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Tuesday, 30 January 2007

Staying Alive

I live!! We are all mostly over a stomach bug that seems to be going around EVERYWHERE. I know that people here in Australia and in America both seem to be suffering it at the moment.

It put a bit of stress on the birthday knitting. I almost didn't think I would make it. I had to pick between the greater voted and the quicker knitted jumpers (yes I had two on the go) for Christopher's birthday present. I picked the quicker knitted and was glad I did. We fell sick right when I started the sleeves (Friday) and I only got it fully finished last night (that's a LONG time to get 2 size 1-2 sleeves knitted, sew up and a collar done). Today I am finishing up my father's socks then I am fully done (good thing cos my parents come in tomorrow). I see Demz and her kids on Thursday hopefully (assuming they are all healthy again) to give the boys their presents.

Its been a MAD run of parties of late for the girls! Its funny. Harley won't have anymore until about Sept now I bet. She has one more party in Feb to go to and the small just hers and mine party for Demz's boys.

Next up I plan on starting a pair of socks for ME in a Design I am working on myself. Ironing out the ideas and all that in it, then will pass it to my test knitters (I know of one..maybe two)...Then have to think of what to do with it ;-)

Met up with Adams high school best friend today in town (while picking up a few things for the girls for school, they start in a few weeks). Haven't seen said friend for months. He lives in Melbourne. Got to meet his girlfriend and her son too while they were down, pity his ex wouldn't let him bring his son down for the girls to play with.

Might be about to have a run in with an eBay seller too. She demands payment within 3 days. Today is day 2 and I have had to contact her AGAIN cos she still hasn't replied to my request for register post!! I can see by tomorrow I am going to have to pay for it and just leave the cow a neutral...Its not like it will be her first..she has PLENTY of neutrals and negatives (mostly for taking forever to post things that are express post, those don't bother me since i don't want express, I just want REGISTERED!!)... :-S

Okies folks I better go I wont get dads socks done sitting here chatting to you all! Have a great week. Happy knitting and catch you all later.


Saturday, 27 January 2007

Marta's Yarns

I got an email in today. A few Aussie know of Marta and her GORGEOUS yarns. Go here if you wish to gander...

Anyway back to the email. Here is a copy of it.

Dear Customers

It is with great sadness that we inform you of Marta's passing away on Thursday 18 January. Marta had been having treatment for cancer over the past 16 months. She was designing knitwear to the very end.

Thank you to all those customers who offered so much support and encouragement to Marta during her illness.

We would ask that you give our family time to come to terms with our loss. The shop will remain closed until further notice.

Patricia Cantos

How sad for us Aussies to lose such a talented woman.


Monday, 22 January 2007

The Birthday List

The birthday list is shrinking!! And I am glad about that!

Let's take a look at it now.
  1. Isaac's Size 5 Jumper (DONE DONE DONE!!!)
  2. Mum's birthday pressie (DONE DONE DONE!!!)
  3. Dad's Socks (Half a sock to go then done)
  4. Chritterpher's Size 1 Jumper (Have finished the back only)

So looking at the list I am doing well.. Though I have given myself the time limit of getting it all done by the 30th! All the January pressies are done though. Just the early Feb ones to go. I got most of my father's second sock done yesterday in the much cooler weather! If the weather keeps lower like it is now I should be set. BUT if it soars back up to melting pointed then I am screwed! LOL

Am considering listing some of my wool on Ebay. Also am seriously considering setting up paypal so I can start talking overseas orders for my wool (it would be so cheap for American's with the Aussie Dollar how is it against the US$$).

Okies folks! Off again. REALLY would like to get dad's sock finished today but won't be holding my breath. Adam has work. I have girls to myself this evening.

Happy knitting


Wednesday, 17 January 2007

Sock Wool Listed

The sock wool I had left over after my mass private sales have now been listed over HERE...If you are Australian and are interested in buying some cheap gorgeous hand dyed sock wool go lookies..There is only 6 so get in fast!!

