL TIME FAVE!!! HERE is a link to her permanent scents (go look there is HEAPS)...And bigger bonus..She posts worldwide! So ANYONE of my readers can buy from her!!
This horrid bad seed has already ran some of Eunice's candle making friends out of eBay slagging them off and undercutting them. I don't want to see Eunice go too! She has an online shop, but has a new one in the works. When the new on is up and running I will pop a link in my sidebar.

And promised. A piccie of the girls hair now its dyed (with a rinse people don't think I would put a full on dye in there).

First piccie is the "before" the colour of Harley's hair is what both girls hair looks like...

And this is the "after" shot. Rachelle's is a really hard one to get a good shot of. Its a deep purple colour and is gorgeous (her teacher told her yesterday that she LOVED it). Harley is a reddy orange.

Knitting I hear you ask? Well..Yes there has been SLOWLY getting their with the birthday Cardigan....Still haven't finished the second half of the front (or done the sleeves...or the collar..or the zippers). I am sick of knitting it.

Tuesday at knitting group I took my socks I am designing. Everyone seemed to like it (that or they liked the colour of the wool, which wasn't mine, and didn't have the heart to tell me they thought the stitch pattern was crap! lol)

I have also started something new. But it's very hush hush...the person I am making it for MIGHT read my blog so I cant talk about it..You will have to wait til its done and given to them..But all I want to do of late is knit THAT thing! lol

Okies folks...I am offski!! Catch you later and happy knitting!


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Sunday, 18 February 2007

Hot...TOOOOO hot

The weather here is horridly hot! I so cant wait for the cold weather to strike! Will make knitting easier! I hate hot weather. Always have, always will.

Speaking of knitting! I have finished the back and am 3/4 of the way through side one of the front of Chloe's birthday cardigan. Looking forward to getting that done! But size 5-6 in pure wool is VERY warm to work with at the moment.

Happy joy next Saturday my motor sports start again!!! First World Superbikes of the season! 7:30pm on Fox (one of their 3 channels) will be watching and cheering my boys on.

I dyed the girls hair yesterday. Harley is now a lovely orangey/pinky colour and Rachelle has purply coloured hair. They love it when I dye it. Its only a rinse, and will only last a few months. But they love doing it all the same. Will have to take piccies to show you all later.

I have been making sock stitch markers at the moment too. With plans to sell them separately and later when I get a few patterns set up in sock kits (sock wool, stitch markers and pattern all done by me). Going to sell the stitch markers in packs of 2 (since you don't need more then two to make socks). If anyone is interested they can contact me to get a pair ahead of time. They won't be packaged on what they are on now, that's just my display one.

I am also thinking about doing up deal packs for my wool. I am already doing the buy at least 6 skeins and get postage free. Am thinking about doing some that include free stitch markers, and (for really big orders) a free skein. Still working on that. And a reminder if you are about to pre-order, I only take orders from AUSTRALIA at the moment. I will swap single skeins to overseas people in exchange for sock wool that's hard/impossible to get here.

Rose Quartz Heart Stitch Markers

Sky Quartz Ball Stitch Markers

Amethyst Heart Stitch Markers

And Thursday Harley went back to school. Friday Rachelle had her FIRST day of school (for a full day). And this is the piccie from Friday.

Can you tell how excited Rachelle was to be starting school? And she had a FANTASTIC time. Today I have to cover Harley's school books for her to take back tomorrow. Rachelle will have to wait til Wednesday to go back to school.
Okies folks. I am off now. Happy knitting and catch you later.


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Wednesday, 14 February 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

So how has everyones Valentine's Day been? Mine has been good.

I have done well today, and Adam has done well today.

Those of you that know me away from this blog know that I have been working for a few weeks on SECRET Valentine Socks for Adam. I couldnt mention it on my blog cos he READS this blog..So I had to keep it secret from most of you.

Yesterday I went out and bought Adam what he thought would be his ONLY Valentine's Day Present..a REALLY nice Rivers Watch. While he was at work last night. I opened up the tin the watch came in. Removed all the padding and replaced the padding with the socks. Put it all back
in the tin, sealed it up..and wrapped it for him for today. So this morning when I handed the wrapped tin over to him and was a tad excited about him opening it he couldnt understand why "I already know what it is" he says..Then he opened it..And was SURPRISED to see the socks in there as well!! He told me I was naughty. That I should have knitted MYSELF a pair of socks instead of knitting him another pair..(I told him I had to finish HIS pair cos I needed those needles for my socks I have to cast the second one on of). So below is Adam's Valentine Socks. They are Lana Grossa Mega Stretch Boot Socks wool. I have to say its gorgeously soft..BUT I HATE how the pattern didnt match up. If you saw the heel you would understand. I had to do a LOT of "cut and pasting" with the second sock to get them to mostly match up!!!! But he likes them..He is wearing them to work now.

