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Monday, 12 February 2007


Well my eBay sales went well. Sold all but 1. And one made it to over $20! I now have like 4 more to list later (one being 8ply and another being that yummy Neapolitan). Even a blogger who I regularly visit bought from me (I have to say this was the most important bids!! I felt so good to see someone I knew bid!)..

Knitting is coming along. I still haven't finished the back of the cardigan for Chloe. Best get onto that really soon. I have to get it done before her very early March birthday (that or give her something small..and the cardigan when done..But I have NEVER failed to meet a deadline and I don't want to start now!!!)..

Had to (sob sob) rip back the sock I was designing! There were many problems (that only arose AFTER I turned the heel!! WHY couldn't they have happened before I put THAT much work into it!?!?).

I thought I best cast on the second sock of the sock I started YONKS ago..So got that on the go. And in a couple of days I plan on casting on the second sock of the "secret socks for me" that I am not telling you all about until they are done so I can show them off..See SHAZZY!!! I am gonna finish them!! Do don't kick my butt please!! lol

I guess some of you might be wondering what's behind this posts name? Well its what we had for dessert tonight. Rachelle wanted "PINKCAKES"...Its not what she said..but its how I head it at the time! lol.. So we had Pinkcakes.

PINK PANCAKES!!!! And the colouring was strawberry flavoured..They were YUM....so there is some left in the fridge..The girls want them for breakfast tomorrow..I told them "daddy can do it when he gets home from work"...Aren't I nice? lol

Okies I am off now..Happy knitting all!


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  • At 7:30 pm, Blogger Leeanne said…

    Man what is it with little people wanting pancakes at the moment. Mr 6 has been nagging me for days.

    I just joined the Irish Hiking Scarf knitalong. You doing any knit alongs at the moment?

  • At 8:13 pm, Anonymous Nora said…

    Sorry I didn't reply sooner - is Neapolitan 4 ply?

  • At 9:53 pm, Anonymous 2paw said…

    We had pikelets for morning tea last week. I think we are all gearing up for Lent!!! Bah Humbug about the socks. Very boogelly.
    I know you will meet your deadline!!!
    I love the name: Pinkcakes!!!

  • At 10:37 pm, Blogger amanda j said…

    For a while at our house they were hampakes!

    Well done with your sales and boohoo about the sock!

  • At 12:57 am, Blogger Karen said…

    I'm so excited for you that your eBay sales went so well!!! Hurray!!! The PinkCakes are so cute.

  • At 9:08 pm, Blogger Kate said…

    Is the Army Fatigue the one you're sending to me via barbara?

  • At 2:28 am, Blogger Procrastiknitter said…

    Katt! So glad that the ebay sale went so well!

    We had pancakes on Saturday AND Sunday morning at our house. I never thought of pinkcakes! That would go over great at our house!

  • At 2:50 pm, Blogger Shoshana said…

    I love that pink pancake!

    I saw your auction on ebay, I almost want to buy, but too much on my plate right now to take up my needle full time.

    I am also embarrassed to admit that I have lots of yarn (about 100 rolls, new and unused), so I dont' even have a good excuse to get one. *sob*


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