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Thursday, 11 October 2007

Show Day and things

Today is the Launceston Show day. So after bowling this morning (got over average both games thanks for asking), we all went to the show (since its a public holiday in Launceston). Several hours later, after spending too much and will very sore feet, we all made it home to collapse. The girls are happy, Adam and I are tired and glad it is all over for another year. And we survived with good weather! Though it looks like it might rain now and the wind has picked up, glad we got in while it good still.

The evil mother in law (been awhile since I mentioned her) rang lat night. DEMANDING we go visit her today. Adam said no...We had plans and weren't changing them for her. She got huffy. Sucked in to her. WHAT sort of person expects others to drop all their plans for the day for them? Apart from my mother in law. She will live..or not talk to us..either way I dont care. Mind you she is picking the girls up for school tomorrow anyway. Adam gets to see her then.

I have made a few pair of ear rings for my etsy shop, got 5 more skeins of wool to add, have to add my stitch markers as well as some beanies I have done. But..that will be tomorrows adventure (have to take pics of wool, ear rings and stitch markers still). Today I recover from the show (and maybe dye some more wool later).

Current knitting list is

  1. pair of socks for rachelle
  2. cotton baby vest
  3. chrissie pressies for knitting group (stealth)
  4. adams slow moving jumper

Small list for now, sure it will grow some though. Thats not counting a few things sitting around on needles looking unloved. Ripped back a jumper last night that I started for Harley awhile ago, its not going to fit now even if I did finish it (yes i know it would fit Rachelle..but thats not the point..need to knit Harley a jumper). So rip it back. Start another one for her at a later date.

I got my first order on my etsy shop too!! YAY...Which has been filled and already dealt with...Hope to get more in the future thats for sure.

Okies folks..Happy knitting! Catch you all later..Too tired to add pics today.


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  • At 3:58 pm, Blogger Leeanne said…

    Hey Katt, Havent spoken to you in a while. Good to see you are blogging again. M-I-L's were invented just to make us fight with our hubbys. Just a test of strength I think. Happy Knitting.

  • At 5:30 pm, Blogger Sue H said…

    Ah, the memories this post evoked, of going to the (Royal Melbourne and/or Dandenong)Show with my kids in tow. The walking, the spending, the eating/drinking and the show bags. In a way I miss it, but then again.....thank goodness that's in the past hehe.
    I so have to get some of your yarn when I get back to Melbourne. In a couple of weeks I'll be ready to order.

  • At 7:19 pm, Blogger amanda j said…

    We didn't do the show thing this year. I sent the oldest daughter at 7am to work the gates and she was allowed in for free. I had scrounged ten bucks together out of random coins! Poor deprived kid!

  • At 9:46 pm, Anonymous 2paw said…

    I watched the fireworks from the comfort of my loungeroom last night!! Glad you are feeling better and had a good time at the show. I am off to view your etsy shop. Bah Hubug about unravelling, but happy and fast knitting wishes!!!


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