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Tuesday, 30 October 2007


We have Ravelry!!! If you wish to add me..Search for Kattwings and you should find me!

Yet to work out how it all works..and add things..but will get there I am sure.

New sock yarn is in for me to dye up for my etsy. Sue I havent forgotten your order!! It will be the first one I do...Anyone else want to order get in now before I run out again.

Knitting..Yes..still no piccies..Sorry folks..Weather still a tad rotten (loving it) and was rather busy today to get any piccies done.

Happy Halloween to all those who celebrate it. Harleys school this year got dressed up for it. Harl made me proud by wanting to be a witch. She rather loved her outfit (they werent allowed to buy an outfit had to put one together themselves).

Okies I best get girls ready for bed..And look around my Ravelry a bit more and do some knitting..and drink some coffee..and..I honestly think my family may never see my face again..I may just be the back of a head in the corner..LOL

Happy knitting folks!!


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  • At 8:39 pm, Blogger Bugsy said…

    Yay lucky you - I am still waiting for my Ravelry. *sigh* one day soon I hope it will arrive.

    Take care hun!

  • At 8:43 pm, Blogger Bugsy said…

    hehe think I might be waiting a while - there are currently 4935 people ahead of me waiting in line. Good news is that I am ahead of another 8413 people. lol *sigh* lol

  • At 10:40 pm, Blogger Karen said…

    Hurray!!! I've added you to my Friends. Don't worry, it's pretty easy to figure things out, but if you have any problems maybe I can help. Have fun!!!

  • At 10:54 pm, Blogger Nathalie said…

    very good to hear Katt - I'll go look for you now!

  • At 11:22 am, Anonymous Michelle said…

    yay on getting your ravelry invite!!! dont you think ravelry is awesome!!??

  • At 3:53 pm, Blogger fitknit said…

    Great to see you on Ravelry. Isn't it HUGE??? I like the idea of the kids making their own costumes.

  • At 7:44 pm, Blogger amanda j said…

    Haha! I just went to Ravelry to add you and see you beat me to it! Oh boy Katt, you have no idea how cool it is! See you there!

  • At 11:18 am, Blogger Knitcrazy said…

    Well I just went thru this whole page and I don't know what I love the Best.. All of your knitting is just so nice... The socks are great..The Hats ( Adorable).. The sweaters are super and that Gangsta Bunny is just The Cutiest!!! :)


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