So what did YOU get I hear you all ask (well..you probably didnt but tough)..I got 4 little gifties. That I LOOOOVE...

Firstly is this gorgeous little ring. I have been wanting a new ring for my right hand for awhile. So now I have one. And I LOVE it.

Then I got a LOVINBOX. A gorgeous little teddy that has a little note saying "my love, my heart my best friend" isnt that soooo cute!!!

I collect money boxes. So he also got me this GORGEOUS little money box!! Isnt it cute?

And lastly. Those who have been readers for awhile know I am a MAD Moto and Superbike freak!! I LOVE my bikes!!!! So Adam went and got a little bike for me! Of one of my FAVE World Superbikes Riders JAMES TOSELAND (and he is sexy to boot). This is a wee little replica of the bike he rode 2 years ago.

And with this very piccie filled post! I wish you all a happy Valentine's Day. Hope you have happy knitting!


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Monday, 12 February 2007


Well my eBay sales went well. Sold all but 1. And one made it to over $20! I now have like 4 more to list later (one being 8ply and another being that yummy Neapolitan). Even a blogger who I regularly visit bought from me (I have to say this was the most important bids!! I felt so good to see someone I knew bid!)..

Knitting is coming along. I still haven't finished the back of the cardigan for Chloe. Best get onto that really soon. I have to get it done before her very early March birthday (that or give her something small..and the cardigan when done..But I have NEVER failed to meet a deadline and I don't want to start now!!!)..

Had to (sob sob) rip back the sock I was designing! There were many problems (that only arose AFTER I turned the heel!! WHY couldn't they have happened before I put THAT much work into it!?!?).

I thought I best cast on the second sock of the sock I started YONKS ago..So got that on the go. And in a couple of days I plan on casting on the second sock of the "secret socks for me" that I am not telling you all about until they are done so I can show them off..See SHAZZY!!! I am gonna finish them!! Do don't kick my butt please!! lol

I guess some of you might be wondering what's behind this posts name? Well its what we had for dessert tonight. Rachelle wanted "PINKCAKES"...Its not what she said..but its how I head it at the time! lol.. So we had Pinkcakes.

PINK PANCAKES!!!! And the colouring was strawberry flavoured..They were YUM....so there is some left in the fridge..The girls want them for breakfast tomorrow..I told them "daddy can do it when he gets home from work"...Aren't I nice? lol

Okies I am off now..Happy knitting all!


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Saturday, 10 February 2007

Clickety Clack

Well it looks like my ebay sales are doing well. All but 1 skein of socks have bids.And I am hoping that one gets at least one before it ends. I am going to wait until this lot has finished and then list the last 3-4 Skeins I have in my collection. Then (apart from the 6 I have held for someone waiting to hear back from her to finalize the sale) I am all out of wool!! I have to order some more this coming week I be thinking. I am going to change the 8ply I am using. I am going to go for a more hand spun one that seems softer in the sample I have. Though I might have to put the sale price up a little to cover the extra cost of it.

I have been working well on the back of Chloe's birthday cardigan. I need to get it all done by March 3rd..So I best get my butt moving on it. I am liking the colours and how its knitting up.

Here is a kitty piccie for you. Bad one I know but the sun was behind them. Showing that these two WUF each other...When they want (and how they use my wool boxes).

I dyed up some sock wool for an order the other day and I was soooooooo sad to see one skein go. It was a dye job gone wrong. It was meant to be one thing (though I said I wasn't sure if I could get it to do that) that ended up something totally else that I fell in love with. NOW I sit here wondering if I could recreate it for ME!! I ADORE it....I called it Swap Monster. But is it so Fatigue in colourway that I so wanted to keep it (you all know how I feel about Army fatigue and Army Print). So I will have to see if I can make it again and note down the colours for later sale.