I am going to order some more wool tomorrow. Have no pre-orders tomorrow so SHOULD be able to have a huge lot for sale next time (not as many as 20 though)...


Been awhile

Sorry been busy with knitting. It dawned on me 2 days ago that we were half way through the month so I SHOULD be half way through all the knitting!! So after some hard knitting here is where I stand with the 4 birthday pressies

  1. Isaac's size 5 jumper (DONE complete and happy with it. (B'day 28th Jan)
  2. Mum's pressie (its a bit if a surprise) Half done cast on the second half (B'day 30th Jan)
  3. Dad's birthday socks. Done one sock. One to go (B'day 2nd Feb)
  4. Critterpher's size 1 jumper. Back done rest to do (B'day 2nd Feb)

So I guess you could say I am half way through. Gotta get my parents done first cos who knows when they will be coming in. I might only get a few days warning and I have to have the pressies done for their visit! Just hoping it all goes down well. I know Demz will like the jumpers. She appreciates my knitting. My parents do too. Just hope mum likes hers.

Would show piccies of things..But computer and camera not playing nice :(

Oooh best announce the winner of the comp hey! its HELEN! She guessed 79 (just 1 short).

Ok back to the knitting for me! Its hard to do with all the heat at the moment!!! Its horrid down here..

Happy knitting all!


Thursday, 11 January 2007

Comp Closed

Well the comp is closed. It never made it to 50 guesses. Only 5 short. Might feel nice and do a lucky dip anyway..You will all have to wait and see! lol

There are 3 people that came in 1 close to the correct answer (2 were 1 short, 1 was 1 to many)...So will later draw one of their names out of the hat to get a winner). I must say most people were up around the correct range for the guess...And to answer every ones questions (which I couldn't do DURING the comp since people had given guesses already and I didn't want to give others advantages)...A pair of socks (even though having 2 casts ons) counted as ONE thing.

So at the end of 2006 I had started and finished EIGHTY (80) things. Not bad really..but not as good as
Cathy! lol

As promised the piccies of the finished jumper for the soon to be 4yo. It will fit him for 2 years. Cos guess what..Not only does it fit Rachelle (pictured) but it JUST fits Harley (who is SEVEN)..So now onto the baby jumper (well size 1). Hoping to get the back of that finished today and started on the front. Or maybe after finishing the back I will work on my fathers sock.

The jumper doesn't count on this years start/finish ratio..since i started it last year..BUT it is one of the jumpers on my list of things to finish!!

And I had my first experience of panic that I would run out of wool before finishing the jumper! I got the wool from an op shop. Claiming it was Patons Totem for $15 and thought I would have enough and that there was 500g..WEEEELL there WASNT 500g..There was only 400..and The pattern called for more...And I was making the pattern longer in both the body and the sleeve for it to last longer....And when I got onto the sleeves I started to panic...BUT I made it..with 35g left! SHEESH...Its gorgeous though! So soft so beautiful in colour. I am just hoping Demz likes it and that it looks good In Isaac...

The jumper for Critterpher is a lot darker. Its a mid green..I think its funny that the big brother gets the sky blue..and the baby gets the darker jumper..Aaaah well...I don't seem to HAVE much pure wool that will suit a boy baby...I have black, grey, navy, pink, purple, fawn, terracotta, mid green, orange and purple (Will have to use the orange and purple together though) and a few others..But NOTHING that suits a baby boy well...sigh..mid green will have to do.

Okies folks! I am offski! Knitting wont do itself! Happy knitting! Will announce the winner of the comp real soon! And the winner will get a skein of my sock wool (and maybe something else).....


Wednesday, 10 January 2007

Tick Tock

Time is running out for the comp (and there is only 6 guesses short of the magic 50!!)! It ends tonight at Midnight my time (mean I know..but that's 5hrs from when I started this post...)...Will be announcing the winner...Sometime after that (the next few days)..WHO will win!?!? Will it be YOU!!

