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Thursday, 13 September 2007


I have so many pics I want to show you guys. Baby beanie and socks. Rachelle's jumper...some new wool to list too..BUT cant find my silly digi cam thing again!!! ARRGGHHH....sigh

Yep still a bad blogger. Just really not in the mood. Though I am starting to knit a bit more which is a good thing.

Still getting over the flu thing. Just have a cough and a rather unsexy voice at the moment, Adam tells me I sound like I have smoked a pack a day and drank a bottle of whisky...nice of him.

Still trying to work out what to do for my Secret Santa gift for my knitting group. Want it to be something good..But cant work out what. Its always so hard to knit for a knitter...Or am I the only one that thinks that? I want the perfect gift....But what?

Rachelle has lost her first and second tooth, my baby is growing up!! When did that happen?

School holidays are on here at the moment so I have both girls home annoying me. Wouldnt be so bad but Harl seems to have turned into a bottomless pit and always wants to eat, I have to keep telling her no she has eaten enough she can wait til next meal.

I have sold THREE skeins of wool not in my Etsy Shop. I really need to be able to list the new ones I have soon before I run out! lol...I best dye more soon too...

Okies folks. That is all..Will keep searching for my digi thing so I can get piccies to you all before you all die of boredom...

Happy knitting


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  • At 1:26 pm, Blogger sue said…

    Glad to see that you have returned. I hope you feel better soon and find your camera cable so you can show us everything you have been up to. Our school holidays start after next week so I hope my kids dont get too bored. Perhaps your daughter is having a growth spurt. I know that Isabelle seems to eat non-stop when she has one too. Congrats on your baby losing 2 teeth too. I hope the tooth fairy brings a nice surprise for the first one.

  • At 6:02 pm, Blogger amanda j said…

    Hey Katt, sorry to hear you are still not 100%. We are also still battling the after effects. Spring might make some difference?

    I'm looking forward to seeing your knitting.

  • At 2:47 am, Blogger Cathy said…

    I hoe you are feeling your old self again soon! You are never boring, don't worry about the pics :)

  • At 9:15 am, Anonymous 2paw said…

    Doesn't this cold/flu thing hang around?? I am having a sore throat thing still. Bah Humbug.Hope you are feeling better soon. Excellent Etsy selling!! Enjoy the holidays, hope Harley doesn't eat you out of house and home, though Rachelle won't because she has fewer teeth!!

  • At 9:46 pm, Blogger Bugsy said…

    naughty girl - taking so long to post again (glad you did though). I leave my digi cam cable attached to the computer so I never lose it. Hope you find it again soon, at least so you can post the piccies of your wool on your etsy shop. Hope you get to 110% soon - you must be so sick of being sick. loved what 2paw said about shelly eating less - lol.

  • At 4:48 am, Blogger Sue H said…

    I too am going through a no knitting, no blogging phase at the moment. Just can't seem to rustle up the enthusiasm. I'm thinking it's possibly because I'm bored to death as I'm no longer working and have nothing to occupy my mind, body or time.........so it's a case of "get over it and buck up".
    I lost my digital camera a while back, searched all over the house for about 3 months and couldn't find it. Eventually bought another one, and then about 6 weeks later, finally found my old one. hehe, so now I have two.


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