What do you all think? Anyway I am offski now! Happy knitting


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Tuesday, 6 February 2007

Listings and Teasers

I have listed a few of mine (and my sisters) sock wools on ebay. So far half has bids..Hoping to sell all of them by the end. Had to add $1 to the started price to cover at least SOME of the listing fees! YOINKS! Go HERE to lookie at them.

Also another little teaser for you..Another new sock yarn. These are both for sale. Thinking about listing one on ebay.

Neapolitan Ice Cream Self Striping sock yarn!! YUM!!!!!!!!!
Happy knitting! Catch ya later.

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Sunday, 4 February 2007

Change over

I have reluctantly changed over to the new blogger. I am not happy about doing so but I didnt have a choice (if I wanted to post I had to). Will wait and see how long it takes before I TOTALLY hate it. Being as others have had so many problems with it.

Harley got the stomach bug the rest of us had. She just waited a WEEK to get it so she could have all the attention to herself! lol She is finally getting over it today though.

I have been doing well with my designed sock. I am enjoying it. I cant wait until this one is finished and (hopefully) perfect so I can move onto some harder designs. I have another 2 harder ones planned just have to get a LOT of things out of the way before I start.

Might have to get started on the birthday jumper/cardigan for Chloe today. Since its under a month until her birthday.

I have a piccie of my mother's birthday presesnt to upload now to! So here it is. Convertible Mittens! And she LOVED them. YAY.

I have been working on my designed socks. I am up to the heel flap of the first one. Will have to work that out.

I ripped back the cardigan I had started for Kerry. And then cast on a new one last night. I have worked the bottom pattern of it and now working my way up the body (its all in one to the armholes).

Its been awhile since we had seen the LIST!!! So we will look at it afresh with all the finshed things removed.

  1. Rachelle's chunky wool jacket (this probably would be quick if I got my butt moving since it IS chunky wool and she IS a small child!)

  2. Rachelle's shaped cardigan (back done. Started one front. WILL get back to it soon..I swear).

  3. Harley's jumper (only just begun).

  4. Chenille baby jumper (front and back done onto sleeves).

  5. Green ribbed jumper (back done).

  6. Stocking stitch socks (1 done 1 to go).

  7. Baby socks (started second one).

  8. My Irish Hiking Scarf (yeah about 1/3 of the way through).

  9. Pink Cable and Rib child's jumper (done front).

  10. Green Cable and Rib toddler's jumper (dont back).

  11. Cardigan for Kerry. (only just started body all in one).

  12. Secret Socks (only just started).

  13. My designed socks (for me in my wool)(up to heel flap on first one).

  14. My designed baby jumper. (doing the body now).

  15. My designed baby jumper for Kerry (onto the sleeves).

Oh no the list has GROWN a little!!!! But I am working on things now to shopefully it will start getting smaller again real soon.

Okies thats all for me for today. Will leave you with this little Teasing Taste..One of my latests beauties. Karneval!


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Friday, 2 February 2007


All pressies are DONE and handed out and loved!!

Isaac's Jumper.

Christopher's Jumper.
Dad's socks.
Would show you mum's present but the camera and computer isn't talking again!! arrgghhh..

Latest AntiCraft is out...with some interesting things...I wanna make that pie! lol

Latest MagKnits is out too. Some lovely patterns there as well (bugger about the sock pattern being toe up!!). Though some of the picture choices for MagKnits this month could be better. At least two patterns had poor pictures (the mitten things for one....VERY red fingers on that lady..Doesnt exactly make you think it keeps the hands warm).
Went out a local swimming place today. Got sunburnt on my face! BUGGER!! Gonna regret that tomorrow! SIGH.
I did two yarn swaps recently. Both of them was a swap of sock wool, mine for some from them.

First swap that came through, was a GORGEOUS skein of Socks That Rock from Ruth. She isn't from Australia and was so interested in getting some of my sock wool, I couldn't say no to a swap! So I picked out a skein and we did the swap.
Then I swapped 100g worth of sock wool with Katie over at Live2Knit. I have been covetting some of her camo sock wool for AGES!!
Since my blogger WON'T let me post anymore piccies I will have to show you the links to my lovlies!GORRGEOUS Katie's (in the Commando colourway). And my LOVELY STR (in the Chapman Springs colourway).
Okies my dears! I best be off. I have to ring my father for his birthday today! Will try and remember to show off piccies of my mother's birthday present another day!
Happy Knitting!!!

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