I have sooooooo found a knitters tote bag I want!! Go look at it
HERE but she doesn't sell outside of America!! SOB..I might have to talk nicely to some of my USA friends and see if they will be nice enough to buy me one in trade for something (like some of my sock wool...which isn't available there yet).

Jumper in size 5 complete! Will get a piccie of it on Shell tomorrow to show off to you all...

Met up with
AJ (who is lovely and friendly and I hope she comes to next knitting group now she knows at least two of us don't bite..Cant vouch for ALL the others though! lol) today..And met Little Purl (who doesn't purl anymore)...Glad to see I have rekindled her posting on her blog!! Its changed a bit too ;-)

I am going to now have a PROUD SISTER plug!! The Friday before Chrissie I went and saw my family. Taught my younger sister how to dye wool by herself. And she did a FANTASTIC job! And then. To impress all..She knitted herself a pair of SOCKS out of some of the sock wool she dyed! Now if someone had told me 6mths ago that Megan would have knitted HERSELF a pair of socks BEFORE I would have knitted MYSELF a pair of socks....Well..I would have laughed at them! Megan is a great knitter..She has knitted herself a jumper, dolls clothes and a bag..BUT she has never knitted a pair of socks..Or really knitted much at all. BUT she did a fantastic job and I am proud of her! So here is a piccie of her finished socks.

Didn't she do a great job? Can you tell I am a proud big sister! lol

Okies folks. I am off now. Take care. Happy knitting!


Tuesday, 9 January 2007

Mission Completion!!!


Well..Here are all TWENTY skeins of my finished sock wool (4ply) for sale!! Mind you out of ALL of those..Only 8 are available for sale!! I will be listing them in the next few days over on my wool sale site..So keep your eye open over there for some woooolie goodness!! lol

Tomorrow is the last day to guess for the competition!! I am 10 guessed short of adding another prize!! Also..If you leave a guess under ANONYMOUS can you PLEASE put a name!! I have a guess..and no name or nothing to attach it to! Thank you. Winner will be announced on Thursday.

I am doing ok with the birthday knitting. I am up to just the sewing and knitting the collar of the older sons birthday jumper. I cant wait to get it done!! Then all the birthday knitting is smaller from there! lol.

I am working on my fathers socks too for his birthday. Though I am finding that the pattern (the rib) that looks so great with Adam's pop socks doesnt seem to be showing up so well in plain dark green sock yarn!!

Today was the first day back for my knitting group..I must say it was....interesting...It was good to see what everyone was knitting. And I sold some sock wool..Bought some Opal from (blogless) Caroline....

Anyway best be off! Catch you all later! Get guessing if you havent already!!

Happy knitting


Sunday, 7 January 2007

A Teaser


Just a little teaser for you all for the wool to come! I did up the last of my 4ply yesterday too (have to order more now) in a few new shades I plan in making part of my regular (preorder available) colourway.

Have to tidy my sale site up a bit too soonish. What do you all think?

And don't forget the Comp!! We are currently at 32!! Getting closer to 50! I so want to have another prize lucky dipped!! EVERYONE will be included in the lucky dip one..so ANYONE has a chance to win! Click HERE to guess if you haven't already!

I forgot to say that Friday I made jam..YES JAM!! Apricot jam to be exact. I had picked some fruit from the tree Wednesday so Friday morning I picked the rest needed (and were ripe enough) and with 2kg of fruit I made jam. LOVELY. Nothing like the smell of fresh jam in a house!

Someone has listed some sockwool from HELL on ebay!! Go look!! For those of you who don't know the story behind the SWFH...My boss gave me a ball of it and asked me to make some toddler socks from it. So me being the perfectionist I am had to make THREE (all I could get from the wool) matching toddler pairs...I sent them back and she tells me "they dont have to match" and gives me ANOTHER ball and asks for some BABY socks this time...(I so never wanted to see the wool again)...soooo Me being the perfectionist again (and really..who wants to pay an arm and a leg for NON-matching baby socks?) I churn out five perfectly matching pairs..I hope never to see the wool again I can tell you! But I know I will...Sigh.

40rows left and I have finished BOTH the sleeves of one of the birthday pressies..Then just the collar and it will be done. Started my fathers socks too. I have worked out that if I take a week per last three things (2pair socks and 1 jumper) I can get them all done in time! Wish me luck!

Today has been gorgeous with the weather too! I didn't feel bad at all about making savoury toast for lunch..and now have a veggie lasagna for dinner sitting in the oven to be turned on at 5:30! I am a WEIRD soul that likes to cook MORE in hot weather...don't ask me why.


Saturday, 6 January 2007

Over Half Way!!

Well we are over half way with how many guesses have been made before I add a second (lucky dip) prize...Also over half way on how long you have left to guess!! So come on people!! GUESS!! Get your knitting friends to guess!!! Click HERE!

I have gotten up to the sleeves of the 4yo birthday jumper and cast on the 1yo birthday jumper. Better get my butt moving..Havent done any in 2 days!! Am thinking about casting on my fathers Birthday socks too...The 4yo one ended up being a lot easier then I thought! Shelly has a jumper I have almost finished that she doesnt want (she doesnt want it in BLUE wants it in another colour...Though the gorgeous blue would look great with her eyes)..Sooooo killing 2 birds with one stone I am finishing up a UFO from my list and getting a jumper quickly made for a birthday pressie!!! I am up to the decrease of the Raglan sleeves. So going well. Get that done. Sew it up and to the neckband then I can cross that off...Better get my butt moving though..Not TOOO many weeks left to do it all in (if need be I can just buy my mother something because she has a 4ply pair of socks from me already)..

I spoilt myself after Chrissie and got myself some gorgeous wool from The Knittery...My parents gave me a Skein for Chrissie..Soooo lovely...so I went and got myself another 2 (one being the Cashmerino)...

My Chrissie sock wool from the Knittery from my parents in colourway "Watercolours".

Splurge for me sock wool in "Wonder"

Splurge for me Cashmerino sock wool in Water Lilies (funny how people see the colour water lily differently. Mine is totally different)

All the gorgeous wool costs more then what I sell mine for but hey I got them on sale (still for more)..Lets face it..Sometimes I need to spoil me! lol And there is something about buying sock wool that is hand dyed by someone else.

Speaking of hand dyed sock wool! I am almost ready to list some more for sale!!! I dyed up 16 skeins and 10 of them were SOLD before I even got piccies to show them off...So I have decided to dye up a few more before listing them (get a bit more variety up)...

Anyway my dears! I am offski! Happy knitting!


Monday, 1 January 2007

The Contest!


During 2006 I have done a LOT of knitting. Some things I have finished that was started in 2005...but MOST were started and finished in 2006.

NOW my dear readers..the competition is

HOW many things did I cast on then went on to finish during 2006 ? The number is between 20 and 100.....So start guessing...

1 guess per person. Let everyone you know that knits know so they can join in too! If I reach 50 guesses or more I will have TWO prizes to give out..Otherwise there is only 1...

Competition ends Jan 10th

Start guessing!!!!

Well...My plans for having my socks and the designed baby jumper have been thrown out the window by the sudden decission to KNIT 4 birthday presents due before Feb 10th!!! YOINKS!!

I am going to knit my parents a pair of socks each for their late Jan early Feb birthdays

I am knitting jumpers for two little boys (a size 1 and a size 5) for brothers whos birthdays are early Feb...

Sooooooooo all other knitting is put aside until I get those done...Will start on a green size 1 jumper today...Will see how I go from there..The size 1 jumper is the most important..My parents already have socks from me...older brother has had a few jumpers from me..Baby Boy (Christopher) has only had 2 pair of baby socks..a knitted hedgehog and a beanie from me...SO this will be his FIRST jumper from Auntie Katt!!

I am currently dyeing up more sock wool. If you are interested in buying a select colourway from me let me know before Wednesday (Friday at the latest) and I will dye it up for you. I have a few orders already that I am taking care of now).


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